NY kids learn music and life lessons
In 1998, Maa Sa Akhi Performing Arts Academy (MSAPAA) started providing private piano and keyboard lessons to children who lived in Brooklyn, NY. Director and co-founder Mut Hefen Sa-Akhi is also an accomplished teacher and composer and has helped many of the youth learn how to play piano and so much more.

The program’s music lessons are activities designed to foster a strong sense of community, self-reliance, confidence, and mutual respect as well as information on nutrition, entrepreneurship, and education.

The students hard work was rewarded with a chance to display their craft by way of a virtual recital online this past September. Family, friends, and supporters of MSAPAA were all treated throughout the evening to a wonderful performance, which included instrumentals, singing, games, and prizes.

“Even with COVID-19, music has been able to assist in these children and families accepting the challenges as opportunities to creatively find solutions and to excel,” says Mut Hefen Sa-Akhi. “Our recital was a resounding success and in a very practical way our children learned what they can do through these difficult times!”

The MSAPAA staff work with kids ages 7 through 14 in Brooklyn, New York and recently wrapped up its 2019-20 class. In a joint effort, GCMF coordinated with non-profit Strings of Hope Kids to provide a variety of electric and acoustic guitars to this music program.

"Thanks to Chris Renard at the Strings of Hope Kids and Lynn Robison from the Guitar Center Music Foundation, we were able to pull in students who would not have had music at all this year. Having music lessons and having a musical instrument was just not in the budget,” says Mut Hefen Sa-Akhi. “The students having guitars of their own at home allowed our teachers to work with them daily over the internet, as well as, working with them in person for their weekly lessons. So your gift was an outstanding part of our overall success."

The Foundation is grateful to Guitar Center for its continued support.
Update: Jordan High School
Jordan High School began the spring semester with virtual music lessons to enable students to learn from the safety of home. In the meantime, as the school prepares to return to normal operations, many of their instruments are in dire need of repair.

Although it's uncertain when JHS will start on campus learning, the Foundation is working with the school and its partners to provide the instruments and equipment it desperately needs. As of now, students must share what few instruments they have and many aren't playable.

One such partner, Music & Arts, has offered to step in and take on this important task.

Music & Arts sent a truck out to school and received over 100 pieces, which mostly consisted of brass and wind instruments, a chime, a drumline set, and 6 marching bass drums. 

"The processes we use when evaluating and repairing instruments are what sets us apart from our competitors," says Pat Wiegand, Music & Arts Director of Repair and Refurbishment Nationwide. "The instruments arrived in our repair shop in Phoenix and will be serviced in about 2 weeks." 

Music & Arts has agreed to replace any instruments that are beyond repair with another of equal or lessor value. 

The Foundation and Jordan High School are grateful for the generous help of Music & Arts.
Musical Mischief
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