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Good Earth is a locally owned produce and garden center that specializes in providing the freshest and tastiest local fruits, veggies, clean meats, eggs and dairy from local farmers. We also support local bakers, families and artisans by selling amazing breads, jarred goods, dried goods, soaps, candles and oh so much more! Over the years, our faithful customers have repeatedly requested non-local produce that cannot be grown in our area, so we provide these products too. You can get almost anything else on-line or at the big box stores, but get the freshest produce and most beautiful plants right here at Good Earth. Now that fall has set in and the holidays are around the corner, our store will be stocked with seasonal produce such as pie pumpkins, squashes, greens, apples, nuts, citrus and homemade breads, pies and cakes! The greenhouse will boast beautiful Christmas trees of all shapes and sizes, including hypoallergenic trees! We also have yards of garland and wreaths of different sizes. Everything you need for the holidays is right here at Good Earth!

Butternut: A Favorite Among all of the Winter Squashes
Cynthia F Catts,  RD, LD

Butternut squash is the quintessential cold-weather veggie, the perfect complement to everyday fall and winter family meals or lavish holiday celebrations. It can be pureed into soups, mashed, and baked into pies, muffins or breads. The nutty sweetness of the butternut lends it perfectly to sweet desserts or savory side dishes. Don't forget to save the edible seeds! Just roast them on a cookie sheet at 170 degrees for around 20 minutes. All winter squashes (and we have a great variety) are rich sources of vitamin A; a cup of baked flesh provides 214% of the Daily Value of this vital nutrient. Also, though rich in carbohydrates, many of the butternut's carbs come from pectins that is a source of fiber that appears to have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and insulin-regulating properties. Eat up and Enjoy!!
The Farmer's Market
Hydroponic- It's Not a Superpower

But as amazing as our hydroponic lettuce is, it may as well be! Hydroponic gardening is a method of growing food that requires no soil. Instead, plants are grown directly in a solution of water and nutrients. There are several benefits to growing food this way! It's counter-intuitive, but hydroponic gardening actually uses a fraction of the water that traditional farming does, helping to conserve this precious resource. This method saves land as well, since no soil is required for growing, and lots of food can be grown in a small space. Additionally, the controlled environment in hydroponic systems allows for precise nutrient timing for optimal plant growth and also cuts back on pest issues! We love our hydroponic red, green, and bibb lettuces because they are grown locally, and they stay SO fresh! Each bunch comes to us with its root ball still attached (don't forget- no dirt!), and we keep them floating in water to maintain their super fresh and super crisp qualities. We may be on the other side of the calendar from Spring, but a crispy, fresh salad with hydroponic lettuce will bring you just a little bit closer.
Our Greenhouse
Don't Forget to Accessorize

Did you know that we have more than just Christmas trees when it comes to festive foliage?? As a loyal Christmas tree customer, you know that there's nothing quite like fresh cut and live holiday greenery. The scent, the magic, the nostalgia- plastic can't compete! Even if you tuck a pine scented air freshener in the branches. Thankfully, you don't have to, because we carry live wreaths and garland in several varieties and sizes! You'll find simple and sweet wreaths of Fraser fir or boxwood, as well as some gorgeous varietal wreath mixes. Our favorite is a stunning mixture of Fraser, white pine, and boxwood that makes anyone's front door instantly magazine worthy. We also offer garland that is a mix of these same varieties, as well as standard garlands in Fraser or white pine. You may purchase garland by the yard if you only need a small amount, or buy it by the roll to save a few dollars and make sure you have enough to drape over every surface of your home! (Trust us, you'll want to)

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