Volume XXII | December 2019
Your Monthly GEAR UP Updates
What's Coming Up!
Scholarship Sneak Peak
Junior High Student of the Month
North Layton Jr. High

"I’ve been in gear up for 3 years now and I’ve loved it. The activities have helped me set realistic goals for my future and really helped me stay motivated to do better in my schoolwork. Ms. Glover has also been very kind and helped me look for opportunities that I would like for my future."
High School Student of the Month
Stephen Delao
Syracuse High School

"College is now a possibility for me because of GEAR UP. At first I didn't want to go to college, and I knew I would have a little bit of money to go; but I didn't really think about going to college until I joined GEAR UP. I am going to get my associates degree first and finish my bachelors degree while I work. Join GEAR UP because it can help you out a lot!" 
October Recap
University of Utah &
Westminster College
November 5, 7, 19 & 21
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