My GFWC Leadership Journey
Dear GFWC Georgia Friends,

This journey began for me 30 years ago in 1990. Prior to this date, I had never heard of the organization. Before GFWC, I had never heard of Jane Cunningham Croly, or Anna Pennybaker, or Elizabeth Cady Stanton, or Mary Ann Lipscomb. Before GFWC, I did not know about Robert’s Rules of Order. Before GFWC, I had never read resolutions or contacted my elected official about a particular bill. Before GFWC, I had never worked at a consignment sale, sold watermelon on the town square, or judged children’s essays for a scholarship. I had not visited the state capitol and spoke to my representatives on behalf of Domestic Violence victims. I did not know about Georgia Cares or been a part of a collection of thousands of items for the Ronald McDonald House. I had not heard of Heifer and visited their farm in Arkansas before GFWC. Before GFWC, I had never traveled to Palm Springs, St. Louis, Omaha, Memphis, Baltimore, Hollywood FL, or Austin. Before GFWC, I had not gone on a scavenger hunt to raise money for Girl Scouts or Camp Kudzu. Before GFWC, what did you not know, do, or experience?

The knowledge, experiences, and friendships I have gathered on my GFWC journey have forever changed me. Not only did I learn these things from being a part of GFWC, I have taken these things and paid them forward in other parts of my life. I have used dear old Robert many times in my professional organization, introducing other professional school counselors to how to conduct a business meeting. I have taken the skills to plan and implement a project on to other club projects, to my professional life to being organized in my work, and to other community service work. I have taken the love of being a faithful community member by building up girls of courage to go on their own leadership journey as a Girl Scout leader. All of these things I attribute to my GFWC journey.

And most importantly for me, I have found life long friendships. The journey has not always been an easy one with working with lots of women who all have an opinion but it has been worth it. Yes, my feelings have gotten hurt these past two years at times but I know I did the very best I could and gave all I could give to our organization to making it one that would be a leader through encouragement and inspiration. I also know I have had the most wonderful of support from so many women across the state. When I attended my very first state convention years ago, I recalled seeing the state president and her board at the head table and podium. I was in awe and was inspired by these women. I certainly never thought I would sit at the head table or speak from the podium. I say this to all of you, yes, you, that you can do it too. I encourage all of you to be a leader – in your club, in your district, and in the state. It is a very rewarding role to play to help our communities be better places and it makes us better women too.

In these two years, we have accomplished much as an organization. One of the projects I am proud of is the revitalization of the Past State President’s Garden at TFS. Many work days lead by the Conservation CSP went in to making this a wonderful garden for the memory and honor of those serving and for the students and staff to enjoy each day at TFS. We supported Girl Scouts through this State President’s Special Project throughout the state by sponsoring girls, troops, service units, and councils – Greater Atlanta Council and Historic Georgia Council, as well as support them in their leadership role by their involvement in state wide meetings. We supported our legacy Tallulah Falls School’s State President’s Special Project “Tee Off for Tallulah”. We were proud supporters of the GFWC Seven Grand Initiatives. We donated a total of 1,202 Dr Seuss books. We have planted 1,803 trees. We completed 13 women in military projects in 2019. We donated 834 pairs of shoes in 2019. Over 68 clubwomen reached out to their representatives for support of legislation regarding Miranda’s Law and the 3D Gun Safety Act. And we are in the process of planning over seven Right to Vote projects this year. We added the Georgia App to our technology efforts to reach more members. We made the $1000 for the Capital Campaign efforts for GFWC.

Our club women are amazing. The numbers show how much we give to our communities. Here are the statistics for the 2018-2020 administration:
In addition to these numbers, you found time to read – over 1,803 books were read in 2019 that were reported! And, yes, that is over $1 million dollars donated in 2019 to community projects! What great work you did!

GFWC Convention planning was a large part of the 2018-2020 administration. It was unfortunate the convention was cancelled due to the COVID-19. Our clubwomen were ready to host a show and roll out the red carpet for our guests! We currently have $26,544.97 and your 2020-2022 executive board will recommend how this money is safeguarded, as I am sure we will be asked to host a GFWC convention in the future. I appreciate all of the tireless work that went into planning to host the convention, as well as the support all of the women exhibited with the various fundraisers.

It was with a sad heart I was not able to host the second convention along with the NE District women. I was looking forward to this time and being able to finish out the two years of this administration as four of the six state wide meetings for the two years were at state parks. Convention is such a wonderful time to be with friends and to celebrate the accomplishments of the clubs. The first convention at Lake Blackshear was a wonderful “down home good time” in South Georgia with the SW District as hosts. I have special memories of these days together that make me giggle and smile today. I loved the train trip to Habitat for Humanity’s International Headquarters – a place I had not visited before GFWC. The boat cruise that did not happen in the dark was hilarious. The storm that blew through and blew out the power. All good things that make it memorable. So, if nothing else, my two years have been memorable! I will be the “remember when…” president! “Remember when the COVID-19 virus shut down the world…” kind of president. Institute was wonderful to have so many attend our first “Marketplace” experience in Athens and our second year highlighted this event again with an addition of the recycle runway show. We continued to host a LEADS seminar each year. Judging was a fun event at Amicalola State Park with a PJ theme the first year and a Mardi Bra theme the second year – both times we also completed service projects either for Pajama Project, an organization founded by an Atlanta WC member, or donating bras to local domestic violence shelters. In all we do, we continue to do for others.

And, if nothing else, I hope Becky and I made you smile at times with the ways we tried to make things fun during our meetings. We sang (and we cannot sing) at Southern Regions in 2018 and 2019. We threw out the paper and did not read a report, often dressing up – anything for GFWC! We journeyed together, building a life long friendship with strong bonds, these past four years. I have loved every minute of having Becky as my sidekick! And, I have loved going to the various club events to meet you, share with you, and see the wonderful things you are doing in your community. I loved doing activities with you – the Green Team Dragon Boat race at Lake Allatoona with the NW District was an amazing adventure, visiting Moultrie WC at their annual antique show was great, seeing Dahlonega WC at their fun holiday event and eating lots of homemade goodies, visiting Monroe JWC for their annual Grinch breakfast was cool, seeing a fellow clubwoman and veteran being presented a quilt at Lawrenceville WC, hearing a French street vendor sing at Stone Mountain WC, being inspired by dance at Dunwoody WC, being a part of the membership tea at Atlanta WC, playing bunco at Morrow Civic WC, celebrating club anniversaries like Tifton County, Carrolton WC or Carrollton JWC, or installing officers at clubs like Heartland WC…These are the moments that will stand out to me from these past two years.

I have been so proud to serve GFWC Georgia and plan to be the humble servant moving forward. I will be serving on the 2020-2022 GFWC Board as the Education and Libraries Chairman. I hope you too are preparing for the next administration and club year. What are your hopes for your club? For GFWC Georgia? Take advantage of the many opportunities offered by GFWC to learn and grow as a volunteer and as a leader. Share your knowledge with the new members of your club. Try something new. As Clubwoman Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. Do the thing you think you cannot do.” Lead, Encourage, and Inspire!

With Federation Love,

Tina Daniel
State President 2018-2020
And adding Life Director to this list – glad to join this prestigious group of hardworking women!
Thank you message from Becky
To My GFWC Georgia Sisters,

It is hard to believe these last two years have gone by so quickly. It has been an honor to serve as the 2018-2020 Georgia Director of Junior Clubs. Thank you so much for your support of me and my special projects. Thank you for embracing Women’s Health and especially Diabetes. My prayer is that through some of the materials, speakers, recipes and other information, you will be able to live a Healthy and Happy Life. I had some information to share with everyone at Convention on Breast cancer awareness. Please go to our GFWC Georgia Junior Conference Facebook page to watch the interview with Theru Ross and get the information on knowing Your Normal. Breast cancer can strike at any age, so know the signs.

Thank you to all the clubs who reached out and invited me to your club event/meeting. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting so many women throughout our state. It was inspiring to learn about the special projects in each part of the state. Thank you to the District Presidents and District Junior Directors for allowing me to share my passion for GFWC through speeches, games, laughter and tears. We have faced them all during these two years. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey. I loved every minute of our times together.

Thank you to my Junior executive board and to the GFWC Georgia executive board for embracing me with all my ups and downs. These two years have been exciting with my daughter, Miranda’s wedding, but have also been very tough with the diagnosis of my daughter, Crystal’s breast cancer. In addition, these two years have been the hardest of my entire work career. However, the Lord has been faithful and given me just what I needed each day. So many times, I have received a card or gift or text from one of my GFWC sisters that has lifted my spirits and given me hope. Your friendships are held very close to my heart.

Thank you to Tina who has been so gracious and kind to me. She has Lead, Encouraged and Inspired me from the time I agreed to take this position. We have shared some great times, laughed a lot and cried a few tears together. We have made side trips for that special “selfie”, rescued animals, stayed up late talking and planning, plotting our next skit, but mostly thinking of ways to make GFWC Georgia the best! She has taught me to think outside the box, and she probably wishes I could sing. Through it all, I have learned to care for others more deeply and to always follow my heart. I can never thank her enough for embracing me, supporting the Junior Conference, and allowing me to share this Journey with her. She is a precious friend that I will cherish forever along with my memories of our time together.

Thank you to all the GFWC Georgia Juniors and Clubwomen for your service to your communities. Through the course of the two years, we raised $2,987 for Camp Kudzu, a special camp for children with Type 1 Diabetes. We also raised funds for the soft serve ice cream machine at Tallulah Falls School, $3,299 for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, and $1,000 for the Ronald McDonald House. The Georgia Junior Conference had 1,570 projects with 56,424 volunteer hours, $274,885.34 in dollars donated and $81,234.66 In-Kind donations dollars. This was accomplished over the two-year span with 11 clubs and 218 in membership. Your project ideas and dedication to your communities have truly inspired me. #GAJUNIORSROCK is a true statement!!

I am sad that our 124th Convention had to be cancelled due to the Covid 19 virus. I miss seeing and giving you hugs. My thoughts and prayers are with all who have suffered with this virus and we continue to pray for everyone’s safety and good health.  

As I say Goodbye, I am very excited about the future of the Georgia Junior Conference. Dana Skelton is going to do a wonderful job over the next two years, and I am excited to support her and her projects.

Thank you again for everything you have done for me, GFWC Georgia. I pray that something I said or did during these two years inspired you as much as you inspired me. May you always remember:
It’s What You Do For Others That Counts!

Love to all,

Becky Bolden
GFWC Georgia 
Director of Junior Clubs
Happy Trails!

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Special thanks to Jakie Hogan, Heartland Woman’s Club; Julie Walters, Meeting Chairperson; Cimi Douglass, Corresponding Secretary; Becky Bolden, Jr Director; and Tina Daniel, State President.