Dear friends of the Guatemala Microloan Project,
We give thanks for all those who encourage and support our sisters in Guatemala as they work hard in many different endeavors to provide for their families. This past year of pandemic has been hard for people everywhere, but especially for those for whom there are extra responsibilities with everyone home all day, extra food needs, no market for their products, no transportation available and the constant concern of health safety. It is a heavy load physically, emotionally and spiritually. When the pandemic passes, there is hope for renewed business and productivity.

The Guatemala Microloan Project Task Force prayerfully decided to send immediately $2,000 of emergency funds to be administered by ADEGHUA as most needed for our microloan participants during this new wave of Covid cases and a red alert with shutdowns. We are asking for contributions to replace those funds. If you have the ability to contribute above and beyond your usual gift and support to the Project, or if you will receive the Stimulus funds and are able to give or tithe from that “extra”, there is great need.

Mildre of the ADEHGUA staff, says, “Most of the women are going through difficult situations. Maybe we should make a chain of mutual prayer, especially as this situation does not seem to be improving. I have decided to call the women and their families and advise them to keep the measures during these days of rest (Easter holidays), to protect their lives. Maybe if the Committee (our Task Force) gave us a few words for them, to reinforce the message, that would be helpful.”

We will join in prayer with our sisters in the Microloan Project on Saturday, April 10.  God calls us to pray for one another, especially in times of uncertainty, fear and anxiety and so we pray together -