25 Years of Education, Prevention & Action for Adolescent Health
A Time for Solidarity, A Time for Change

The Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Power & Potential (GCAPP) believes that all children are entitled to a safe and healthy adolescence characterized by hope, respect, and opportunity for a productive future. Every aspect of our vision — safety, health, hope, respect , opportunity — is challenged and undermined by chronic racism, abuse, and discrimination. We cannot allow these conditions to continue.

George Floyd. Breonna Taylor. Ahmaud Arbery. Sadly, these are the names our children and adolescents are hearing. These names, and countless others, should motivate all us to make a difference in a unified manner. Because providing critical knowledge and information is the very foundation of our work as a leading youth-serving organization, GCAPP believes an important first step is to facilitate meaningful conversation with the goal to achieve understanding and find common ground. GCAPP is doing its part to elevate the issues and implement strategies that address pertinent issues of inequality:
  • We are launching a summer series of virtual events for open and honest dialogue on social injustice featuring young people, community leaders, parents, trusted adults, and youth advocates seeking change.

  • We are amplifying the voices of some of Georgia’s most informed young leaders — our Youth Advisory Council. We are giving them support to lead town halls from their perspective with peers across the state, thus creating opportunities for them to validate their feelings and realities, and supporting them in organizing for change.

  • In partnership with U.S. Department of Health & Human Services and Community Health Solutions, we are creating a new narrative for African- American young men in a multi-dimensional project in Clayton County. The Eban Initiative connects trained, male mentors who are adept at building culturally responsive developmental relationships with boys and young men of color in a structured, supportive environment.  
For 25 years , GCAPP has been dedicated to promoting healthy and safe environments for ALL young people, especially those from vulnerable populations and communities. We believe that empowering our youth to reach their potential is paramount to moving society forward in a positive direction.

Many of the young people we serve in Georgia already face alarming risks brought on by overwhelming circumstances and stressors like poverty, unemployment, significant health challenges, and societal marginalization. GCAPP is dedicated to giving voice to this generation of Georgians so that they may use their knowledge and influence to raise awareness about disparities and issues that negatively impact the lives of young people, including racial injustice.

We call on all parents, community leaders, youth-serving professionals to commit to helping end the systemic issues that plague our communities, and to support our youth in their healthy development. Please join us on Wednesday, June 10, at 6:00 p.m. for Calming Their Fears: Talking to Children & Young People About a Nation in Crisis led by Judge Penny Brown Reynolds, a longtime youth advocate and community leader.

Thank you, 
Ronald McNeill
President and CEO
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