February 18, 2021
I am so excited about this Sunday's teaching; we get a church that gets it right. I think one of the things we can lose sight of is how small these churches that we have been teaching on actually were. I think sometimes we read scripture through a modern, first world lens that misses the significance of what Jesus is trying to teach the church. It's what theologians have called ecclesial myopathy. Jesus commends the church at Philadelphia, that despite its weaknesses has not capitulated. Again, we see Jesus send a very specific message to the church in context with the reality they are experiencing and living in. Essentially we will look at a healthy church and unpack what the ramifications are for us in 2021. Can’t wait to be together Sunday, either live or on the big screen.

Sunday's Scriptures
Revelation 3:7-13 | 1 Corinthians 12:12-27
I want to remind all of us, as we come to and from campus in our surrounding neighborhoods, to please watch our speed. We need to own together that no matter who speeds along the streets of the church, the church will get blamed. We want to be not just good neighbors, but great neighbors. Think of the half mile radius around the church as a school zone, or in our case a non-hurry zone. Thanks, Georgianna!
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