GFWC GA Monthly Connections
Dear Federated Sisters,

Happy Fall, Y'all! It took a while to get here and it is still sunny and warm throughout the State. I spent time at the State office today and was a part of the Conservation CSP efforts to revitalize our GFWC Georgia State President's Garden. It was a picture perfect day to work on the grounds and I was on the look out for fall foliage, but did not see autumn colors. In fact, this past weekend I spent time laying by the pool although the water was cool. Only in the South do we wear our shorts until Christmas. I carried the Fall theme with the Christmas tree each State president was asked to send to GFWC Headquarters in Washington, DC. The 18" tree is on its way to 1734 N Street with lots of fall colors, a bale of hay, and scarecrows.

Fall also brings about our District Fall meetings, which have been another wonderful journey for both Becky Bolden and I to enjoy. This Fall, as part of our "greetings", we decided to add a little fun and enjoyed "Who wants to be a Millionaire Volunteer." Of course, Becky and her Vanna-like helpers won each time with the use of her life lines - we can all use a helping hand at times. We hope members enjoyed learning more about our state projects, plans, and upcoming events through this medium of game playing. We also revealed the GFWC Georgia App! Special thanks to Cimi Douglass for all of her hard work to getting this App up and running on both Android and iPhone platforms. See the exciting news and directions below on how to install getting those millionaire volunteer resources with one touch!

Many ladies asked about registering for State Convention for April 5-7, 2019. We will be posting the link in November for you to register for your room, suite, or cabin. We ask for those who are requesting a RV/Camper site to make those arrangements by calling Lake Blackshear Georgia Veterans State Park at 229-276-2371. For RV/Campers, it will not be a part of the GFWC Georgia block as there are many options to choose from including water, electricity, and cable varieties. As we are going to be at the park during spring break for many school systems, please feel free to call and make your campsite reservations soon. We will send out the room reservations in November. Visit their website to see the many different amenities offered at the park at For those involved in the Executive Committee dinner, we will have a dinner cruise meeting on Thursday, April 4th at 6:00 PM. All are invited on the wonderful train trip planned for April 5th from 10:00-4:00 and we will travel to Habitat for Humanity's International Headquarters. Continue watching for more information about our next exciting adventure for our membership each month.

I look forward to seeing many different club events this season. Please feel free to invite me to an event - lots of Christmas happenings for me to attend in December and I am looking forward to seeing my federated friends in action.

Tina Daniel
GFWC GA State President 2018-2020

Tina's Pearl of Wisdom for the day: "Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will." - Mahatma Gandhi
October - Breast Cancer Awareness Month 
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and I’m sure most of our clubs did something this month to recognize, raise awareness and honor breast cancer survivors. Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among American women.  About 1 in 8 women in the U.S. will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime. Thankfully, as a result of improved breast cancer treatment and early detection, fewer women are losing their battle with breast cancer.

In honor of breast cancer awareness month, we asked a few GFWC Georgia members and courageous cancer survivors to share their story with us. In the videos below, Life Director, Brenda Martin and GFWC GA International Co-Chairman Stacie Janecki shared their personal journey with breast cancer. I am truly in awe of these ladies, without any hesitation they graciously agreed to share something so personal to them in an effort to raise awareness and encourage our members to get your yearly mammograms. As you watch the videos you will hear their courage and determination to fight the battle in addition to important messages - here are a few: 1) you can develop breast cancer even if there is no family history of breast cancer. Both of these ladies did not have a family history prior to their diagnosis. 2) a regular mammogram would not have detected Stacie's breast cancer. Thank goodness she did the 3D mammogram which detected the cancer and Medicare paid for her 3D scan. 3) yearly mammograms are important along with monthly self check exams. 4) Never give up - You can beat cancer and win the fight!

Click on each photo below to watch their videos
Be patient - it may take a few minutes to load
Brenda Martin
Life Director
Stacie Janecki
GFWC GA Int'l Co-Chair
Membership Minute
Building GFWC Georgia one member at a time!

Have you gained new members? Please let us know so we can properly welcome them to our organization and announce them in our bulletins. It's important to us and to your new member that they are placed on our State's database as soon as possible so they can begin receiving important messages from our State, along with our monthly bulletins and quarterly newsletters. Please let us know by entering the new member info directly in our databases by visiting our website, then click on club resources and scroll down to newsletters or click the following link:   

This month we would like to welcome: Jessica Everingham from The Carrollton Civic Woman's Club! We look forward to meeting you!

Thank you!
Cathy Jones, 3rd VP
The Big Reveal - Kiss my GFWC Georgia App!
I am pleased to announce that GFWC Georgia has it's own App! That's right, when someone wants the new reporting forms, you can tell them to Kiss the GFWC Georgia App! "Kiss" is also the acronym for "Keeping it Simple" and that is the main purpose and function for the App - it makes it very simple to view important resources from our website like the new reporting forms, templates, and info. There is also a social component available to app users entitled Social Network which functions similar to instant message posts. The app can be downloaded on Android and Iphones. Simply download the app just like any other app or game using Google Play or Apple AppStore from your Iphone.

Directions: From your Iphone or Android phone, please click the appropriate icon below to download our app, enter in your Apple ID /ID to download apps.
Iphones and Ipads
Android Phones
Junior Conference Corner
It is hard to believe that it is already the middle of October. I have really enjoyed traveling to all the district meetings (with the exception of Central East, which I had to miss). Tina and I have had a great time sharing the upcoming events and our special projects through “Who Wants to be a Millionaire Volunteer.” We hope you enjoyed it as well. It is great to see all the wonderful work the Junior Clubs of Georgia are doing in our communities. It is always fun to connect and spend time with each other.

GFWC Junior Special project is Advocates for Children. We are asking each club (especially Junior Clubs) to promote activities during the week of October 21-27, 2018 involving child advocacy. Please plan an activity for your club and be sure and share pictures with us. Let’s show the world how Georgia Juniors Rock!
Just a couple of reminders:
  • Please send me your upcoming events for the remainder of 2018 and those planned for 2019. I would love to come and visit your club and help with a service project. My email and phone are listed below.
  • Share your meetings and projects on Facebook so I can share with the entire Junior Conference. Also, send to Freda Tylor for the newsletter at
  • Invite all your members to “Like” the GFWC Georgia Junior Conference Facebook page. This is a great resource for all of us.
  • Have fun while you make a difference in your community!

“Journey to Healthy Living” In October:
  • Oils – Oils are better than solid fats and can be found in many natural items: avocados, olives, nuts and some fish. The good oils are essential to healthy eating.
  • Outdoor time – Fall is the perfect time for some outdoor activities. Hikes with the weather changing are a wonderful way to get some exercise. You might even see some beautiful leaves.
  • Open your mind to try a new activity - Whether it is yoga, running, swimming, aerobics or anything else that sparks your interest – just try something new.
  • Others – remember that you belong to an outstanding organization. Enjoy your time volunteering and giving of your time and talent to others. You are always the winner when you give of yourself to Others.

Always Remember: It Is What You Do for Others That Counts!
In Federation,
Becky Bolden or
It's Fall Ya'll - The perfect time for camping!
Georgia is well known for its outdoor scene, offering plenty of parks, lakes, coastline, and mountains to suit any outdoorsman’s style. When the leaves turn colors and the days start to cool, people from all across the country flock to the Peach State for fall camping and other activities. Whether you prefer to camp along the shores of a lake or river or like the feeling of being in the middle of nowhere, there are plenty of fall camping spots in Georgia that are not to be missed. Here are a few links to enjoy:

Send photos of your military loved ones in uniform for our Veteran's Day Photoshow
In preparation for Veterans Day (Nov.11) GFWC GA would like to create a special photoshow to include a few of our GFWC Georgia military family members. If you or your immediate family has served in the military, please send us their military photo so we can honor them in our video. Please send to later than November 1. I have a few photos from some of you, but would love to see a few more. This tribute will be a lovely way to honor our military family members.
GFWC Georgia• P.O. Box 39, Tallulah Falls, GA 30573 • (706) 754-3127