For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you,
plans to give you hope and a future. -
Jeremiah 29:11 

In him they are, indeed we all are, truly found.

Nathan and Pip Wheeley were both born and raised in Brisbane, Australia. 
They made the move to live in the Philippines at the beginning of 2016...


2017 has been an exciting year already for us. We are amazed at the provision and grace of God as we continue to advocate for the rights of the children, Paperwork is endless to have children cleared available for adoption and it takes an average of two (2) years to have a child ready to be adopted. We have twenty children already lined up for adoption in the next few months. How exciting to see the fruits of our labor!

Our vision is to bring therapeutic and wholistic care to each child in our home. Some of our children have suffered horrible things and need time and space to heal and to be children again. It is amazing to see the transformation in their hearts and minds as they experience love and care. They come to a knowledge that Jesus loves them and cares for them. Their trusting hearts allow healing to take place and all the while they are growing, healing, and learning, our social workers process their papers for adoption.

With over 100 children in our Manila Home, we continue to feel the need to do more. In November of 2016, we were given a home in Region III and will be working this year to process the licensing of the home and to take in children from that area. We also plan to put up a small elderly home for the many elderly left on the street and uncared for in their last years. We want to speak up for the vulnerable sectors of our society and be an example the love of Jesus.

We continue to work towards expansion in Region IV, hoping and praying to raise $150,000 in just a few months time to buy a house.

Having partners all over the world, is what allows us to continue to do what we do on the front lines of advocacy and care of marginalised children. We are so grateful for those who have caught our vision and support us financially and in prayer.

Rica, our blind child, now has a family.  |  Thankful for those who support GHI.

Continued financial support  |   Families to continue to choose adoption of our children  |   Strength and health for our staff and children