2016 7F Users Group: Issue 2

Gas turbine owner/operators that do not send key personnel to user-group meetings may be taking unnecessary financial and safety risks. There is, perhaps, nowhere better to learn about issues you should be aware of. Consider the recent liberation events associated with third-stage buckets (S3B) in 7FA gas turbines. This was an agenda item of great interest to attendees at the 2016 conference of the 7F Users Group. more   
A couple of years ago, the sure solution for some users rarely called to operate on oil was to disable or remove their "unnecessary" liquid-fuel systems. A benefit of this approach was less-complex and less-costly annual inspections. But yesterday is not today in the continually evolving business of electric generation. Many owner/operators, now unable to operate profitably on energy sales alone, must provide the grid ancillary services to boost revenue. more   
Intermission control: Reducing downtime risk to HRSGs
The trend from baseload to cycling service (and short- or long-term layup) in the "renewables era" seems inevitable and universal. Regardless of original HRSG design, the physical stresses and atmospheric impacts become more hostile with age. It is all too common to overlook these forces until significant damage is done. For older units, it can be even more troubling. more
Users report new ways to leverage investment in PI
OSIsoft LLC's PI Systemâ„¢ is a mainstay at US combined-cycle facilities, indeed throughout the electricity supply chain and allied energy industries. Those who use/have PI may be surprised at how expansive it has become for some owner/operators.
During the obligatory "bragging rights" session at the OSIsoft Users Conference in San Francisco, senior management reported that the company now has 70% of the North American energy market. more 
7F Users Group dives deeper into engine issues
The 7F Users Group steering committee has realigned the program for its annual meeting to focus exclusively on the world's most popular frame gas turbine with a seminar on the repair of F-class hot-section components conducted by TEservices Inc. Hans van Esch and Shaheen Hayatghaibi divided their four-hour program into two parts: The first concentrated on inspection and repair of hot-section components; the second on rotor inspection, a hot topic today given the rapidly accumulating starts and operating hours of 7F engines. more 
Upcoming CCJ Webinar: Robust Bucket Repair of 7FA.03 1st Stage Bucket
Erosion / corrosion / oxidation of the tips, lifting of the tip plates, liberation of the tip plates, shortened life cycles and increased repair costs have led Sulzer to engineer robust bucket repairs for the 7FA.03 end users.


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