September 9, 2021
Sometimes it’s difficult to see how the Bible ties together. Maybe it seems like a bunch of disconnected stories, parables, histories, & poems. Maybe it seems more like an anthology or a collection of stories more than it seems like one story...

David and Goliath here, the stories of Paul over here, then Noah’s Ark here, Jesus’ ministry here…and so on. 

Is there a bigger narrative going on here?

This Sunday we’re going to try not to “miss the forest for the trees,” so to speak. Let’s take a look at a couple of stories that sit at a great distance from one another; but stories that help tie together God’s master plan and God’s great story in scripture.

Let's get started in Genesis with “The Tower of Babel.” We’ll see you on Sunday!

Sunday's Scriptures
Genesis 11:1-9 || Acts 2:1-12
This Saturday marks 20 years since 9/11, and the senseless attack on our country. It has been twenty years since our security was stolen and subsequently introduced a war on terror. We have now had an entire generation grow up in the shadow of terrorism; they do not know a world without bombings, mass shootings, persecution and pervasive darkness. Since 9/11 we have seen the advent of terrorism that knows no boundaries and is limitless in its cunning desire to steal and destroy our peace.  

The events of 9/11 were events we swore we would never forget and here we are twenty years later, and few take the time to count the cost that began on that day and then rippled all the way to the loss of marines in Kabul two weeks ago. As your pastor, I want to remind us all that forgetfulness is what allows darkness to encroach into our lives, and so I am committed to keep this memory ever before us.  
This Saturday we are asking our church to set an alarm on your phone or watch for 9:11 and pause and pray. Pray for our nation, pray for those families who sacrificed so much on 9/11, pray for those who ran towards the danger that day and now live with the consequences of their selflessness, pray for the tens of thousands of service men and women who have stood between us and evil since then, and for those who paid the ultimate price for our freedom. 
One of the great weapons of evil is to divide a people against themselves. Our nation is a living testimony to this disunity and the power of evil to divide. May the memory of 9/11 remind us that unity is the only way the bonds of freedom remain a deterrent to darkness. Again, may you make time to remember, so that we would never forget.

Love you Church,
Pastor Corky
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