July 2018, Issue 2

WAV Group Newsletter
By David Gumpper

Consumer data protection continues to be a focus for governments after the latest round of data breaches and Facebook allowing Collaborative Analytics harvesting of its user’s data. In a hastily crafted bill, California legislatures and the governor passed AB 375, or the  California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 .
By Victor Lund

One of the most interesting things about being an expert witness is recognizing how companies can avoid costly litigation. Zillow actually tested the courts in the case of VHT v. Zillow. The facts of the case were reported by Inman News. In summary, VHT filed for copyright on their images. The copyright was granted. VHT then provided a notification of their filing and requested removal. Zillow refused. VHT sued. The court awarded damages. I think the case is on appeal. This issue is not with Zillow or any other portal, it is about protecting the rights of copyright holders and giving privacy to families that buy homes.
By Kevin Hawkins

Always. Never. Every. Everyone. Everybody. All. Must. These are some of the most dangerous words in our vocabulary. For writers and speakers, as my nephew in Alabama would say, these words are as about as useful as a steering wheel on mule. That’s because these words are typically perceived to be an exaggeration.
By Victor Lund

The role of a member of an MLS Board of Directors is multifaceted, but divided in part to areas around voting control, and in part, around strategic guidance. A trend emerging at the largest MLSs in the nation is to invite outside directors into the board room.
By Marilyn Wilson

Homesnap, the industry-endorsed national home search platform, today announced that it has sent over one million free leads to listing and buyers agents. These leads are shared by Homesnap to help real estate agents build their brand and connect with potential clients.