GFWC GA Monthly Connections
Dear Federated Friends,

It is with much anticipation I write this to my federated sisters. In less than two weeks, I will be traveling to Lake Blackshear for our 123rd annual convention. It will be an honor to preside over this annual tradition of celebrating the many accomplishments of our clubs and the impact your service did for the communities in Georgia. I hope to see many of you there at our convention.  

For those who are able to be with us, I hope you are looking forward to a great convention. We have many wonderful events planned beginning with a cruise for the executive committee, a train trip for everyone, and wonderful speakers. We will have a scavenger hunt and support Camp Kudzu, as well as provide opportunities for Girl Scouts to participate during the weekend with the scavenger hunt and with our s'mores as well. Thank you to the Southwest District for all of their hospitality they have created for us. We will be doing a service project and will be collecting gift cards to give to women in the military. As you prepare and pack your bags, here are a few reminders of the dress: 

Thursday evening - Business casual
Friday train trip - Resort wear/GFWC logo 
Friday evening - Cocktail/semi formal 
Saturday - Denim/Girl Scout T-Shirt
Saturday evening - Semi formal/formal
Sunday - Church/Business casual 

Looking forward to seeing you and spending time with you.  

With Federated Friendship,

Tina Daniel
GFWC GA State President 2018-2020

Tina's Pearls of Wisdom for the day:   “Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.” —Jack Welch
Green Envelopes for Tallulah Falls Seniors

Dunwoody Woman's Club member, Nina Smith, was the inspiration for the Green Envelope project. During 2014-2016 administration, GFWC Georgia Junior Director's Tallulah Falls School project was "Quest for the Crest". Georgia's Juniors were raising funds to pay for the gym floor in a new athletic facility at TFS. Nina created and sold decorative fans at every gathering of GFWC Georgia club women to support this project. Near the conclusion of the 2016 Convention, Nina asked if she could send the extra fans to the 2016 TFS graduating class. The fans were enclosed in large green and white envelopes along with a congratulations note and presented to the graduates during the senior breakfast just before commencement. The fans served as another reminder of the many women in Georgia who encourage as well as help provide for their education. It was a simple act of kindness that had a lasting effect for the young people about to graduate.   

The project continues. We are asking you to influence the lives of our graduates by sending a note of encouragement and congratulations. You can bring your cards to the State Convention or send them to Tallulah Falls School. They will place our cards into Green envelopes and distribute them among the members of the graduating class in May 2019.  

All club women are encouraged to write a note or send a card to: 

“Dear Tallulah Falls School Graduate…”

Please send only cards (purchased or handmade) or letters 8 1/2 X 11 or smaller
DO NOT SEND ANYTHING OF VALUE (i.e. cash, gift cards or checks)
If sending several cards or letters in one larger envelope, mark each item "Green Envelope."

All cards and letters must be delivered to the school before May 1, 2019.

Bring to Convention or Mail cards and letters to:
Tallulah Falls Upper School
Post Office Box 10
Tallulah Falls, GA 30573
A Message from your State Jennie Awards Chairman
GFWC Georgia needs a Jennie Award Winner!!!!

Reports are in and we can sit back and relax, but NO!! There is another report that we need to send to our State Jennie Award Chairman, Pat Swan

The GFWC Jennie Award honors one club woman from each region for outstanding commitment to her club, community, and family. This award is the only national honor that recognizes individual members for personal excellence. These club women are chosen by their club to compete at the state, region, and national levels for the Federation highest honor.

This is a special report with the rules and forms on pages 232-237 in our Yearbook. Clubs may nominate one member who has demonstrated the qualities outlined under the judging criteria for this award. The member must be a member in good standing of a GFWC Club for a minimum of 5 years. Materials will be sent to Pat Swan, Chairman, 583 Villa Drive, Lilburn Georgia, 30047 postmarked by June 1, 2019 for state judging. Materials will not be returned. If you have questions, please feel free to call me at 770-366-0697.

Georgia has many outstanding women in our clubs. Will the Jennie Award winner come from your club? 

Get to writing , let’s have a winner!!!

Pat Swan, Jennie June State Chairman 
Don't Forget to Register for Convention
View Proposed Amendments to Bylaws
The deadline to register to attend without paying the $25 late fee is tomorrow, Friday, March 22 . Below please find the Registration Info/Call to Convention. Please click the button to view convention details and register today. Also please review the Proposed Amendments to our Bylaws presented by our Bylaws Committee along with the Jr. Club's Recommendation to Amend Bylaws as well. Please review and bring a copy of the Amendments to Convention, appoint your delegates and be prepared to vote and/or discuss the amendments at convention.

Junior Conference Corner
Spring Time is Here:  Have you ever noticed how Spring Time can change your mood? The warmer temperatures and additional daylight hours make us feel better.  The beauty of all of the new growth, flowers, birds busily making their nests and amazing sunsets all bring a smile to our faces. I personally love all of the pastel colors and spring décor. However, on the reverse side, spring brings a bad reaction to some with all of the pollen and allergies.  We all become aware of our surroundings and our reaction to those surroundings (whether happy or sad). I recently read that one of the biggest tools we have in protecting our health is awareness. This is one reason it is important as clubwomen to bring awareness to our community on different issues. In April, I challenge each club to select one of these causes (or another one) and bring Awareness to your club members through a speaker, materials or a presentation.
  • National Autism Awareness Month
  • National Child Abuse Prevention Month
  • National Donate Life Month
  • National Sexual Assault Awareness Month
  • World Health Day (April 7)
  • National Youth Violence Prevention Week (April 8-12)
  • Every Kid Healthy Week (April 21-27)
  • Women’s Eye Health and Safety Month

Be sure and report this on the GFWC GA Junior Special Project - Women’s Health; or Advocates for Children, which is the GFWC Junior special project. Knowledge is powerful, so let’s bring Awareness!

It is hard to believe that Convention 2019 is almost here. Registration ends March 22 so make your plans now for April 5 – 7 at Lake Blackshear - Veterans Memorial State Park. Bring your family and enjoy the weekend. Just a couple of reminders: 

  1. The Junior Conference Executive Board meeting will be Friday, April 5 at 4:45 in the Bass/Perch Room following a fun train ride to Habitat for Humanity. 
  2. There will be a Friday night campfire and sing along; Scavenger Hunt on Saturday to benefit Camp Kudzu; Yoga and lots of fun activities.
  3. Calling ALL Juniors and clubwomen to attend the Junior Conference Business meeting on Saturday morning, April 6 at 8:00 am. The meeting is not a meal function so there is no cost to come to this meeting. Please come and learn about the many activities of the Georgia Junior Conference.  
  4. Junior Clubs will be recognized throughout the weekend at all meal functions and meetings with their awards. I am excited about showcasing our Junior Clubs to all of Georgia!

“Journey to Healthy Living”   
 In April–
  • Awareness – Pick a project above and share awareness of the conditions to club members.
  • Ask for Help – As women, we aren’t very good in asking for help. If you feel abnormal physically, mentally or emotionally, seek professional help.
  • Apple– Remember “An Apple a Day, keeps the Doctor aware. Try eating more apples this week as part of your normal diet.
  • Active – Try enjoying the Spring weather and be active outside. Movement is the key to health.
  • Annual Physical – Be sure to schedule your annual checkups and pay attention to your body.

Please be sure and post your pictures of you, your family, friends, co-workers, federated sisters, etc on Facebook and tag our Junior Conference page. Let me know if you need anything!

Always Remember: “ It’s What You Do For Others That Counts

Love In Federation,
Becky Bolden or                 
Membership Minute - Day of Service
April 27th
GFWC Georgia will continue the Day of Service (DOS) project during the 2018-20 administration in conjunction with the GFWC Volunteers in Action Week. The purpose of the Day of Service is to be a visible, unified force in our state through work done in the local communities. Please post your photos on our facebook so we can see you in action!

  • Clubs will choose “a house” to help on the last Saturdays in April 2019 and 2020
  • Houses chosen may be in the local community or in a neighboring city in which the local community benefits.
  • There will be NO special report form.
  • Work done for the Day of Service project may be reported in a Community Service Program coinciding with the project OR in Membership, but not both. If emphasis is placed on the service provided for the “house,” then
Cathy Jones
3rd VP GFWC Georgia
GFWC Georgia March Newsletter
If you missed reading our newsletter earlier this month - please click the below link to read about the wonderful impact our clubs are making in our communities. Please also read about Lawrenceville Woman's Club's First Annual Nancy Gullickson Fine Arts Competition - unfortunately this article was not included in our March newsletter.

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