Hal Leonard Instruments, Gear & Accessories Retailer Update, April 2021
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Hal Leonard wants to help you get more stock in your store...but pay for it much later. Any order placed from now through May 30th can qualify for 60/120 days dating split. The minimum qualifying order is only $1000! Be ready for your customers' needs as rehearsal and performance activity ramps up.
Get your essentials accessories here!
There are certain accessories that every music retailer storefront needs to have on hand at all times. Purchase these must-haves from Hal Leonard now. Follow the links below for a complete product listing from these top accessory manufacturers.
New Products
Relay G10TII
Wireless Transmitter
from Line 6
MSRP $139.99
MAP $99.99
Relay G10 (with G10TII)
from Line 6
MSRP $249.99 - MAP $179.99
Important Safety Alert
Click here for details from Line 6.
The items listed here are not affected.
Relay G10S (with G10TII)
from Line 6
MSRP $349.99 - MAP $249.99
Cables by Warm Audio
Warm Audio has partnered with Switzerland-based Gotham AG to provide the cable stock for an entire new line of interconnects. Warm Cables offer the highest quality possible at a price low enough for everyone to afford, with robust construction and a lifetime warranty.
Pro Series Cables (high quality at a low price)
Premier Series Cables (top tier gold plated cables)
Budget-Saving Warm Audio Cable Packs
Grass Roots Pack
  • The most popular cable lengths & types
  • Includes 11 different cables
  • 16 items shipped in total
  • Includes free shipping
  • Just $300
Warm Pack
  • The most popular cable lengths & types
  • Includes 14 different cables
  • 38 items shipped in total
  • Includes free shipping
  • Just $700
Guitar Pedal Patch Cables
from Cordial Cables
00367789 - 6 Inches - $19.99
00367790 - 1 Foot - $20.99
00367791 - 2 Feet - $21.99
Beginner Portable Keyboard
from Benjamin Adams
MSRP $119.99/MAP $99.99
Portable Keyboard Package
from Benjamin Adams
00366317 - MSRP $199.99/MAP $169.99
Ukulele Humidifier
from Flight
00355867 - Silver - $3.99
00355868 - Black - $3.99
Guitar Humidifier
from Flight
00355869 - Black - $3.99
Price Changes
Hotone Available...at Lower Prices!
Hal Leonard is now the exclusive direct distributor of Hotone guitar effects pedals. We have new stock in our warehouse on all of these great products, and we're offering lower MSRPs, lower MAPs and lower costs – but the same great margins!

Michael Kelly Guitar Price Updates
Prices for Michael Kelly Guitars are changing, effective today. Your dealer margin stays the same, but most models have increased MAPs and costs.

Coming Soon:
Branded Hardshell Cases
Padded Gig Bags
AC-44 MAP Reduction
from MXL Microphones
MSRP $279.95 - MAP now $99.95
00356716 - Black
00356717 - White
00356718 - Cobalt
Encore 100i
from Blue Microphones
MSRP/MAP $89.99
A tier price: $67 now $49
The Encore 100i & 200 mics are being discontinued. Order now while supplies last!
mics and mic accessories
from Blue
Encore 200
from Blue Microphones
MSRP/MAP $149.99
A tier price: $112 now $79
Product Spotlight
DJ Equipment Available
Hal Leonard has just released a new DJ method book, but we also carry many products that are essential for DJs from PA systems to mics, speaker stands, tables, cables, music lights and more.

Hal Leonard MI Products Distribution Summary

Hal Leonard MI Products Distribution is committed to offering the best brands in the music products industry, enhancing the brand representation of these exceptional manufacturers, and providing the best service to our vast network of resellers. 

Get more details on our company, specifically the MI Products division, and all the ways we can and will continue to serve you!
Special Offers
00291717 - AXE I/O (Audio Interface) - MSRP $349.99 - MAP now $299.99
00337379 - AXE I/O Solo (Audio Interface) - MSRP $249.99 - MAP now $199.99
00200639 - iRig HD 2 (Digital Guitar Interface) - MSRP $99.99 - MAP now $79.99
00294406 - iRig Micro Amp (15W Guitar Amp) - MSRP $149.99 - MAP now $119.99
00275361 - iRig Stomp I/O (Pedalboard Controller) - MSRP $299.99 - MAP now $249.99
00337378 - Z-Tone Buffer Boost (Preamp/DI Pedal) - MSRP $169.99 - MAP now $109.99
00345944 - Z-Tone DI (Active DI/Preamp) - MSRP $149.99 - MAP now $99.99
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