Jan. 6, 2021 Vol. 3, No. 1

Priority issues are key topics GFB will pursue in its policy activities. 

Bill includes food assistance programs, enhancements to the Paycheck Protection Program and more. 

Eight UGA research projects studying ag production and economic issues receive a total of $119,830.

Competitive events will be held virtually as part of AFBF Convention
Jan. 10-13.

Lowrimore is a registered forester with more than 20 years of forestry and professional experience.

Committees give input on their specific crops to help GFB develop its policy stances. 

Ag stakeholder groups resort to postponements, holding meetings virtually.

The guidelines provide recommendations designed to foster healthy dietary patterns for Americans of all ages.

Group will provide information and support to an ongoing U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) investigation.
Jan. 10-13

Jan. 15, deadline to participate

Jan. 18-20, Savannah

Jan. 31, deadline to enroll/renew

Jan 29, online

Jan. 31, 2021, deadline to apply
Feb. 11, online

Feb. 26, 2021, deadline to submit entries to counties

March 1, deadline for applying for college, technical college & vet school scholarships totaling $65,000


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Member benefit spotlight: Georgia Farm Bureau Medicare Supplement Plan

Georgia Farm Bureau is partnering with Family Life Insurance Company to offer its members a new Medicare supplement plan. It’s built to help with costs Medicare alone doesn’t cover.

Plan features include:

No network restrictions. If a medical provider accepts Medicare, you will be covered.
• Competitive Rates. Get the great Farm Bureau value and service you’ve come to expect.
• No Waiting Period for Pre-Existing Conditions. Once you’re enrolled, you’re covered.
• Enrollment Discount. Receive a $35 premium discount upon initial enrollment.  

Visit www.gfb.org/membership/medicaresupplement.cms or contact your county Farm Bureau office for details!


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