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February 2019 - In This Issue:
Music Technology, Gear & Accessories

Our new catalog includes software, interfaces, controllers, speakers/monitors, mics, wireless systems, powered speakers, mixers, and more. Also includes brand-name gear for guitars, basses, keyboards, ukuleles, and more instruments; plus accessories like tuners, stands, folders, mobile device accessories, headphones, and more. Ask your Hal Leonard sales rep to add this catalog free of charge to your next order (HL 90015803), or view a PDF here.

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Best in Show
from NAMM University

At the conclusion of the 2019 Winter NAMM Show, a panel named their annual "Best in Show" winners, including those listed below.

Company to Watch: Alesis
"They've become a very serious contender in a short amount of time in the e-drum category, which has just become an exploding category. They make great products, and they're actually helping lead that trend. It's a combination of things that make that happen: They're a very forward-thinking company. They're very innovative, and they are constantly bringing new ideas to us to help develop and increase our sales and to build on that market that's so popular right now."
- Glenn Noyes

Gotta Stock It: Samson Expedition Series
"The Samson Expedition series are portable powered speakers. They expanded the line to six models for an incredible array of applications."
- Chris Tso
Technical Excellence & Creativity

TEC stands for Technical Excellence  & Creativity. The annual TEC  Awards were presented to the  following products at the Winter  NAMM convention in January. PreSonus' FaderPort 16 was named the "Production Essentials" winner!

FaderPort 16
16-Channel Mix Production  C ontroller
00257823 - MSRP $1299.95/MAP $999.95
Avid Global Sales Conference

Hal Leonard was recently named  America's Audio Partner  of the Year & Worldwide Channel Partner of the Year  by Avid for 2019.

Browse Avid products available from Hal Leonard

Digital Guitar Wireless System from Line 6

The Relay® guitar wireless system is as powerful as it is compact. The stompbox-sized pedal offers professional features, rugged build quality, and plug-and-play operation at an easily affordable price. The Relay G10S system integrates seamlessly into any pedalboard or can function as a standalone unit. It features an impressive range of up to 130' line-of-sight, enabling you to move about untethered on any sized stage - and the Relay G10S works equally well with bass.

00290088 - MSRP $349.99/MAP $249.99
Premium Audio Interface from IK Multimedia

Axe I/O is a professional 2 in/5 out audio interface - and controller - designed specifically with the needs of the recording guitarist in mind, providing best-in-class sound quality and powerful features aimed squarely at making your recordings faster, easier and better than ever.

00291717 - MSRP/MAP $349.99
Portable Floor Power Amplifier from Hotone

The latest addition to Hotone's Nano Legacy Floor Series, the Loudster is a compact, portable floor-based power amplifier ideal for guitar players that rely on effects pedals, amp modelers, and other processors to produce their sound. The Loudster is particularly perfect for traveling/gigging musicians looking to ditch their traditional amp setup, and instead house their entire fly rig on a pedalboard.

00286413 - MSRP $324.99/MAP $199.99
Selector Switch Pedals from Morley Pedals

Route one instrument to two output sources - you can select between either output source or use both at the same time. The ABY Pro features isolated channels so there's no crosstalk or bleed-through. It uses Ebtech customer isolation transformers to prevent ground loops, and includes silent switching (so there are no "pops" when switching), plus polarity reverse and ground lift switches. Other features include LED indication, cold rolled steel housing, powers from 9V battery or adapter.

00290036 - MSRP/MAP $199.00
Automatic Tuners from Band Industries

Beginner guitar and bass players are almost always  frustrated with not knowing how to  tune their instrument. Meanwhile, touring  musicians spend vital minutes during  sets to manually switch their instrument from one  complicated tuning to the next. No matter your  experience level, tuning can be a chore and take time  away from playing. When put on any of the pegs, it  analyzes the vibrations from a plucked guitar string  to know its current pitch. Then, its motor rotates the  peg until it's perfectly tuned.  Intro Video

Roadie 2 for Guitar
00290487 - MSRP/MAP $129.00
Roadie Bass
00290488 - MSRP/MAP $149.99

Morley Pedals Banner
from Morley Pedals

This vinyl wall banner displaying the Morley logo makes a great attention getter to help generate sales for your store. Ask your sales rep for details on how you can get this banner for free!


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