"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you,
plans to give you hope and a future." -
Jeremiah 29:11 

We are so very grateful for those who are involved with us and believe in the work that we doing among our precious children.  

The reality is that for the past two months, we have been terribly short of funds. We are struggling to pay our bills. There are no corners to cut and we are as frugal as we possibly can be. 

We have three children that need surgery and many that need extensive dental work. We have kids that need hearing aids desperately and eye glasses. We are careful and believe we should do all we can to give holistic care but the fact is that this quality of care is costly.

Please pray with us for God to remind people to support us financially and if you don't already, please consider becoming involved in our work with your finances. It is the only way we can continue to give the care that these children deserve.


S he is pale and thin. Too thin. Much too thin. And weak. She is very weak.
She is hunched over like an old lady, her back curved and aching.
For months she has been in the care of another facility. They didn't have the resources or even knowledge to know what to do and in desperation they tried to find a facility that would take her.
Few could...
less would.
At 11 years old, she has had a lifetime of neglect and of suffering.
This is not just because of poverty. Even the poor make choices.

Born with a condition that required surgery and a colostomy bag, she has never gotten the right medical care. Frankly, she has not gotten any kind of right care.
She has raised herself and the state of her medical condition is very serious.
Without immediate surgery, her health will deteriorate very quickly.
And she has been so brave.
She has cared for herself, changed her own tape, wiped her raw, chaffed tummy where the bag hangs, and rubbed her own little back.
She has comforted herself and cried herself to sleep many nights.
She talked herself through long, pain filled days  wondering what will become of her.
She shuffles in and our caregiver wraps her arms gently around her weary shoulders. She is gently cleaned by our nurse and surrounded by girls who want to love her and know her story. She is told that she will be cared for and she smiles ever so slightly. She is visibly exhausted. She is told that Jesus loves her and that God has a plan for her life. The girls know to tell her that. And they gave her a bed and even some of their things. They made her feel like she belongs and that she is wanted and that she is loved.
It is a beautiful thing...

for there is hope in love.

Charity Graff
Executive Director
Gentle Hands USA Tour

September has been an exciting month for us in our roles as International Ambassadors and Fundraising Coordinators for Gentle Hands. Our family have made it from the West Coast to the East Coast of the States. We have driven across the country spreading the good news of Gentle Hands ministry to so many.  The USA is not just a huge country but it is full of incredible people and places and it has truly been a blessing and honor to have so many open their homes and their lives to our family.
We first made our way from California across the country as far as Denver, Colorado. We were invited to Hope Crossing Church by long term supporters of Gentle Hands, Drew and Jenny Matthews. At Hope Crossing Church we were given the opportunity to share about Gentle Hands. Pastor Matt Ellis and his congregation gave us such a warm welcome and we are so thankful for their generosity.

From Denver, we continued east to the southern states. We visited Unity Baptist Church in Louisville, Kentucky. They have been faithful supporters of Gentle Hands for some years and we are thankful for their willingness to have us speak about Gentle Hands.
We were greatly blessed to spend a couple of weeks with the Evans family in Missouri and Kentucky. It was a privilege to be able to raise awareness for Gentle Hands and share our heart and vision at five fundraising dinners organised by Greg and David Evans. Their non-profit organisation, Defender of the Fatherless, have a long history with Gentle Hands and they are passionate advocates for both adoption and the ministry of Gentle Hands. We are so grateful for their friendship and the work they do raising awareness and financial support for Gentle Hands ministry.

We are currently in North Carolina where we have been invited by Church of God into fourteen of their churches. Gentle Hands began thirty years ago as a Church of God ministry, founded by Dennis and Denie Heppner, and it is a privilege to have this opportunity to
spread the Gospel and share the fruit of Gentle Hands with the church where it all began.
Please continue lift our family and the ministry of Gentle Hands up in pray as we share the heart and vision of Gentle Hands with so many.

Nathan and Pip Wheeley
International Ambassadors
Fundraising Coordinators