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January 2019 - In This Issue:
Next Generation Smart Guitar from Zivix

Evolving from the original Jamstik launched in 2014, the third-generation Jamstik 7 is powered by all new patented FretTouch™ Finger Sensing Technology and Infrasense™ Optical String Pickups supporting an enhanced digitized guitar learning experience with the Jamstik 7. The Jamstik is designed to travel anywhere you make music It's thin, wireless, and portable. It can put up with the rigors of the road. A padded, custom-made carrying case makes it even easier to play on the go.

00286770 - MSRP/MAP $249.99
Also available:
Jamstik 7 Premium Bundle
00286771 - MSRP/MAP $329.99
Compressor Pedal Set from Walrus Audio

Changes to the V3 include:
- Added Tone knob (bass cut) for the ability to shape the low end of your guitar signal.
- Soft switch/relay bypassing for smoother, more reliable operation.
- Converted to SMD technology for a more robust design and product longevity.
- High quality SMD components used for a more hi-fi sound.
- Moved to top mounted jacks.
- Updated art by Adam Forster that gives a humble nod to the original art that started it all.

00290667 - MSRP/MAP $199.00 - Note: CONFIDENTIAL to the public until January 24th
Analog Phaser Pedal from Walrus Audio

Features include:
True bypass, all analog, multi-stage Phaser
Draws some inspiration from her cousin Julia
Rate, Width, Feedback, Controls
D-P-V blend (dry, phase, vibrato)
- 4 or 6 stages which changes the overall voice of the effect from warm and tight
- Top mounted input, output, and power jacks
- Soft switch relay bypassing

00290666 - MSRP/MAP $199.99 - Note: CONFIDENTIAL to the public until January 21st
Automatic Tuners from Band Industries

Beginner guitar and bass players are almost always  frustrated with not knowing how to  tune their instrument. Meanwhile, touring  musicians spend vital minutes during  sets to manually switch their instrument from one  complicated tuning to the next. No matter your  experience level, tuning can be a chore and take time  away from playing. When put on any of the pegs, it  analyzes the vibrations from a plucked guitar string  to know its current pitch. Then, its motor rotates the  peg until it's perfectly tuned. Intro Video

Roadie 2 for Guitar
00290487 - MSRP/MAP $129.00
Roadie Bass
00290488 - MSRP/MAP $149.99
Tourtek Rechargeable Pedalboards
Pedalboards with Carrying Case from Samson

Tourtek Rechargeable Pedalboard sprovides stompbox  users with the convenience, versatility and mobility  necessary for playing stages with limited or no power  options, making quick stage changes, setting up outdoors  and a variety of other performance scenarios.  With its built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery  delivering an abundance of clean, quiet power, it  can run a diverse collection of pedals for up to 10  hours on a single charge.

Model PB1911
00289982 - MSRP $259.99/MAP $199.99
Model PB1905
00289981 - MSRP $181.99/MAP $139.99
The 2019 NFL playoffs are in full swing and the "final four" is set. Make sure you have top-notch instruments and gear featuring officially licensed artwork of these NFL teams, manufactured by Woodrow Guitars, for the fans in your area.

Kansas City Chiefs
00195036 - Acoustic Guitar
00152761 - Drum Sticks
00266712 - Guitar Keychain
00232029 - Guitar Pickguard
00156737 - Guitar Picks
00152886 - Guitar Strap
00152801 - Mini Collectible Guitar
00153520 - Northender Electric Guitar
00195264 - Ukulele

New England Patriots
00195039 - Acoustic Guitar
00152764 - Drum Sticks
00154412 - Guitar Gig Bag
00204714 - Guitar Keychain
00232032 - Guitar Pickguard
00152844 - Guitar Picks
00152889 - Guitar Strap
00152804 - Mini Collectible Guitar
00153523 - Northender Electric Guitar
00152922 - Ukulele
Los Angeles Rams
00195046 - Acoustic Guitar
00213707 - Drum Sticks
00266718 - Guitar Keychain
00232039 - Guitar Pickguard
00195166 - Guitar Picks
00195196 - Guitar Strap
00195125 - Mini Collectible Guitar
00195220 - Northender Electric Guitar
00195269 - Ukulele

New Orleans Saints
00195040 - Acoustic Guitar
00152765 - Drum Sticks
00154413 - Guitar Gig Bag
00266714 - Guitar Keychain
00232033 - Guitar Pickguard
00152845 - Guitar Picks
00152890 - Guitar Strap
00152805 - Mini Collectible Guitar
00153524 - Northender Electric Guitar
00152923 - Ukulele
2019 Electric Guitar Classics Calendar 
from Sellers Publishing

2019 is here, and your procrastinating customers may just now be realizing they need a new calendar. Be ready for them with this attractive boxed daily calendar filled with great photos, illustrations, detailed information and history.

00280061 - $14.99

Temporary Price Reductions
from IK Multimedia

These temporary price reductions expire on January 31, 2019. Dealer receives sell-through credit.

00142930 - iRig 2 - MSRP/MAP $39.99  $29.99
00153171 - iRig Acoustic - MSRP/MAP $49.99  $34.99
00128344 - iRig Keys - MSRP $129.99/MAP $99.99  $79.99
00153332 - iRig Keys 25 - MSRP/MAP $59.99  $39.99
00153334 - iRig Keys Mini 37 - MSRP/MAP $79.99  $59.99
00153333 - iRig Keys Pro 37 - MSRP/MAP $99.99  $79.99
00153170 - iRig Keys Mini 25 - MSRP/MAP $79.99  $59.99
00123353 - iRig Keys Pro - MSRP/MAP $149.99  $99.99

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