GCPC Weekly News | June 18, 2020
Photo by  Elijah O'Donnell  from  Pexels
GCPC Alive and Well This Week!
Kathy Meacham @ Cabaret Night
Cabaret Night
Worship Preview | Sunday, June 21, 2020

Live Stream Worship Service @ 10:45 AM Sunday

Sermon: " Swords and Sparrows " by Marcia Mount Shoop
Scripture: Matthew 10:24-39

Click for Children’s Bulletin and coloring page for this Sunday!
Recurring Weekly Zooms:

If you are a part of a group, Team, or Circle at GCPC and you want to have a Zoom meeting, let staff know. We will help you get set up on our GCPC Zoom account for group gatherings and meetings. You can schedule your meeting on the calendar with Sherrie, and any staff member can help you get set up for your meeting if you have questions. 

With your help, GCPC would like to commemorate, document, and record this incredible year in the life of our church by creating, designing, and displaying our GCPC 2020 Patchwork Quilt of Grace.
We are asking all of our members who can to take a 10”by 10” piece of quilting cloth, and create on there an image that shows us where you found grace during this time; where you needed grace; where grace found you.
(We will include many ideas with the “DIRECTIONS” that will come with your square of cloth. The main thing is to just be creative, and depict something that really speaks to how this crazy time has impacted you.)

   Please plan to add your own memory to this project. Here’s how:
  • A drive-thru pick-up is happening at the church parking lot TOMORROW, Friday, June 19th at 9:00 – 11:00 a.m. and 4:00 - 6:00 p.m. You may pick up your square of cloth, along with further instructions, directions, and helpful hints during those times.
  • Complete your project to depict your picture of grace during this time by August 30th, and get it back to us according to the instructions in your packet.
  • Contact person if you have questions or issues:
         Earl Fowler, earljfowler@aol.com , (828)301-0491 (Worship Council)
Earth Team News
What can you do for the EARTH during lock-down when you’re already ‘staying home and staying safe”?

PLANT MILKWEED  for Monarch and other butterflies!  There are still young, larger Milkweed ‘starts’ for anyone who wants to plant milkweed (which will spread) in your garden/yard to nurture Monarch and other butterflies. Contact Susan Presson via text at 828-450-4145 if you would like some milkweed starts.
PC(USA) 224th General Assembly
This week the PCUSA General Assembly, our denomination's bi-annual meeting, begins online due to the COVID 19 pandemic. The 224th General Assembly will make history because it is online. We pray that the Assembly will also be an opportunity for our denomination to strategize about how we can best be in solidarity with the movements for racial and economic justice in our country and in our world. If you would like to view the Assembly, here is a link
Spiritual/Pastoral Support
Deacon of the Week
I n this time of physical distancing, the deacons of Grace Covenant continue to be available to talk and pray with you by phone or online and to coordinate care. If you have difficulty reaching your assigned deacon or if you do not know who your assigned deacon is, please feel free to reach out to our deacon of the week.
This week (6/14 - 6/20):   Lynne Meacham email:   larkm99@gmail.com
Next week (6/21 - 6/27):  Lynne Meacham  email: larkm99@gmail.com
Prayer List
[We are happy to pray for anyone who is in need. Concerns will stay on this list for a month unless we hear otherwise. Please keep us updated.] 
Iglesia Jerusalem congregation
Pat Cocke (Les Stradley’s friend) 
Marcia Zuzel (friend of Kim Hottle and Melissa Shook)
Eveline Damiano (Lisette de Groot's daughter)
Melissa Matherly Bowers (friend of Rick and Lynne Noble) 
Jonathan Hettrick and family (friends of Mary Craig)
Nancy Hoyt Duncan (friend of Rick and Lynne Noble)
Sharon Meares (Moderator of Presbyterian Women in PWNC)
Deerfield Retirement Community
Ryan Lockett (nephew of Denise Lockett)
Family of Larry and Trudy Forward (daughter, Jenny, and grandsons, Ben & Matt)
Hettie Lou Garland
Betty Smith
Margaret Rada
Bob Higgins
Cory Hartbarger
Florence and Steve Riedesel
Doris Prak
Roslyn Carney
Dean Presson
Bill McNeff
Susan Smialowicz
Laura Ross
John Mount Shoop
Carol Kavalhuna
Carolyn Crew
Susan Holt
Bob Walther
Kelley Griffith

Joe Goodpasture, GCPC member, died on Saturday, June 13. Joe and his wife, Ann, joined Grace Covenant in 2011 and moved to Greensboro a few years back. Please keep Ann and the extended family in your prayers. Click here for a link to the obituary.
Digital Opportunity for Parents: "Raising Antiracist Kids: Ibram X. Kendi with Derecka Purnell" | TODAY, Thursday, June 18 | 5pm EDT
You are invited to a digital discussion about raising antiracist kids with author of the new book,  AntiRacist Baby , Ibram X.Kendi in conversation with Derecka Purnell. A new uprising across the country demanding racial justice is a powerful reminder that families of all backgrounds need to be pro-active in raising children to understand racism and discrimination, and helping our kids to be a force for anti-racist change in the world.
For more info and to participate CLICK HERE
PART (Power & Race Team)
Tema Okun names the"sense of urgency" as a white supremacy norm. She states "it frequently results in sacrificing potential allies for a quick or highly visible result." When you have this sense, PART asks you to consider the following questions:

1. Are you following the lead of impacted people?
2.Who is asking you for help? Is it the impacted group?
3.Who is benefiting from your action?
4.Is the action to relieve your own tension or grief?
5. Who is doing the talking?
6.Is it ego driven or have you prayerfully considered your intentions? 

We are not asking you to be passive. We are inviting you to be self aware enough not to be driven by behaviors that harm impacted people and each of us.

PART continues to address White Supremacy norms on July 9th at 6pm.
An Interview with
Robin DiAngelo

An interview with author Robin DiAngelo who wrote White Fragility, Why It's So Hard for White People to Talk about Race, is so pertinent to the current social justice dialogue.
This book was read and discussed in our Racial Justice Book Club.
Summer Adult Education: "Beyond Belief" | June 7 - July 19 | Sundays | 9:15 - 10:15 AM via Zoom
Marcus Borg was among the most widely known and influential voices in progressive Christianity and internationally known in both academic and church circles. This summer, we will be delving deeply into his work and living in his questions about the possibilities of belief and action in our modern world. We will be meeting over zoom and utilizing  "Beyond Belief," a new curriculum by "Living the Questions." Facilitated by Tim Hamel.
Contact Sherrie for zoom information.
Enneagram Sessions for GCPC Parents

Carol Hovis facilitates  Wednesday enneagram  zoom gatherings for  GCPC parents,   Wednesdays, June 24th & July 1st, 6:30-8:30pm.   All parents are welcome. If you don't know your enneagram type, contact Carol.  
Email  Carol  if you would like to participate. 
GCPC Zoom Speaker Series | 7:00 PM | Every 4th Thursday |
  • June 25 | Spotted Wolf Peace Series by Meta Commerse The Spotted Wolf Peace Series is a two-part Story Medicine presentation, naming and describing our social climate grounded in U.S. history and in-depth research into the spiritual nature of the problem of violence. Meta’s story, scholarship, experience as a healer, black mother, elder and author all inform this piece from an African Frame of Reference so named by her mother, Johari Amini. Part One (June 25) focuses on violence, its escalating energy, and the systems of oppression it creates. (Note: Material is excerpted from her forthcoming book: Diamonds and Pyramids: Story Medicine for Racial Healing.) Example of how we can work with authority to transform violent energy in the moment.
  • July 23 - Susanne Walker Wilson and Audi
  • Aug. 27 - DeWayne Barton 
"Pandemics and Prejudice: How Can Democracy Survive in a Hotter Time?" a presentation by
Dr. David Orr | Friday, July 10 | 7:00 PM |

Dr. David Orr, EMERITUS Professor of Environmental Studies and Politics at Oberlin College, will be presenting via  GCPC's Youtube Channel  ("GCPC Video") on  Friday 7/10/2020 at 7pm  a lecture about the  Moral Imperative to Restore our Democracy as well as the urgency of Environmental Stewardship, regardless of any particular religious persuasion. 

Dr. Orr writes: "The COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing crisis of race in America are both an indictment and a preview of what's coming in a hotter, more divided world with vast economic inequities. Both are symptoms of the tragic failure of democratic institutions. Dr. Orr's democracy initiative ( stateofamericandemocracy.org ) is working toward  the repair and strengthening of democratic institutions beginning with restoring a moral vision of democracy."
SAVE THE DATE for this timely presentation and interaction with Dr. Orr.  
It is sponsored by the EARTH Team at Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church and Creation Care Alliance. Dr. Orr will be introduced by Marcia Mount Shoop who will facilitate the question and answer period after his presentation.  
Dr. Orr is a Paul Sears Distinguished Professor of Environmental Studies & Politics, Emeritus. He also served as “Counselor to the President” of Oberlin College for ten years. He is the author of eight books, including Dangerous Years: Climate Change and the Long Emergency (Yale, 2016) and Down to the Wire: Confronting Climate Collapse (Oxford, 2009) and co-editor of four others including Democracy Unchained (2020). He has authored over 220 articles, reviews, book chapters, and professional publications.
GCPC Family Story Time Weekly Gatherings
Each week children and families of Grace Covenant have an opportunity to gather on Zoom for fun activities and stories meant to stir the imagination and open hearts to God's amazing love in our world. During our time together, caring adults including Godly Play Storytellers, Blake Martin, Lynne Noble, Pat Durham, and Nursery Staff members, Marion deLaubenfels and Pearl DeBellott, are present as a reminder that even though we are apart, we are still connected with our Grace Covenant Family.  Beginning June 29 through the end of August, we will only have Storytime on Mondays at 3:00 PM. If you and your child would like to join one of the gatherings, you can find the link on the Church calendar .
Presbyterian Women’s Circles are Zoom meetings.  Please join us.

Circle 1:  First Tuesday of each month, 10:00 a.m.
         Carol Kavalhuna – 658-1088,  carolkavalhuna@gmail.com
         Cathy Froehlich – 775-1016,  oremont2@gmail.com

Circle 2:   First Tuesday of each month, 7:30 p.m.
         Barbara McLean - 254-1034,  Barbaram_2@charter.net
         Heather Hudson – 501-442-6223,  hehudson@charter.net

Circle 3:   June 11, 7:00 p.m.
         Grace Hall – 665-4849,  gracehall2@gmail.com

Circle 4:   First Thursday of each month, 7:00 p.m.
         Frances Johnson – 628-4742,  facjohnson@gmail.com
         Connie Jones – 231-2680,  Conjones@charter.net

Circle 5:   First Monday of each month, 10:00 a.m.
         Lynne Noble – 803-206-3821,  lynnesnoble@gmail.com

C ommunity Working Together
CJJ-West Chapter Meeting with You Can Vote | TONIGHT, Thursday, June 18 | 7:00 - 8:30 PM
Tonight, CJJ-West will host a virtual chapter meeting featuring special guest speaker Kate Fellman, Executive Director of You Can Vote. Kate will provide us with the latest information about voting in North Carolina in the time of COVID-19 and how we can all be involved in the work of ensuring that voting is safe, secure, and accessible for all. All are invited -- Please join us! After you register, we'll send out a Zoom link and information for participation. RSVP HERE .
The Mass Poor People's Assembly and Moral March on Washington
Digital Broadcast times:
  • Saturday, June 20th at 10am & 6pm EST
  • Sunday June 21st at 6pm EST

The Mass Poor People's Assembly and Moral March on Washington is a 2.5 hour program that will be broadcast live on dates listed above. The Poor People's Campaign is a movement of tens of thousands of people across the country who are organizing to end the interlocking injustices of systemic racism, poverty, militarism, and the war economy, ecological devastation, and the distorted moral narrative of religious nationalism. 

Important Announcement regarding Serve Funding

"During this time of pandemic, the GCPC Serve Council continues to be committed to being led by the Spirit to build mutually enriching relationships with Ministry Partners, as well as justly disperse funds shared by our congregation to impact our community and world. . . "

Serve Council Retreat, January 2020
Facilitated by GCPC Ministry Partners,
Phyllis Utley and Tami Forte Logan
“But I Want To DO Something!!!”

Here’s something you can do about racial justice in Asheville: listen to Black voices in Asheville and take the action steps they ask you to take.  The Power and Race Team (PART) suggests these information sources.

Racial Justice Coalition  
A major effort of this coalition of 15 local organizations has been and continues to be reform of Asheville policing policies. Instead of top-down reform, RJC hopes to promote policies made with input from the communities most affected. You can sign up for a team (Advocacy, Organization, Tech/Data, Safety/Security, Communication, Fundraising, Legal). A Facebook page gives further information about events, actions to take, and racial justice:  www.facebook.com/RJC.Asheville/

Interfaith Initiative Newsletter
Social justice opportunities and information compiled by area religious communities. To get the twice monthly newsletters, subscribe to the Interfaith Initiative Newsletter here.

Meet interesting and accomplished Black Ashevillians. Read curated posts on racial justice and injustice in the U.S.
(The following is Part 1 of 2 from an article in The New York Times .)

Last week the federal administration proposed more restrictive policies regarding migrants seeking asylum in the United States, according to “Trump Administration Moves to Solidify Restrictive Immigration Policies,” June 12. Adoption of the regulations would set the stage for “restrictionist immigration policies that can be enforced well after the pandemic subsides,” write Times’ reporters Zolan Kanno-Youngs and Maggie Haberman. Data released last Friday indicate that rules established in April, purportedly because of concerns regarding the coronavirus, have “effectively blocked nearly 43,000 migrants from seeking asylum at the southwest border.” The administration claims that it seeks to streamline the asylum system.

~ submitted by the Creating Sanctuary Team (CST)
Habitat for Humanity News
Here at Habitat, we have continued our work these past few months, but at a slower pace without our volunteers. We are excited to announce that we have a homeowner in process for the 28th Presbyterian Methodist House that members of Grace Covenant volunteered on in the Curry Court neighborhood in Candler! Her name is Dewana Little. Dewana has started her sweat equity and is slated to purchase the 28th Presbyterian Methodist House in December of 2020.
Click here to learn more about he Dewana Little and her family.
An invitation to us from one of our Covenant Partners

CoThinkk centers structural change and supports the voices of equity leaders. They are inviting us and all their partners to do three things: 

#1: Do Your Work 
#2: Commit and Act on Structural Change
#3: Support Organizations led by BIPOC in the region

Click here  to learn more about their work and details about their invitation.
Local Outreach for Those Affected by COVID-19

We have a specific need for donors currently!

Commit To Help:

Pandemic of Love, Asheville, has been launched as an extension of a larger national/international mutual aid movement (Pandemicoflove.com). Just as this virus has spread rapidly, now too have extraordinary acts of kindness and love for neighbors in need.

Anyone throughout Asheville in need of essentials to help weather this crisis, or anyone able to help a local family with funds for groceries, medicine, etc, is urged to reach out. Help is available throughout the Nation for family or friends elsewhere. Those interested in volunteering for this effort or with questions, please email  PandemicofloveAVL@gmail.com .

To learn more about Shelly and this movement, or to access Get Help/Give Help forms go to  Pandemicoflove.com , click on HELP, and submit under the Asheville, NC tab.

Email us at  PandemicofloveAVL@gmail.com  with questions.
American Red Cross Blood Drive | Thursday, June 25 | 7 AM - 7 PM | Trinity Baptist Church (216 Shelburne Rd.)
All presenting blood donors will receive an Operation Blood Drive T-shirt!, while supplies last, and a $10 gift card via email, courtesy of Suburban Propane!

Click here , call  1-800-RED CROSS  ( 1-800-733-2767 ) or use the  Blood Donor App  and enter sponsor code:  OBD2020 , or enable the  Blood Donor Skill  on any Alexa Echo device to schedule your appointment today.
Asheville GreenWorks | Hard 2 Recycle Update | Saturday, June 27 | 10 AM - 2 PM | 1298 Patton Ave.
Asheville GreenWorks is happy to provide an adapted June Hard 2 Recycle event to the community. In order to keep our staff, volunteers, and community safe, we ask that you please follow  CDC North Carolina , and  Buncombe County  government guidelines when choosing to attend the event. We also ask that you wear a  face covering , and maintain a 6 foot distance between yourself and others. If you are in the  high-risk category , please stay home and limit your exposure to others. Remember, there are many other ways to recycle your items, throughout the year. 

Please note that volunteers cannot unload vehicles at this event and are instructed to follow safety protocol. Participants will be expected to unload their own items, with staff on site to supervise and assist only as needed.

Please contact info@ashevillegreenworks.org or 828-254-1776 with any recycling questions.
YMCA Community Health June Updates
They are still offering FREE meals for kids 18 and under at a variety of sites throughout the summer in Buncombe, McDowell and Henderson counties. Please review the attached document titled "Free Meals for Kids" for locations and times. Kids do not not have to be present to get the meals.

Beginning June 1st they are moving back to their "normal" mobile market operations. Neighbors will be required to wait in line 6-feet apart, they are highly encouraging masks, and will provide hand sanitizer for all participants before they pick out produce. 

In addition, they are continuing to offer the Diabetes Prevention Program VIRTUALLY to anyone in North Carolina for FREE. Please see the attached document for more information on how people can register. Classes are looking to start this week and beginning of June.

Stewardship & Sustainability GIVE HERE
Thank you for your generous giving! Your gifts are enabling the church to continue our important work in our community. If you have not signed up for online giving, you can do that   here . You can also mail your checks to the church. Without you, the church could not continue its ministries in these difficult times. Thank you, again, for your generosity and your faithfulness! 
Pledge Statements E-Mailed 6/15

If you pledged in 2020 and have an email address in our system, you should have received an email on 6/15 from   notifications@onrealmmail.org  with a link to your PDF statement (see screenshot below). This was generated by our Finance Office and is a valid link- click to view your statement. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Natalie Weaver, Stewardship & Financial Administrator, at  nweaver@gcpcusa.org .

NOTE: This statement was delivered to anyone with a 2020 General Fund pledge and only shows gifts made to that campaign. Gifts to other funds will be included on the quarterly and year-end full contribution statements for tax deductible purposes.  
Turn your Father's Day shopping
into a force for good.

and Amazon donates to Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church!
AmazonSmile is now available in the Amazon Shopping app
AmazonSmile customers can now support Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church in the Amazon shopping app on iOS and Android mobile phones! Simply follow these instructions to turn on AmazonSmile and start generating donations.

  1. Open the Amazon Shopping app on your device
  2. Go into the main menu of the Amazon Shopping app and tap into 'Settings'
  3. Tap 'AmazonSmile' and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process

If you do not have the latest version of the Amazon Shopping app, update your app. Click  here  for instructions.  
Remote Giving & Paperless Statements

Did you know that you can make donations and receive statements online? Here are a few different ways to stay up-to-date on your pledge remotely:
  • MAIL gifts to the office at 789 Merrimon Ave, Asheville, NC 28804
  • BANK BILL PAY mails checks remotely, one-time or on a recurring schedule - contact your bank to set this up
  • ONLINE at www.gcpcusa.org/ways-to-give - just click GIVE HERE
  • SMARTPHONE with the Give+ Mobile App or by texting 828-266-0126 the amount you’d like to contribute

To sign up for  paperless statements  or if you have any questions, please contact Natalie in our Finance Office at 828-254-3274, ext 202 or  nweaver@gcpcusa.org
GCPC Out and About Online
June 2020
Virtual Enneagram Gatherings
conclude Friday, June 19, 10am and
Monday, June 22, 6:30pm.  

We resume Friday, July 10, 10am.  

Topic: Relationships between different types

All are welcome; you can participate once or every week. 
Basic knowledge of your enneagram type is suggested.

Contact Carol for more information:    cmhovis@gmail.com

Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church | 828.254.3274 
789 Merrimon Ave. Asheville, NC 28804