Dear GFWC Georgia Friends,

This special edition of our monthly constant contact is to update you on things happening in GFWC Georgia as we all continue to stay alert and practice social distancing. Additionally, there is a message from our Vice First President/President Elect Shelby Holland. First, I hope you are staying safe in our shelter in place order throughout the state. I hope you are taking the time to stop, breathe, relax, find a new hobby, and connect with friends and family through technology.

I encourage clubs to continue to “meet”. This will look different from our past interactions for a while. Use the technology tools for meetings suggested on our Facebook page such as Zoom or Google hang out. Those tools can allow you to continue to interact and provide support to members and to your community. There are numerous project suggestions on our Facebook page for members. One of the most popular is making face masks for health care workers and now it appears for the general public. While it is not advised and only a suggestion to wear a face mask in public, the CDC and others have indicated the virus may be more airborne than originally thought. Again, take precautions you feel are best for your health situation including social distancing, stay at home unless essential to leave the home, use hand sanitizer, and wash your hands. Protective gear such as face masks and gloves have been encouraged, if used properly. Find more information at

As your clubs, districts, and state have much business to conduct, I wanted to offer suggestions. If your bylaws allow, please conduct your business using technology. If they do not, look toward addressing those bylaws soon to update to allow electronic meetings or voting. If officers were elected, then yes, they may assume their office. In the state, our officers have only been nominated by the nominating committee. They have not been elected at this time. Nominations may still occur from the floor at this point. When we conduct our traditional Saturday morning business session at annual convention, we will vote on the nominations for the nominees to be elected. Then, we will vote on the nominees to be elected. Their installation typically happens on Sunday morning of our annual convention and is the celebration of their election. At this time, we have not moved forward making those elections happen as we have tentative plans to do this June 6. Thus, our administrations have not changed hands to the 2020-2022 administration at this time.

One of the things I learned some years ago as I began holding an elected position at the state level was the President is nominated and elected by the state at convention and in our state will take over the reins. Technically, though, GFWC does not recognize the new administration until the President is installed at the ceremonies at the GFWC annual convention. So, technically, our state president does not assume office until the close of the GFWC annual convention. In Georgia, our state president will take over the reins at the end of the state convention in public but other things are passed over throughout the months following our convention. Most of those things happen in June as we pass on the financial pieces and changing names on various accounts, safe deposit box, and other business items. I hope this information is helpful to you.

I have had several questions from the district presidents regarding this transition. As explained to the district presidents, it is not the installation that is the trigger but the election of the officers. If districts choose to hold their elections via electronic means, this is entirely up to the district and should reflect what the district bylaws or standing rules reflect. The state is also planning to invite all district officers to participate in the installation on June 6. This will allow all districts to then be functional for the 2020-2022 administration. Some districts were able to meet prior to the virus shutting down gatherings and their administrations have transitioned.

Other news:

1.    The executive committee voted by electronic means to be ratified at our next meeting to allow administrative assistant Deborah Landress to work from home and all mail has been forwarded to her home address until April 30.

2.    The bylaws will be forwarded to you again by April 22, 2020.

3.    Nominations and resumes will be forwarded to you again in the call.

4.    The call for our “Journey to Jackson” day of celebrating will be sent by April 22, 2020 with a deadline of May 22.

5.    Bring member art to our “Journey to Jackson” in our one day of celebrating our time together.

6. All GFWC required reports have been filed by the state president and program chairs. A copy of the president's annual report will be sent with your call. A copy of the GFWC Georgia administrative report will also be included and will be in the GFWC Clubwoman magazine. 

7.    Be flexible in case our Journey to Jackson on June 6 cannot happen because of the coronavirus restrictions.

Take care federated friends!

In federated kindness,

Tina Daniel
State President 2018-2020 
A message from Shelby Holland,
1st VP/President-Elect
Happy April, GFWC Georgia!

The last few weeks have been disappointing times as we all have been seeking answers for completing the Spring 2020 District Meetings plus the GFWC Georgia Convention. However, District Presidents became extremely creative to think “outside of the box“ as each District made their own decisions on how they should move forward for GFWC Georgia. I am thankful for the leadership of each of the 2018-2020 District Presidents.  

As you know, several of my personal planned dates have been cancelled with a date for 2020-2022 Orientation remaining to be scheduled. At present time, I am looking at details to host a virtual meeting for orientation as a solution to move ahead for GFWC Georgia planning.  

GFWC Georgia still awaits final plan of work details from GFWC for the new five CSP areas plus information for standing committees. The new CSP chairmen are currently working on information they have received, which allows them to make connections with each other and begin forming ideas in the new CSP areas. GFWC Georgia is moving forward.   Let me encourage club presidents to keep good records of projects accomplished between January 1st to June 1st for reporting in the new five CSP plans of work.

GFWC Georgia has moved forward as in early March this President-Elect and Second Vice President Elect Cathy Jones held an overnight meeting to discuss the new five CSP areas plus the reporting guidelines.  Also, the Incoming Awards Chairman Kathryn Youles met with us to outline the 2020-2022 Awards, with some awards to be retired or renewed. Later in March, this President-Elect met with Third Vice President Elect Peggy Wilson to discuss membership plans and promotions.  First Vice President Elect Kim Sekulow has been in contact with the incoming District President to share information.  Again, the plan is to keep GFWC Georgia moving forward.  

In closing, I wish to share a poem written by Karen Clydesdale, North West District President, that was shared during the 2020 February Winter Board Meeting held at Amicalola Falls. Each District President was asked to give thoughts on the topic: “With your 2020 Vision Focus Glasses, what information could you pass along to the Incoming State President as a positive guidance for the upcoming next two years?” Karen, I love this poem and value the information and encouragement for 2020-2022.

My sincere wish for each of you and your family is to be safe and healthy! Clubwomen of GFWC Georgia stay strong and we will “get through this together” as we move forward in 2020-2022.

In Federation Service,
Shelby Holland
2020-2022 GFWC Georgia President Elect
As a 2-3 Minute Report Topic with details that the Incoming State President should consider: “With your 2020 Vision Focus Glasses, what information could you pass along to the incoming State President as a
positive guidance for the upcoming next two years?”

With my 2020 Vision Focus Glasses now in place, I would like to give some guidance to help you...

Lead with grace.
Time Flies
Though you may have some anxiety about the two years ahead
Before you know it, the last months will come with lots left unsaid.

Keep it simple
Don’t complicate the job by setting too many goals
Concise and simple is the way to keep control.

Keep Your perspective
You must always make decisions in the best interest of the federation.
Your personal preference is not your obligation!

Respect Others
Encourage new people, ideas and new thoughts
Diversity will bring you the best of the lot.

Follow the mission and know the plan
The mission statement is the federations purpose for existence
Know where you are going and don’t be afraid to ask for assistance,

Maintain Discipline
There will be many distractions, grievances and demands
Discipline and dedication are better than commands

Be Timely
Demonstrate efficiency by being on time
Volunteers give of their hearts but don’t appreciate overtime.

Find new partners with whom to collaborate
A federation with alliances has a much better fate

Focus on the Future
Recruiting new members is a goal we all share.
Let us show everyone that as a federation we care!

Share Your Vision
Your 2020 Vision Focus Glasses you must now put on
because before you know it these two years will be gone

Your vision for success you will communicate clearly.
Because you know, sweet Shelby that we all love you dearly!

Karen Clydesdale
North West District President
February 22, 2020, Amicalola Falls
Advice from Pluto the Schnauzer
Volunteer at the 2020 Int'l Convention
2020 GFWC Annual Convention - June 27-01, 2020
Mary Ellen Brock, the current GFWC International President, will be making a final decision around May 13th confirming the convention date. She has encouraged us all to go ahead and make room reservations and to sign up to attend the convention. Should it be cancelled, refunds will be made.

Register   for Convention now and view the Preliminary Agenda.
GFWC Georgia• P.O. Box 39, Tallulah Falls, GA 30573 • (706) 754-3127