This month, GEO, in partnership with Blue Rock Station, held the first meeting of a new Women in Clean Energy initiative. The vision for this group is to celebrate the increasingly large role that women play in all aspects of the industry and find ways to encourage more diversity through recruiting, training, and mentoring. We intend to build a strong and supportive network for women, with opportunities for leadership development and career growth. As opportunities continue to grow, our goal is to explore and support all of the positions that women occupy, including technical and engineering roles; human resources, finance, and office management; sales and marketing; nonprofit leadership; and government affairs.  
In the first conversation, participants shared their personal experiences in the clean energy sector, discussed how to recruit more women into the industry, and began to identify the types of assistance and support we can provide to each other.   A dominant theme from the discussion was how women's careers frequently take interesting and circuitous routes for a variety of reasons. Participants’ experiences shed light on the dynamic and non-linear ways that their careers developed – both in and out of clean energy – compared to their male colleagues. Moving forward, the group plans to identify ways to provide mentorship for young women who are either interested or starting out in the clean energy sector.   
An expanded Women in Clean Energy group will be meeting again on Tuesday, May 25 at 12:00 PM, where we will begin to develop strategies for pursuing these goals.

If you are a woman working in the clean energy industry or know others who are, let us know by contacting
We encourage you to join us!