"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you,
plans to give you hope and a future." -
Jeremiah 29:11 
* His faithfulness to Gentle Hands              
* Blessing us through donors and sponsors 
* For the daily safekeeping of our children  
* The support we receive from volunteers


* Safety, protection, healing and provision 
   of our children   

* Wisdom and strength for our staff
* Families who are willing to adopt and stand    up for our kids who are about to age out

For more information on adoption, send an email to contact@gentlehands.org

6 hearing aids at $1200 each * 3 Airconditioners at $1500 each *
Gently used Summer clothes for children
Mother To Mother

The smell is so familiar. The sweat and stench of un-bathed human bodies.
Part of me was at home...
another part of me wanting to run.

There is hardly room to walk in the corridors. Stacks of files. Chairs. Desks. And Guards.
All jails here are overflowing. This one obviously no different.
The walls were painted pink but so filthy that they seemed grey. And it was so hot.
The inmates all dressed in yellow were bored, talking too loudly, banging what they had to bang, rattling the gates to their cells.

Unusual treatment... to be ushered to the warden's office.
Chit chat about the weather, waiting.
Waiting for the mother I needed to interview.

And she came in. Angry and hard. As expected.
And I asked questions. Gently but firmly. Letting her know this was serious.
And she answered.
And without much adieu, with tears in her eyes, she held the pen awkwardly, poised.

And I held my breath for a moment.
But she signed. In faith that my promise of caring for and loving her child was true.
The document terminating her rights as mother over her child that she hadn't seen
in over 10 years.

And my mother's heart 
ached for her.
And for just a moment we were not social worker to inmate but mother to mother. Looking at each other. Grieving, so many things all at the same time.

As I left the confines of that prison, the burden of reality weighed heavy on my shoulders.  
And I thought of her son, that is in my care. Of what he needs to know. Of the things he should know. The things he never knew.  Things that he thought had happened.  

And I pray for strength to love this boy, as a mother should, tenderly and to prepare him as best I can, so that one day... when his adoptive mother comes to pick him up, I can too, surrender him to her, in trust and faith, that she will love him beyond measure and understand that sacrifice made so that he could be her son. 
USA, We Have Arrived!

With much excitement, we have landed safely in the USA to begin our tour.  Our first stop was in Bakersfield, California at New Life Church of God where we were able to share with the congregation the work and vision of Gentle Hands. It was an amazing beginning to the journey and we are very thankful to Pastor Graham Bell for his warm welcome and th e continued support of New Life Church of God. 
We are now heading across country where we have events booked in Colorado, Missouri and Kentucky before reaching North Carolina, where we will be spending all of October. Our tour will end with our final speaking engagements in Pennsylvania.

The aim of our tour is to have the opportunity to raise awareness about the work of Gentle Hands, advocate for intercountry adoption and raise desperately needed financial support. Most importantly, our desire is to say thank you to so many who have been long term supporters of the Gentle Hands ministry. Without the support of these individuals and organisation, Gentle Hands could not continue to do what we do.
Please pray for our journey with us. We are excited to see how God can use our family to spread the ministry of Gentle Hands!

Please contact us at 
nathan.wheeley@gentlehands.org if you would like more information about how you can be a part of Gentle Hands Monthly Sponsorship Program or if you would like us to visit you, your organization of church, to share the vision and work of Gentle Hands.

Nathan and Pip Wheeley
International Ambassadors
Fundraising Coordinators