Following a rather slow November banding session, December's was absolutely explosive. We caught 40 birds and multiple recaptures including:

A buff-bellied hummingbird female that was originally banded at GCBO on 11/21/2015 as a hatch-year bird.

A male American Goldfinch that was orginally banded here February 2016

And two Ruby-crowned kinglets, one banded on 1/16/2016 and another 3/19/2016!

We also caught a black-and-white warbler, Wilson's warbler, blue-headed vireo, white-eyed vireo and more. Thanks to Brooks Short for the photos and what an awesome banding day!

As a reminder we will be banding again, Saturday January 20th from 8 am - noon here at GCBO. Stop by and see what we catch!