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Head of School Message
This weekend, we celebrate Thanksgiving. I did not realize that the English explorer Martin Frobisher and his crew had the first Canadian Thanksgiving in 1578. “As the story goes, in 1578, English explorer Martin Frobisher and his crew gave thanks and communion was observed, either on land at Frobisher Bay, in present day Nunavut, or onboard a ship anchored there.” It is clear that Martin gave thanks to God for his journey(s) despite the many challenges he and his crew faced.

Upcoming Dates & Important Info
  • Mon Oct 12 is Thanksgiving - school is closed
  • Lifetouch photo orders are due back to the school on Thurs Oct 15
  • Photo Retake Day is Thurs Oct 29 - Official Uniform is required for retakes
  • Visit here for Unified Classroom parent tutorials
Elementary Updates
Elementary Office

  • Terry Fox Run - Here's an update from our run last week! Terry Fox ran for 143 days from St. John's, Newfoundland to outside of Thunder Bay, Ontario where he had to stop. He made it a total 5,373 kilometres. Our whole school ran 1,149.25 kilometres in a 20 minute run. Click here for the full breakdown of each grade's final distance and some fun comparisons!
Junior High Updates
Junior High Office

  • Gr 8 Scratch Art - the Jr High walls are alive with art! This week, we are featuring the scratch art created by our Gr 8 art students. View the gallery here!
  • Supporting Student Absences in Junior High - With COVID-19, the realities of practicing safe community health hygiene means that there is a much higher level of student absenteeism. It is challenging for students to thrive in their learning when they need to stay home frequently. Please note the support structure implemented as a Junior High to help support our students and families.
  • Next Week's Cafeteria Students - Gr 6 and 7 students will eat in the cafeteria October 13-16. The Junior High cafeteria schedule can be viewed here.
  • Outdoor Education - During COVID-19, Field Trips have been restricted but Outdoor Ed and Art have found ways to explore outside the confines of the classroom. Thank you to the many parents who volunteered to supervise and make these experiences possible: Jennifer Johnston, Dean Stuart, Megan Stuart, Raul Caldera, Tim Mark, Karla Yang, Teresa Valero, Marty Balaz, Darrick Evong, Rene Chayer, Lacey Law and Nicky Wilson.
  • Gr 9 Mexico Mission Trip - The capstone experience for a GCA student is the Mexico Mission Trip in Grade 9. Our hope and prayer is that this year’s students will be able to participate in this ministry in June 2021 if travel restrictions lighten. Check out this new video highlighting the valuable experiences. Please pray for the Youth With a Mission base in Mexico. During COVID 19 they are continuing to carry out a vital ministry to meet the rampant needs in the area.
  • Gym Strip - Jr High Gym Strip can be purchased on Tuesday after Thanksgiving. Shirts are $15 and shorts $15. Gym strip will be required for PE class beginning next week.
  • Calgary Flames Grade 6 YMCA Program - The Calgary Flames Foundation and YMCA Calgary are thrilled to announce that the Flames YMCA Grade 6 Program for this year’s cohort of grade six students has been extended to December 31, 2020. The Calgary Flames Foundation and the YMCA also want to remind students and parents that this year’s Calgary Flames YMCA Grade 6 Program opened on August 1st for this year’s Grade six students. Every grade six student in Calgary is eligible to receive a free YMCA 13-month membership to the YMCA, thanks to the Calgary Flames Foundation.
GCA Community News
Junior High Lot Important Reminder
for Kindergarten and OSC parents
When dropping off or picking up your children using the Jr High parking lot, please ensure that you do not exit your vehicle if you are dropping off/picking up from the Jr High L1 or L2 lanes. Only the children are permitted to exit the vehicles in these lanes.  If you need to get out of your vehicle to assist your child, please use the Elementary Parking Lot - L2 parking stalls. For the JK & ABC parents, you can only park and get out of your vehicle if parking along the Jr. High parking lot curb in the specifically marked "Reserved for JK & ABC Parking" spots.
Thank you so much for your attention and support with this important safety guideline.
Admissions 2021-22
For all those interested in submitting an application for the 2021-22 school year in JK, Kindergarten, or any other grade, the GCA Application is available online. Payment for the application can be made at either office with cash, cheque or debit cards or by requesting a one-time payment form. An enrollment specific account will need to be created in order to submit an application as this is different from the PowerSchool account for current students. Please contact Heidy Aviles at h.aviles@gcaschool.com 
with any questions.

Staff Parking Stalls
We would kindly like to remind Elementary parents to please avoid parking in the designated staff parking stalls. Each numbered stall is designated to a specific staff member. If you need to park your vehicle to escort your child to their entrance, please use the designated L2 stalls, or park on the street. For a larger diagram of the Elementary lot, please visit here. Thank you for your assistance with this!
Cafeteria Note Regarding Lettuce
The CIFA has recently put in place significant new requirements on the import of Romaine lettuce. The changes were implemented immediately and the growers cannot respond fast enough to meet these requirements which will cause severe shortages on Romaine lettuce in Canada in the next week or two. Because of this, the Romaine that may be available will be very expensive. This will cause the cafeteria to change any salads that require Romaine to a different salad for the foreseeable future. We apologize for this and will return to Romaine products once it is available and supplies return to normal.
May you be blessed this season and have a safe Thanksgiving with your close cohorts.

The GCA Team