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2021 GDYF Junior Board Applications

GDYF is laying the foundation for the future of the Georgia dairy industry. We are approaching the seventh year of our Junior Board and want to say, "thank you" to our current members - they have done a fantastic job!

This year the application is open for upcoming seniors only. If you are interested in applying for the 2022 junior board please email gadairyyouth@gmail.com for an application or visit our GDYF website here: JUNIOR BOARD OF DIRECTORS | gdyf (gadyf.com)
Donations needed for the GDYF Silent Auction at the GA Dairy Conference!!
We just love this donation from Habersham Co. FFA!! Thank you!!
It's that time of year again - time for the Georgia Dairy Conference and GDYF Silent Auction!! Please help us secure donation items for our Silent Auction that will be held on Tuesday, Jan. 18th. If you are able to secure an item (or monetary donation) please contact us or Carol Williams at 706-343-6997 or carolwms1217@gmail.com.

Items that have done well in the past are YETI cups, soft and hard coolers, gift baskets, jewelry, children's toys, restaurant cards, toolboxes, water troughs, lawn chairs, etc. We are happy to recognize the people and companies that donate to GDYF on our website and Facebook page.
We will gladly accept financial contributions and all contributions are tax-deductible. Feel free to contact us with any questions by phone at 706-310-0020 or email at gadairyyouth@gmail.com.

Contributors have started calling in for our upcoming auction, so a big thanks to:
Southeast Milk Inc.
Georgia FFA Foundation
Georgia Milk Producers
CHR Hansen
Georgia Junior National Commercial Dairy Heifer Show

The commercial dairy heifer show at the Georgia National Fair on Oct. 10, 2021, saw many victories for the 4-H and FFA members who competed in both the showmanship and weight class events.

Students in grades 4th through 12th exhibited heifers for top honors in the junior showmanship category. Congratulations to these exhibitors on their placings:

1st Place Showmanship:
  • 4th-5th Grades: Bailey Collins, White Co. 4-H
  • 6th Grade: Abi Ullom, Coweta Co. 4-H
  • 7th Grade: Peyton Clark, Madison Co. Middle FFA
  • 8th Grade: Leah Higginbotham, Elbert Co. 4-H
  • 9th Grade:  Kenady Pickett, Houston Co. FFA
  • 10th Grade: Avery Allen, Houston Co. FFA
  • 11th Grade: Kiley Padgett, Hall Co. 4-H
  • 12th Grade: Bailey Jackson, Houston Co. FFA

Congratulations to the winners of the weight class category:
Division I: 
  • Grand Champion: Brooke Padgett, Hall Co. 4-H
  • Reserve Grand Champion: Octavia Bushey, Gilmer Co. High FFA

Division II:
  • Grand Champion: Bailey Jackson, Houston Co. FFA
  • Reserve Grand Champion: Octavia Bushey, Gilmer Co. High FFA

Division III:
  • Grand Champion: Torrie Reed, Gilmer Co. High FFA
  • Reserve Grand Champion: Kiley Padgett, Hall Co. 4-H

Grand Champion: Torrie Reed, Gilmer Co. High FFA
Reserve Grand Champion: Kiley Padgett, Hall Co. 4-H

ALSO, congratulations to the winners of the 
Dairy Cattle Showmanship Circuit awards presented by 
the Georgia Junior Livestock Foundation.

2021 Junior Division Dairy Point Circuit Winners:
1st place: Luke Huff, Oglethorpe FFA
2nd place: Brooke Padgett, Hall 4-H
3rd place: Peyton Clark, Madison FFA
4th place: Kylianne Brown, North Hall FFA
5th place: Jack Keener, Clear Creek FFA

2021 Senior Division Dairy Point Circuit Winners:
1st place: Trent Maddox, Jasper Co. High FFA
2nd place:  Laurel Christopher, White FFA
3rd place: Kiley Padgett, Hall 4-H
4th place: Ashlyn Reddick, Burke FFA
5th place: Sydney Coble, Burke 4-H

The Georgia Junior Livestock Foundation (GJLF)recognizes youth exhibitors that have excelled in the show ring with their showmanship skills and participation through this program. Congratulations on this well-deserved achievement!!
Big thanks to Southern Swiss Dairy for donating milk today at the GNF!!
Big congratulations to Allison Mulholland, winner of the Pit Boss pellet grill during our drawing at GNF. We really appreciate everyone that donated to GDYF this fall!! Your contributions support dairy kids in FFA, 4-H and at UGA!!

Also we really appreciate Richardson Creek Farms, Jodi Quick and Michael Joyner for donating the grill
Youth Dairy Judging
Dr. Jillian Bohlen, UGA

State Contest
The 2021 State Dairy Judging Contest was held in person on Friday, March 26th. Located at the UGA Teaching Dairy in Athens, this year’s competition hosted 26 young people. Though numbers for the event were down slightly this year, everyone was happy to be back face-to-face for a youth contest. 

High individual in the Senior Contest was Jazmine Ralston from Gordon County while the Junior High individual was Maggie Harper from Morgan County. Winning the Senior competition with an opportunity to compete nationally was Gordon County with members Jazmine Ralston, Katie Reynolds, Joshua Carr and Breana Manning. The winning Junior team was from Burke County with members Sara Morgan Sapp, Macy Doyen, Emree Williams and Victoria Chamberlin.

A thank you goes to the UGA Dairy Science Club for working weeks up to the contest to halter break animals as well as leading and an helping to officiate the day of. Congratulations to everyone on a wonderful event.

Contest results are announced here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94cqO_Tv0_4

Class critiques are located at the link below

Above links may also be located on the Georgia 4-H YouTube Channel

Youth members view a haltered Holstein class for the 2021 State Dairy Judging Contest.
Dairy Science Club members that worked to make the 2021 State Dairy Judging Contest a success for youth in the state.
National Contest
The winning team from Gordon County traveled to Madison, Wisconsin to compete in the National 4-H Dairy Judging Contest on September 27th, 2021. This trip is not just about the chance to compete nationally but about the cows they see and people they meet along the way. With opportunities to visit farms like Mapleton Valley, see breeds they typically do not like those at Cozy Nook and to visit farms like Hoard’s Dairyman’s, which they have probably only read about are all tremendous opportunities. The most noteworthy result for Gordon County was Breana Manning having her name called as 9th high individual in Ayrshires. With these experiences, value is rarely found in the results but in the preparation for the event. Congratulations, team!
Team from Gordon county at Hoard’s Dairyman Farm
Team from Gordon county at the 2021 National Dairy Judging contest in Madison, WI with coach Tim Street
Youth Dairy Quiz Bowl
Dr. Jillian Bohlen, UGA

State Contest
The 2021 State Dairy Quiz Bowl Contest was held virtually on Thursday, May 13th. In total, there were 4 Junior and 6 Senior Teams that competed for top honors in this double elimination contest. The teams this year were incredibly competitive and excelled despite the virtual format. The youth in this contest not only showed up with understanding of the dairy industry but also incredible enthusiasm for the competition. All in all, the youth collaborated, buzzed, laughed and made a great state contest.

The team winning the Senior Contest and with a chance to compete nationally was from Oconee County with members Alicia Carnes, Alyssa Haag, Robie Lucas and Kalani Washington. The team winning the Junior Contest was from Burke County with members Maggie Cunningham, Macy Doyen, Sara Morgan Sapp and Emree William.

Contest results are announced here

Link above is also located on the Georgia 4-H YouTube channel.
Team from Georgia at the National 4-H Dairy Quiz Bowl contest in Louisville, KY with coach Kelle Ashley
National Contest
The winning team from Oconee County, a bright and highly competitive team, worked diligently before the national contest to prepare for the big day on the buzzers. Held November 5th – 6th, this contest invited the best and brightest dairy youth from across the nation to compete. The team from Georgia received wonderful recognition as an Honorable Mention. Congratulations, team!
UGA Dairy Fun Night
Dr. Jillian Bohlen, UGA

Annually, the UGA Dairy Science Club hosts “Dairy Fun Night”. This event is a chance for students across campus to come to the arena on South Milledge learn a little about dairy, have fun working with the animals and relax during a stressful time in the semester. In teams of four, those competing go through a series of fun events to be touted as tank topper in the final awards. The contests this year included events such as milk chugging (out of baby bottles), pin the tail on the cow (after a couple of circles and a blindfold), heifer dress up as well as heifer races! As a kind of intermission, the club even hosts a professor milk off, which is always a lot of fun to watch as the teachers put their skills to the test. This year’s event raised over $300, which will be donated to the Georgia Dairy Youth Foundation, and 200 pounds of canned goods, which was given to Northeast Georgia Food Bank.

The 2021 Dairy Fun Nights Champion was a team going by the name of the “Cow Pies” and the 2021 Professor Milk Off Champion was Dr. Campbell in Agricultural and Applied Economics.
Heifer dress up featuring the COWculator
Professor milk off competition
2021 Dairy Fun Night Champions, the “Cow Pies”
UGA Dairy Dawgs
Written by: Dr. Jillian Bohlen, University of Georgia

North American Intercollegiate Dairy Challenge
The 2021 North American Intercollegiate Dairy Challenge was held virtually March 31st – April 2nd. Though not an ideal way to critically evaluate their host dairy farm in Wisconsin, the contest still highlighted the rigor and engagement with industry professionals that it is known for. The competing team from the University of Georgia included Kenne Hillis, Will Strickland, Alyssa Rauton and Tate Hunda. The team spent relentless hours combing data, watching videos of on farm operations and management, interviewing farm staff and ultimately putting together a presentation that offered strengths, weaknesses and areas of opportunity for the farm.

Though the team did not place in the top two, which are the only placings announced, they were commended on numerous occasions for their involvement and professionalism. Their work ethic and dedication to more fully immerse in dairy beyond the scope of the classroom is commendable.
American Dairy Science Association Student Affiliate Division
Delegates from the University of Georgia virtually attended the 2021 American Dairy Science Association meetings July 11th – 14th. As part of these meetings, delegates were able to attend scientific sessions on current research in dairy production and foods, attend roundtables on career options and speak with professionals and peers from across the world. In addition to networking opportunities, students from UGA were also able to present their own research work on farm or in the literature into various aspects of the dairy industry. They also were able to present the works of the UGA chapter through an annual report, scrapbook and website.

The UGA chapter was again proud to come home with a number of noteworthy accomplishments. Those include:

  •     1st place dairy foods presentation with Kenne Hillis presenting “COVID aid: Differing effects on the milk market”

  •     2nd place dairy production presentation with Alyssa Rauton presenting “Concentration of Anti-Müllerian hormone in dairy heifers is positively associated with long term reproductive merit and productive herd life”
    Sarah Johnson presented her undergraduate research project titled “Evaluating the impact of bacterial load and IgG concentration in colostrum on passive transfer in dairy calves
  •     3rd outstanding chapter in the nation
  •     1st place website, 3rd place annual report and 3rd place scrapbook

    Outgoing 2020-2021 president (Alyssa Rauton) and UGA had the newly elected 2021-20221 Secretary-Treasurer (Tate Hunda)
Upcoming Dairy Shows to look forward to!

January 1, 2022
7th Annual Burke County Bird Dog Classic Dairy Show
BSC Arena, 3676 Hwy 24S, Waynesboro, Ga
Entry deadline: December 18th, 2021
For more information: Shelley Coble at 706-466-3492/ Kim Reddick at 706-339-4580 or bcbirddogclassic@gmail.com

January 8, 2022
Houston Co. High FFA Dairy Heifer Show
Georgia National Fairgrounds, Perry GA
Entry deadline: December 31, 2021
For more information: Ronnie Thomas at ronald.thomas@hcbe.net

January 15, 2022
Apple Capital Commercial Dairy Heifer Show
Gilmer County Agriculture Education Center
1020 Clear Creek Rd. Ellijay, GA
Entry deadline: January 7, 2022 (postmarked)
For more information: Michael Bushey at (706)-273-6393

January 15, 2022
Winter Jamboree Dairy Heifer Show
Jackson County Agricultural Facility
1869 County Farm Road, Jefferson, GA 30549
Entry deadline: December 31, 2021
For more information: jdaniel@madison.k12.ga.us

January 22, 2022
Snow Flurries Classic Dairy Heifer Show
White County Ag Center
44 Claud Sims Road, Cleveland, GA
Entry deadline: January 7, 2022 (postmarked)
For more information: Meg Dickerson at (706) 865-4060 or megan.dickerson@white.k12.ga.us

January 22, 2022
Rockin' Lee Dairy Heifer Show
845 Philema Rd, Leesburg, Ga
Entry deadline: January 12, 2022
For more information: Rebecca Sapp, Lee County High School
sappre@lee.k12.ga.us or call (229)894-7818

February 5, 2022
3rd Annual Hall County Beef & Dairy Show
Gainesville, GA
Entry Deadline: 01/21/2022
Late Entry Deadline: 01/28/2022
For more information: Courtney Ryan at courtney.ryan@hallco.org

February 5, 2022
Big Ice-E Dairy Showdown
21st Annual Elbert County Dairy Heifer Show
Entry deadline: January 29, 2022
For more information: Ms. Jordan Collins at (706)621-9351 or jordan.collins@elbert.k12.ga.us

February 5, 2022
Chattooga Co. FFA Dairy Heifer Show
Chattooga County Agricultural Center
Entry deadline: January 28, 2022
For more information: Emily Green at egreen@chattooga.k12.ga.us or

February 11-12, 2022
UGA Livestock Instructional Arena
Entry deadline: January 7, 2022

February 19, 2022
Briarpatch Classic Dairy Heifer Show
Putnam County FFA Agricenter, 300 War Eagle Drive Eatonton, GA
Entry deadline: January 21, 2022
For more information: Kelly Smith at kelly_smith@putnam.k12.ga.us
or 706-485-9971

Check out these sites for other events in your area:
Georgia 4-H Livestock Events:
Georgia FFA Livestock Events:
We love highlighting accomplishments of our youth!
Bailey Jackson
Congratulations to Bailey Jackson from Houston County for being named the 2021 Commissioner of Agriculture Showmanship Champion at the GA National Fair in October!
Please send accomplishments of your child/student that happen outside of the show ring to our email at gadairyyouth@gmail.com. We would love to feature them in our next GDYF Emoos!!
Upcoming Events
10 am until the finish
January 2, 2022
Morgan Co. Agricultural Center. For more information contact: Lucy Ray at lray@uga.edu
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