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July 2022

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Welcome to your monthly GEM!

This month's GEM is dedicated to making sure you are ready for Fall 2022 classes!

  • Upcoming Dates & Deadlines
  • Financial Aid Feature: Spotlight on the Ellbogen Opportunity Scholarship and Wyoming Works Grant
  • Mid-July Financial Aid Check-In
  • Fall 2022 Prep including: Registration; Special Saturday Hours, Student ID Cards, and The Kickoff!
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Upcoming Dates & Deadlines

  • Ongoing: Fall Registration
  • July 22: Last Day of Summer Classes
  • July 27: LCCC Main Campus (Cheyenne) Closed for Cheyenne Day (ACC in Laramie will be open)
  • Aug. 1: Fall Books available at the LCCC Bookstore
  • Aug. 6, 13, and 20: Special Saturday Hours in LCCC Enrollment Services (and at the LCCC Bookstore) to help you get ready for Fall semester!
  • Aug. 19: The Kickoff event for Fall 2022 (details below)
  • Aug. 22: First Day of Fall Semester at LCCC!

Financial Aid Feature

Scholarship Spotlight: Wyoming Works Grant and Ellbogen Opportunity Scholarship

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The Wyoming Works Grant and the Ellbogen Opportunity Scholarship are two great opportunities for LCCC students! Funding through these opportunities is available to LCCC students in specific programs of study, with a goal of helping prepare students to enter the job market (in high-demand fields), or transfer to a four-year program to continue your education.

Ellbogen Opportunity Scholarship Requirements:

  • 24 years of age or older
  • Wyoming resident (and have been for at least 3 years)
  • Must file a FAFSA and have financial need as determined by FAFSA
  • Must be in an eligible program (see eligible programs here)

See full program details and apply for the Ellbogen Opportunity Scholarship on the LCCC website!

Wyoming Works Grant Requirements:

  • Not currently eligible for Hathaway scholarship
  • Wyoming resident
  • Must file a FAFSA and have financial need as determined by FAFSA
  • Must be in an eligible program (see eligible programs here)

See full program details and apply for the Wyoming Works Grant on the LCCC website!

Mid-July Financial Aid Check-In

Fall semester is approaching fast! Here's a quick check-in so you can make sure you are on track with your financial aid!

  1. Have you applied for financial aid? If not - do that as soon as you can! Start with the FAFSA then apply for LCCC Scholarships.
  2. Planning to use Hathaway? If it's your first time using Hathaway at LCCC (or you're coming back after an absence), make sure you have completed the LCCC Hathaway application. This must be done before the semester starts!
  3. 2022 High School Graduates: if your high school GPA was 3.0 or above, make sure you have applied for the LCCC Presidential or Deans Scholarship!
  4. Have you checked your financial aid status in your Self-Service app in your myLCCC accountThis is where you'll learn of any missing requirements, documents you need to submit, and accept or reject your awards so that you know how much aid you are receiving!

Video thumbnail showing a smiling person and saying Understanding your Financial Aid Offer
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How Do I Get My Financial Aid?

Once you know what you are receiving for financial aid - the next question students usually ask is when!?

If you are receiving financial aid (meaning you have been offered and accepted aid), then you do not need to make any payment to LCCC before the semester begins.

If you're getting more financial aid than your tuition/fee charges, then you can "charge" your textbooks to the extra at the LCCC bookstore!

A few weeks into the semester is the First Disbursement Date. This is the first date that LCCC receives financial aid funds, and will apply the funds to your tuition/fee balance (as well as Res Hall/meal/book charges, if applicable).

The first disbursement date for Fall 2022 is September 6.

After the first disbursement date, students with aid left over will start to receive their refunds. This is any aid that was left after your financial aid was applied to your balance. The first Fall refunds will start to be issued on September 9.

Remember to check your student email and the Self-Service app in your myLCCC account for information or updates about your financial aid.

If you have questions, we are here to help!

LCCC Student Hub

307.778.1265 | StudentHub@lccc.wy.edu | www.lccc.wy.edu/chat

Clay Pathfinder Building (Cheyenne Campus) | ACC (Laramie Campus)

Prepping for Fall 2022!


Fall 2022 registration is going on now!

  • The easiest way to register for your courses is using the Planner function in the Navigate Student app in your myLCCC account.
  • Your Student Success Coach can help you create your academic plan and discuss class options with you. You can schedule an appointment with your Student Success Coach using the Navigate Student app.
  • Having trouble or need more info about Navigate? Check out the Navigate Resources page, or contact your Student Success Coach or the Student Hub.
Photo of an Open sign

Special Saturday Hours

LCCC Enrollment Services on the Cheyenne Campus will be open for special Saturday Hours during the month of August!

This includes Student Success Coaches (who will help with initial registration and more!), and the Student Hub who can help with any financial aid questions, Student IDs, and any other questions you may have!

Come see us in the Clay Pathfinder building at the Cheyenne campus from 9 a.m.-1 p.m. on:

  • Saturday, Aug. 6
  • Saturday, Aug. 13
  • Saturday, Aug. 20

If you are hoping to see your Student Success Coach during these times, be sure to use the Navigate Student app in your myLCCC account to schedule an appointment!

Note that the LCCC Bookstore on the Cheyenne Campus will also be open on these Saturdays!

Talon ID.png

Student ID Cards

Why get a Student ID?

Your LCCC Student ID Card identifies you as an LCCC student - and has your student ID number on it (which you'll need to have or know periodically!)

Plus, it serves as your library card, and for Cheyenne campus students, it's your building and room key if you will be living on-campus, and your meal plan card if you will be purchasing meals in the LCCC Dining Hall.

I'm new - how do I get a Student ID Card?

The fastest and easiest way to get a Student ID Card is to use our easy online process! Once you are registered for classes, use this form to submit your photo. Then we will either mail you your card, or you can come pick it up on-campus!

You can also walk-in at either the Cheyenne or Laramie Student Hub during their business hours to get your ID made, if you prefer.

I'm a continuing student - do I need to do anything to continue using my ID Card?

Your Student ID Card is valid for four years. So if you already have one, there's nothing you need to do! It still will work for everything you may need. Contact the Student Hub or use this form if you lost yours and need a replacement!

Overhead View of Res Halls.jpg

Residence Hall Application for 2022-2023 Still Open!

While you're thinking about Fall 2022 classes, it's also a great time to secure your housing for next semester!

The LCCC Residence Hall application for 2022-2023 is still open! Apply now, using the Student Housing app in your myLCCC account.

Students who live on campus have access to amazing amenities including free high-speed internet, cable TV, free laundry, meals provided in the LCCC Dining Hall, and close proximity to classes and study buddies - all in a stable and secure housing environment!

You're Invited To The Kickoff!

The Kickoff is a fun-filled welcome event that will give you the chance to explore campus, find your classes, and make connections with classmates and instructors.

Join us for the Fall 2022 Kickoff on August 19, 2022 to get your Fall semester started out right! Free dinner and a free t-shirt are included - plus a chance to win prizes, including an LCCC scholarship!

20210820 KickOff19-ms.jpg
RSVP for the Kickoff!

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