We are entering a new epoch, comparable to the industrial revolution.

Our Overlords want us to switch to ALL renewable energy systems - solar, wind, etc.

The Controllers LIE and tell us solar and wind are inexhaustible sources of energy, unlike coal, oil and gas. 
Be warned they tell us at the current growth rates of renewables fossil fuels will be pushed out of the electricity sector by the mid-2030s. 

Renewables are not reliable since the weather is controlled.

Remember, Fossil Fuels NEVER came from dead dinosaurs.
Petroleum is a renewable and Rockefeller created the LIE of fossils and scarcity to control the petroleum market.

In Other documents the overlords tell us that abundant wind and solar has the potential of at least 100 times greater than demand in some countries. And in countries like Australia, Chile and Morocco with well-developed infrastructure and governance they can aspire to provide renewable power to the rest of the world.. 


This is a NEW ECONOMIC System and it sounds like THEY plan on exporting renewable energy. 


They will OWN the SUN POWER and the WIND.

The chairman of think tank Ember-Climate, said: 
“The world does not need to exploit its
entire renewable resource"


Exploit renewable resources. Another LIE is in the making.


We have been told we are in the process of a Decline and Fall

 The decline of the fossil fuel economy poses a significant threat to global financial stability. 

This is information you WILL not hear in the Media - 
Please read and share widely and quickly - so you can prepare. 

We are being taken off of ALL traditional legacy ENERGY SYSTEMS. 

While many of you have known about these goals of Sustainable Development and Climate Change policies, that have been adopted in ALL cities, towns, states, and nations worldwide - it has remained unimaginable to many people.  

In many cities worldwide Emergency Climate Resolutions have now been adopted and goals are being fast tracked.

Those of you that are able MUST become self reliant in ways that most people are unable to imagine or understand.

You must provide your own renewable energy sources - i.e. solar with Silicone Gel Batteries 
(Do NOT Use Lithium-ion batteries as these batteries are highly combustible and should NEVER be used in fire areas or anywhere else - these are a type of weapon). 

Your solar system MUST NOT be connected with a smart meter or any WiFi connecting your system to the utility company or TESLA.
It is NOT recommended that you USE A TESLA SYSTEM or a SYSTEM that is wireless in anyway. YOUR POWER CAN BE REMOTELY TURNED OFF and it likely will be . . . 

Most Contractors that Install Solar and Battery Systems are NOT taught How to avoid a wireless system or even why. Most contractors are not aware of the intentional solar dimming programs and will not calculate enough solar panels to compensate for reduced sunlight.  

Also, if possible, work with others to redo existing water wells. You can and must drill to primary water. If you are near a spring that does not run dry during manufactured droughts that could be primary water.

Purchase Poly Water Tanks NOW
There is a manufactured RESIN Shortage in the Country and ANYTHING that is made with RESIN will become unavailable. 
This is NOT a supply disruption, this is Planned Elimination of all RESIN products - indefinitely. 

The time has come - if you can do any of the
above please do so - IMMEDIATELY.

Store water, practice a power outage without water,
or gas and you will discover there ARE
actions you can take.

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In Defense of Humanity

Decline and Fall: The Size & Vulnerability of the Fossil Fuel System
The energy transition is disrupting the entire fossil fuel system, with profound consequences for financial markets and geopolitics.
In this report, we calculate the size and vulnerability of the different parts of the system. We take a wider definition of the whole fossil fuel system, looking at stocks and flows, supply and demand, fossil fuels, infrastructure and financial markets.

The forces of disruption in the fossil fuel system
The fossil fuel system is being disrupted by the forces of cheaper renewable technologies and more aggressive government policies. In one sector after another, these are driving peak demand, which leads to lower prices, less profit, and stranded assets. The COVID-19 crisis is now accelerating this.

Our analysis finds falling demand (BY FORCE), lower prices and rising investment risk is likely to slash the value of oil, gas and coal reserves by nearly two thirds, increasing the risk and likelihood of "stranded assets". The four main consequences of lower prices, as highlighted in the chart below, are:
  • Lower rents. As the chart shows, the largest quantum of change is the fall in the amounts of rent. This means less money for the governments of petrostates.
  • Lower profits. Profits fall not just for the high cost companies, but right across the system.
  • Totally stranded assets. When prices fall below variable costs, you have totally stranded assets.
  • Lower capex. As companies struggle to survive and figure out that growth is over, so they reduce their capex.

The decline of the fossil fuel economy poses a significant threat to global financial stability. The report warns investors there is far more risk in the fossil fuel system than is conventionally priced into financial markets. Investors need to increase discount rates, reduce expected prices, curtail terminal values and account for the clean-up costs.
For policymakers, the implication is the urgent need to put in place an orderly wind-down of assets rather than trying to rebuild the unsustainable.
Carbon Tracker has been writing for many years about which areas are most at risk from the energy transition
We provide a framework within which to think about the energy transition so that the impact on each of the pieces can be better understood.

What prices might the oil and gas industry use to align reporting with climate targets? The industry data and analytics firm Wood Mackenzie recently published the Accelerated Energy Transition-2 or “AET-2” scenario, which identifies a pathway to limiting emissions below two degrees.[2] In AET-2, dwindling oil demand pushes future prices towards the marginal price of oil production, with gas prices remaining relatively more resilient.
Figure 1: AET-2 scenario oil prices
Price Range
WoodMac concludes that,”[t]he tantalising hope of a few more years of windfall cash flows may lead some [International Oil Companies] and [National Oil Companies] to defer action, but delay will not be a sustainable corporate strategy under the AET-2 scenario.“
Clearly, the AET-2 price deck would challenge the economics of any oil and gas company’s reserves. If companies are considering such scenarios, they aren’t disclosing it to shareholders.  We’ve reviewed many oil and gas company annual reports and of those that disclose their value-in-use impairment assumptions (typically European and Canadian companies), none use future commodity price decks approximating the collapse in oil prices modelled by analysts such as Wood Mackenzie.
Even the lowest prices disclosed (for impairment testing) are much rosier than Mackenzie finds in its Accelerated Energy Transition-2 or “AET-2” scenario. Since companies are using more optimistic scenarios it follows that asset valuations are likely also higher than they should be as a result. But investors want to know: what are these assets worth if the world lives up to its Paris pledges?
REMEMBER, We are entering a new epoch, comparable to the industrial revolution.
WORTH CONSIDERING: Carbon Tracker’s Barbara Davidson, Senior Analyst, will be moderating Plenary 2: How will UK pension funds and asset managers adopt new laws on reporting to the TCFD? And will they soon have to report to mandatory net-zero CO2 emissions targets?


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