August 2018 Newsletter

President's Message

Sharon Virgin
GFAR Board of Directors
July has somehow slipped by and we are now in the home stretch to the holidays! Wow, doesn’t it seem odd to be thinking about kids going back to school and cooler weather?! 

As usual our staff has been diligently working on several different projects including the Friends of the Flag Golf Tournament, Stand Up For Students events, and a blood drive. We are working on the steps moving toward the MLS Consolidation and will keep you updated as we continue to go through the process.

Want to get more involved in your association? We are looking for members interested in running for office for 2019. This is a great opportunity to expand your knowledge and help move our Association in the right direction. Contact staff or the leadership team to talk about how you can be a part of your Association leadership.
We are in the 3rd quarter of 2018! Everyone should be thinking about their business and how to finish the year strong. You may even be thinking about what your business will look like in 2019.

Real estate is simple at times. However, it can also be very overwhelming. It's especially challenging if you don't have a plan for your business. Real estate is all about building and nurturing relationships. At the core, it’s a high contact and high touch career. The highest producing Realtors are hustling constantly. Just like long distance running, you have to keep a consistent and steady pace. Closing a few deals makes you feel like you’re on top of the world. The catch is to keep closing deals. A perspective client isn't going to pass you up because you are too young or too new. Instead, clients may overlook an agent because of their lack of confidence. You have to be sure of yourself and where you are going. There’s a ton of advice on the best way to grow your business. It’s important to figure out what works best for you. One of the most important steps in running a business is to set goals - they need to be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time based. I also believe they should be reviewed and adjusted throughout the year. What do you want to do both personally and in your career/business? Goals help you develop purpose in your daily activities and give you a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day! One of my favorite quotes is “A goal is a dream with a deadline!”   Napoleon Hill. 

Will you set goals for 2019 both personally and professionally? Will you make it a goal to become more involved in our association? Being a part of the conversation is going to help you and help the Association stay relevant in the Great Falls real estate industry. We need both new and experienced members!

Make it a great August! Hope to see you at the Thursday morning meetings and at the membership luncheon in September!

  • Would you like to be more involved in your Association?
  • Do you want to know about important issues in our industry and be a decision-maker?

Apply to be a candidate!
There are several officer positions open and we need your participation. These positions are for the 2019 GFAR Board of Directors.

Application is available on the GFAR website:
Completed applications must be received by 5:00 pm on Friday, August 17th, 2018
Many types of Sponsorships available, prizes, patriotic theme, lunch provided, Dixon Golf contest,
and much more!

Did you know that there are over 350 homeless students in our Great Falls school
The YPN group of GFAR has started its 4th annual toiletry drive to help supply these students with basic necessities.
**Buckets for donation items are available for pick up at the GFAR office**
Sign Up for a Time Online Here or call the GFAR office 453-2752
2018 MAR Fall Business Meetings
September 19-21, 2018 Butte, MT
Copper King Inn
Register today for an upcoming class!
Approved Continuing Education Credits: 12

Thursday & Friday August 23-24, 2018 BILLINGS
Contact Ian Davey

   Thurs & Friday September 27-28, 2018 MISSOULA
A supervising Broker Endorsement is required to supervise salespeople in Montana. In order to obtain the Supervising Broker Endorsement, you must be licensed in Montana as a broker and complete an 8-hour Supervising Broker Pre-Endorsement Course. 
Friday August 24, 2018 Billings
Questions? Contact Ian Davey
Announcement of 2019
MAR Officer Candidates  
Candidates for 2019 Officer Positions have been posted to the MAR website and can be found at the button below.
August Calendar

August 2nd - 9am
Member Meeting
DJ Lott - Family Promise

August 8th - 10am
MLS Committee Meeting

August 9th - 9am
Member Meeting
Holly Gliko -
Stockman Bank

August 15th- 8:30am
Board of Directors

August 16th - 9am
Member Meeting
To Be Announced

August 16th
10am - 4pm
New Member

August 17th
9am - 3pm
New Member Orientation

August 23rd - 9am
Member Meeting
Pete Fontana - Cornerstone Appraisal

August 23rd - 5-9pm
Burgers for Benefits

August 30th - 9am
No Member Meeting

August 30th
8am - 12pm

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Mark Your Calendars
Member Luncheon
September 24, 2018
Details coming soon
Consumer Safety in the Field

August 30, 2018
8am - 12pm

Taught By: Will Parker
(4 Hours CE)

Topics covered will include: the purpose of a personal and home protection plan, conflict avoidance, situational awareness, home security and defense, the physiology of Fight or Flight, and more!

Requests for Reasonable Accommodation- Assistance & Service Animals 

September 27, 2018
1pm - 4pm

Taught By: Pam Bean of Montana Fair Housing
(3 Hours CE)
Panel of experts, focuses on requests for accommodations for service & assistance animals .

GFAR now has a Blog! If you are interested in being a guest writer, let us know! We'll be providing messages from the President, Statistical Reports, Event Recaps & More!
New Process:
How to Take Ownership of Lockboxes

  1. Press 'Enter' on LB to wake it up
  2. On your phone app click 'Lockbox Tools'
  3. Click on the Lockbox you wish to take ownership (will say 'No Lockbox Owner' above #)
  4. Select 'Take Ownership' in list of options
  5. Enter LB serial #
  6. Enter your Pin #
This will put the device in your name and you will be able to open the key compartment or release the shackle after this.

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