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July 2018 - In This Issue:


Thanks to all who visited our booth at the 2018 Summer NAMM show in Nashville on June 28-30! One of the giveaways at our booth was our newly created 
2018 Hal Leonard Summer Addendum catalog, featuring our latest technology and gear releases. Ask your sales rep to add 90015345 to your next order or view/download/print a PDF here.

While at NAMM, we hosted a Tech Talk Master Class on recording at The Tracking Room studio with Grammy-winning producer Craig Bauer (see photos above). Thirty-five students (and dealers) witnessed and learned how Craig records and mixes using gear and software that Hal Leonard distributes. Special thanks to our co-sponsors Avid, Antares, Blue Mics, iZotope, Solomon, Walrus Audio, Samson, Hartke, Gretsch, Gibraltar and Paiste.

Guitar Amp with Modeling from Line 6

A micro USB port makes it easy to connect the Spider V 20 amp to your Mac or PC, or iOS and Android device, where you can edit your tones via the free Spider V Remote app, or record your performances with the included Steinberg Cubase LE DAW.

Features include:
- 20-watt modeling guitar amp with 8" custom speaker
- 16 presets with 3 simultaneous effects and independent reverb
- Acoustic Guitar and Bass presets included
- Easy-to-use tone and effects controls
- Built-in tuner and tap-tempo function for time-based effects
- Micro USB port for edition and recording on Mac, PC, iOS and Android

00278843 - MSRP $179.99 - MAP $129.99
from Walrus Audio

Walrus Audio has developed a new 2-in-1 boost pedal to help make leads stand out, slides sing, and finger picking really come to life. Like the veins its named after, the Emissary Parallel Boost features two independent boost circuits running in parallel to work together to help give your tone a real "sinus clearing experience." Use one or the other by itself, or mix any combination of both by turning up each knob to the desired level.

00280062 - MSRP/MAP $169.00
from Walrus Audio

The Power Supply Mounting Kit allows you to mount the Aetos or Phoenix to the underside of a Pedaltrain (Pedaltrain Novo 18, 24, 32, Classic JR, Classic 2, Classic PRO, and Terra 42). The kit includes: 1 Velcro strap, 2 mounting brackets, 1 synch buckle, 4 self-tapping screws and 1 rubber strip. The Power Supply Mounting Kit comes in two sizes (small and large) to accommodate either the Aetos or Phoenix power supplies.

00278790 - Aetos Kit - MSRP/MAP $10.00
00278789 - Phoenix Kit - MSRP/MAP $10.00
Blister Retail Pack from Ebtech

Now available in hang-able, resealable clear clamshell packaging!
Features include:
- Eliminate Ground Loop at the source
- Filters unwanted currents and voltages in the Ground line while maintaining safe ground
-  Simply place on end of power plug and plug Hum X into wall outlet
- LED shows that Hum X is working
- Suitable for 120 Volt North American Type A or B outlets only
- Maximum recommended current draw 6 Amps

00279531 - MSRP/MAP $79.00

Also available:
00242743 - Boxed Edition - MSRP/MAP $79.00
3-String Guitars from Loog

The Loog + Paul Frank collection was designed by the iconic maker Paul Frank himself, and we couldn't be more proud. This limited edition line comes in a color palette that reflects the artist's instantly, globally recognizable style, and features Julius the monkey, Skurvy the swashbucklin' skull and crossbonses, and more of Paul's beloved cast of characters. With love, from Paul Frank and Loog, to you

3-String Guitars
00280052 - Acoustic (Black) - MSRP/MAP $79.00
00280051 - Acoustic (Red) - MSRP/MAP $79.00
00280053 - Electric (Blue) - MSRP/MAP $229.00

Gig Bag
00280054  - MSRP/MAP $39.00
from DMI Guitar Labs

This handy maintenance pack from DMI Guitar Labs features 4 items:
- Two single Fret Butter packs 
- One bottle of Guitar Clean™ 
- One bottle of Maple Butter™ 

00281285 - $39.99

Also available separately:
00265480 - Fret Butter - MSRP/MAP $9.99
00276428 - Guitar Clean - MSRP/MAP $9.99
00276429 - Maple Butter - MSRP/MAP $9.99

Extra 5% Discount
from Hartke

Order any Hartke bass product from now through August 31st, and get a full 5% extra discount for all your Hartke orders for the rest of the year! Ask your Hal Leonard sales rep for details. Offer subject to credit approval.
Instant Rebates
from Line 6

Offer valid through July 31, 2018:
Firehawk 1500
00156359 - MSRP $1399.99/MAP $999.99 $799.99 ($200 instant rebate)
00122092 - MSRP $699.99/MAP $499.99
 $399.99 ($100 instant rebate)

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