Group Concept Mapping 
Design and Practice Training

September 23-25, 2019
@ Concept Systems, Inc.
CSI is the world expert in group concept mapping, and our training is the best way to learn every step you need for a successful project.
Training includes  complete instruction on the  new generation of GCM technology...
You'll get:
  • an overview of the GCM process
  • a detailed explanation of the underlying concepts
  • advice and tools for GCM project planning, design, and management
  • instruction on the new groupwisdomâ„¢ software
  • information on how to interpret and present results
  • opportunity to engage with other GCM users and the CSI experts
Space is limited!
For a quick overview and helpful tools,
Visit our online Learning Center to explore more of our training resources or call 
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Recommended books about GCM 
written by CSI staff

 Mary Kane & Scott Rosas

 Mary Kane & William M. K. Trochim