Suicide Impacts us All

I’ve had my own experience with a relative committing suicide at 19 years old. It was devastating to the entire family. 

Everybody always asks the question, “How come I didn’t see this coming?” or “I didn’t know they were going through "it" or having a hard time. If only I'd known…”

Sometimes it's someone we know well; other times it's an acquaintance or casual friend. In those cases, we often wish we would have know the person more and understood their feelings so we could have somehow prevented them from doing it, but we couldn't. 

Before a person attempts suicide they typically struggle with some form of depression or with a problem in life that they think is overwhelming. So in a way, suicide becomes the way to "solve" the problem. 

We've listed some typical signs of depression and indicators of suicidal behavior. If someone you know is struggling, help is available. Our clinical staff is highly specialized. Reach out to us for an appointment or evaluation by calling 269-323-1954 or by clicking here to send us a message.