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My Federated Journey

In 1990, I had a life changing moment. I became a mother, the most impactful day of my life. This joyous event led to another life-fulfilling moment. It was also the year I joined the Covington Junior Woman’s Club. As a member of this club, I found like-minded women who enjoyed serving others and I found a sense of belonging.

I recall my first role as Public Affairs (now Public Issues) department chair and introducing “Why I want to be President” essay contest to local students where our club presented a scholarship to a local high school student. I held all of the officer positions throughout those years. One of my favorite projects was going to every elementary school and presenting a safety puppet show to all 2 nd  grade students. These puppets were hand made by a member and I still have them stored at my house. It was an impactful program to raise awareness of child abuse and neglect.

I later served at the 10 th  District level, meeting many women I call friends to this day, and in the GFWC Georgia Education Department as Literacy/Mentoring Chair. To be honest, I didn’t have a clue of what was going on or what to do! I attended a wonderful workshop in Washington DC led by Joanne Reid of GFWC Mississippi and visited 1734 N Street, our GFWC headquarters, for the first time. I attended state convention for the first time and was in awe of the leadership in our organization.

As my journey continued, my membership changed to Service Guild of Covington, where I met some of the hardest working women and made new friendships and reestablished other connections. Peggy, Nonie, Lynn, Lee, Diane, Betty Mac….to just name a few who have been angels in my life. One role I held and thoroughly enjoyed was as the advisor to the juniorette club, Junior Service Guild of Covington. In my role as a high school counselor, I was able to see the benefits and need for a girls’ service club. These young ladies made a difference in our school, our community, and in my life. Building these relationships and mentorship with these aspiring leaders is one I will always cherish. Laughs were a large part of being involved with lots of teenage girls. Dressing in a cow costume, hosting a duck pond fundraiser, volunteering at Shakespeare’s Tavern in downtown Atlanta, sleepovers, and the girls learning etiquette to attend state meetings are all memories I will hold dear.

Then, I was approached by Julie Walters to serve as the 1 st  Vice President of the 10 th  District to later serve as the 10 th  District President. Because of the tenure of being in federation and the support of the district, I felt confident in this role, as GFWC Georgia had begun my preparations years ago to fulfill this commitment. I understood how to run a meeting and parliamentarian procedure, how to write a script, and how to present from the podium. With the endorsement of my district, I was encouraged to move further forward in a state leadership capacity and began a 12 year commitment to serving in a much larger capacity. I have so many women to thank for their support, encouragement, mentorship, and friendship throughout this journey.

In each role over the past 10 years, and they have flown by, I have learned. I have learned by the example of others. I have been inspired to be a better leader and volunteer. I have been encouraged through the actions of other women. I have been mentored by amazing people in this organization.

I have a love affair with GFWC and GFWC Georgia. It consumes my days at times. It offers me fulfillment to serve others. It brings me a wealth of friendship. It allows me an outlet to help my community. I do not merely wish to exist each day. Each day I want to be a better woman, better mother, better friend, better leader.

Where has your federated taken you? I hope when you think of your own federated journey you think of those moments that have true meaning in life. Do you merely exist or do you make a difference? I would like to encourage you to send your own federated journey thoughts to me by email at  or to the office at  during the month of May and June. These thoughts will be posted on our Facebook each day during our “My Federated Journey” campaign. You can also send a special picture of you doing some of your awesome federated time volunteering and we will post it with your story.

I appreciate you being on this journey with me. Please join me in celebrating our journeys in our “Trek to Tallulah” to be held on June 1, 2019 at Tallulah Falls School. We will celebrate the accomplishments of those state presidents by rededicating our State Presidents’ Garden. A huge thank you to Barbara Reynolds for spearheading this endeavor. Please join us to see the efforts that have been made from 1:00-3:00.

See the below link to register to attend and the detailed agenda.

With much friendship,
GFWC GA State President 2018-2020

Tina's Pearls of Wisdom for the day:  " Believing that within you Is the ability to change the world Is the first step in making a difference." - Dan Waldschmidt. Make a difference with the things that make you different.
Meet Mary Ann Lipscomb!
Journey to Tallulah Falls and meet founder Mary Ann Lipscomb at the Lipscomb Cottage on June 1. 
Membership Minute - Forms Due June 1
GFWC Seasonal Recruitment form:  Have you gained new members this season? (March through May) We encourage our clubs to complete GFWC's Seasonal Recruitment form which can be found here: Summer Form . Please copy It's important to us and to your new member that they are placed on our State's database as soon as possible so they can begin receiving important messages from our State, along with our monthly bulletins and quarterly newsletters.

GFWC Directory of Officers form:  Please be reminded that this form needs to be sent to the State Office. GFWC Georgia and GFWC mailing lists will be prepared with this information. To receive credit on the achievement Goal Sheet, this form must be returned by June 1. Please advise State of any changes during the year. The form can be found on here:  GFWC GA Directory of Officers . Please email or mail this form to the following:
  • GFWC Georgia, P. O. Box 39, Tallulah Falls, GA 30573 – 
  • Your District President
  • State Membership Chairman, Cathy Jones, P.O. Box 333, Vienna, GA 31092 or or and
  • Jr. Conference Membership Chairman, Dana Skelton Sanders, 1335 Nub Garland Road, Toccoa, GA 30577 or
The call for Institute will be sent on June 10. Watch your inbox to attend Institute, August 16-18 at the Hyatt in Athens.
Junior Conference Corner
Mothers and GFWC: As we all celebrated Mother’s Day earlier this week, I thought of the important role my Mother has played in my life. I also thought of the many other women in my life who have shaped and taught me. I am reminded that to some, this is the happiest day of the year. However, for others, it is one of the hardest days of the year. To those of you who have lost a child whether through a miscarriage or after their birth, I can’t possibly imagine your pain. To those who desire to be a mother, but you face the disappointment month after month, please know I have shared your pain. Eventually, I was blessed to become a mother, but there were many days of sadness before my son was born. To those who have lost your Mother at any point in your life, my heart breaks for you. No matter how much time we have with our Mothers, I don’t feel it is enough. To those who don’t have a relationship with your mother for a number of reasons, please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you. To those who still have your Mother, please celebrate her every day, not just one day a year. As I was thinking of ways to celebrate my mother, I realized that all she really wants is time with those she loves. Time to talk, laugh, eat or whatever keeps us together. All of us whether Mothers or not have the opportunity to celebrate each other throughout the year. My challenge this month is to encourage you to celebrate each other. Choose another woman either inside or outside your “Circle of Friends” and send them a card, send them a text, call them or visit them. The more we celebrate each other, the more we are building friendships and relationships – one of the best parts of GFWC.  

Important events coming up soon:
  • Trek to Tallulah is Saturday, June 1, 2019 from 12 to 3. Plan a trip for your club to visit our State Headquarters – The Lipscomb Cottage; tour Tallulah Falls School, rededicate the State President’s Garden and eat some Soft Serve Ice Cream.
  • Institute is Aug 16-18, 2019 in Athens, GA. Make plans to attend.
  • June is our quarterly Newsletter so send in your club pictures, articles and club projects. Email to
  • Women’s Health Week May 12-18, 2019. Celebrate YOU – You are worth it!

  “Journey to Healthy Living”  In May –  
 Magnificent – You are amazing – never forget your worth.
 Make a Plan to Move– Plan a time each week to exercise for 15 minutes a day. 
 Make an Appointment – Get your annual physical. Many diseases are found through that annual checkup.
 Make Your Dreams Come True – Take a risk and go outside your comfort zone to make a Dream come true.
 Meditate – Spend some quiet time to read, mediate or pray.

I look forward to seeing all of you in just a few short weeks in Tallulah Falls!  

Always Remember: “ It’s What You Do For Others That Counts

Love In Federation,
Becky Bolden or                 
2019 GFWC GEORGIA LEADS SEMINAR - Click here for Flyer

Friday, August 16, 2019
First Presbyterian Church
185 E. Hancock Avenue, Athens, Georgia 30601
Cost to Attend: $30
Registration begins at 9:30 am
Workshop: 10:00 am — 4:00 pm
Dates to Remember
·          June 1              Deadline for Jennie June submissions to Pat Swan, Chairman
583 Villa Drive, Lilburn Georgia, 30047 postmarked by June 1,
2019 for state judging. Questions: 770-366-0697.
·          June 1              Deadline to send in Directory of Officers to GFWC GA
·          June 1              Deadline to send in GFWC Seasonal Recruitment form
·          June 2               National Cancer Survivors Day
·          June 7               Tourettes Awareness Day
·          June 16             Father's Day
·          June 27             PTSD Awareness Day
·          June 10 –16     National Men's Health Week
·          June 30            Deadline to Submit News to
·          June                  Men's Health Month
·          June                  National Safety Month
·          June                  PTSD Awareness Month

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