October 9, 2020
Dear Grace Covenant Community, 

Who could have imagined what 2020 would bring when we celebrated GCPC’s abundance in our Stewardship campaign last Fall? 

What a providential choice last year’s Stew Crew, Session, and Finance Council made to take the courageous step and fully fund our budget with pledges! That decision unknowingly put Grace Covenant exactly where we needed to be to move through the COVID19 global pandemic faithfully. Being unable to meet face to face has not slowed down your generosity or God’s abundance. GCPC’s giving is holding steady, and our ministries are growing and thriving. 

As we look toward 2021 we are filled with gratitude for all the ways God has provided for us in these challenging times. We move into the new year with new strength, vitality, courage, and promise. We build on the energy, creativity, moral courage, and faithfulness that are trademarks of GCPC to look toward another year of healing ministry in 2021.  
This year’s Stew Crew is an All-Star Team of the last four years--people who are giving their time and energy to lead another stewardship campaign in these unprecedented times! They will be coming to you in worship and in the newsletter with messages of hope, encouragement, and connection. The themes that have inspired us to grow our budget and giving over the last four years by over 50% have equipped us to not just bide our time in 2020, but to become the church in whole new ways! 
Courageous Faith, Faith Forward, How Can We Keep From Sharing, and Life Abundant, the themes of our last four stewardship campaigns, have all echoed in our beloved community’s resilience and growth in 2020.
The Finance Council, Session, and Staff have done a great job leading us through these unprecedented challenges. And their message for the year ahead is let’s keep on keepin’ on! That’s what faithful people are called to do and to be--we must keep the faith in order to live out our faith! Your 2020 pledges are exactly what GCPC needed to move through the challenges of this year faithfully and ready to adapt and grow. So, Stew Crew’s invitation to you is to continue that pledge level into 2021.  
You can renew or create a new pledge in our new Realm software online here or in the Realm Connect smartphone app. You'll find step-by-step instructions to help guide you attached HERE. If you have questions or need further assistance, please contact Natalie Weaver in our Finance Office at nweaver@gcpcusa.org.
Remember that when you give to GCPC, you are empowering life-giving and transformational ministries with every penny of your gift. 
Your gifts and resources fund things like: 

  • Worship that empowers, forms, connects, and energizes more and more people. Online worship services have grown our congregation! 

  • GCPC Staff, hard-working, creative, collaborative and growing, leading and embodying ministry in all they do among us and on our behalf. 

  • GCPC’s building used to support families most impacted by COVID19 by hosting Youth Transformed for Life’s (YTL) all day online learning support center Mondays-Fridays. And the Children’s Center at Gracelyn, by keeping the rent at a low fixed rate to enable them to continue to offer safe and affordable childcare for families. 
  • Covenant Partnerships, led by impacted people and cultivating equity and repair in Asheville/Buncombe County through GCPC grants and relationship building. 

  • Programming for all ages that help us continue to grow in our faith in these challenging times (Bible Study, Youth Group, 20s/30s Group, Men’s Group, Women’s Memoir Series, JOY - Just Older Youth, Children’s Ministries, Parenting support, Choir Chat, Online Music Ministries, Adult Education, Racial Justice Book Series, and special events on pressing issues)
  • Prophetic witness and cultivating justice in the work of the Power and Race Team (PART), Creating Sanctuary Team (CST), Earth Team, Garden Steering Team, Just Funding, Faith 4 Justice, “Me & White Supremacy” Initiative, Guatemala Partnership, and much more. 

  • GCPC’s Community Garden as it continues to flourish and feed impacted families and strengthen relationships in our community.

  • Caring connections in our congregation by funding emergency financial support for community members and Deacon funds used to assist church members in need. 

  • Presbytery and General Assembly Connections honored and maintained with our per capita funding. 
Your gift is more important this year than it ever has been because the road ahead will continue to bring challenges our way. Our Fall theme, “As the World Turns,” points toward the dramatic transformation that God is inviting the world to embrace. That turning brings with it pain as well as promise. Our community is hurting, our country is hurting, our world is hurting, and GCPC is getting better and better at being present in that pain with the promise and power of healing love.
In 2020 GCPC’s Session created a bold new Mission Statement that speaks to who we are and who we aspire to be together. Click the video to learn more about it. Together we can continue to embody this powerful call God has given our family of faith. Your pledge strengthens our witness and helps build beloved community in real time! 
Thank you for your generous commitment to Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church. Your continued support enables us to “Keep the Faith” in 2021!

In Christ’s Love, 
Sheryl Aikman
Joe Brumit
Susan Curtis
Robin and Gordon Gaiser
Nancy Gaskin
Lynne Meacham
Susan Meade
Susan Mims
Lynne Noble
Heath and Peggy Rada
Jonathan and Laura Ross
Melissa Shook
Laurie Stradley
Paul Tierney
Amber White