Find the Time to Be Creative
Research shows that taking time to be creative helps improve our lives. And, at Hen & Chicks Studio we see it first hand in the smiles, the laughs, the hugs, and of course, the beautiful things we make in The Nest Retreat Center. We want to make sure you are taking time to be creative in 2018, just like so many did in 2017.
Make Plans Today
How can we help you plan your best retreat ever in 2018?

Here's a current Calendar to see availability. And, a link to our brochure. Have questions? Email us with questions about dates or your plans. Jeri and Heidi will be glad to help you.
Guide To Creative Retreats
  1. Write down everything that you love to make and makes you happy.
  2. Pick one thing (well maybe one thing, maybe two...).
  3. Choose a date in the near future at The Nest Retreat Center for a retreat where you can do this one thing that makes you happy.
  4. Gather your friends in Conrad, Iowa, and have fun!
Each month we fill The Nest with creative people wanting to work on their projects and get things done. Hen & Chicks Studio owner Heidi Kaisand hosts day retreats and in 2018 is hosting two day retreats each month and one Friday/Saturday with an overnight option every quarter.

Back by Popular Demand
Sometimes we just need to escape our busy schedules for a few hours and be creative. And, that's our goal during Craft Happy Hour--no stress, no planning, no preparation. You show up. We provide all the materials. You create some Pinterest inspired projects. You go home happy and relaxed. We clean up. Quite simple and quite fun!
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