DC Council passes COVID-19 Response Temporary Amendment Act of 2020
Passed yesterday, Bill 23-719 enables Mayor Muriel Bowser to issue wage replacement and business relief and to exercise additional authority and exemptions regarding health, public safety, consumer protection and government operations.

The legislation also:
  • Halts rent increases during the public health emergency and for 30 days after
  • Revises Tenant Opportunity to Purchase Act (TOPA) extensions
  • Suspends notices of intent to vacate
  • Provides debt collection relief during and within 60 days after the public health emergency
  • Offers vacant property designation waivers for commercial businesses closed during the emergency
  • Requires locally regulated mortgage companies to offer a 90-day deferment program
Please see this graphic for details.

Montgomery County Council funds Public Health Emergency Grant (PHEG) package for struggling county residents, businesses

Expedited Bill 16-20 appropriates $20 million to an emergency grant package that authorizes grants to local for-profit or non-profit businesses that have a principal place of business in the county and employ 100 or fewer full-time employees. The maximum grant for financial losses due to the pandemic would be $75,000.

The bill also authorizes mini-grants for eligible for-profit or non-profit businesses up to $2,500 to reimburse the business for costs incurred related to teleworking during the public health emergency.

Visit the PHEG program’s website for details. An announcement will be posted to this site as soon as applications can be filed.

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