The Greater Green Bay Community Foundation inspires and encourages charitable giving in Northeastern Wisconsin by connecting caring people with solutions that strengthen our community.

Winter Newsletter
President's Message
Growing the Greater Good 
We have been part of good news going on in the community in recent weeks!

More than 80 nonprofits were at the table with us and others in the fourth 1 ½ day Learning Session of POINT(Poverty Outcomes & Improvement Network Team). We learned even more about how organizations can increase capacity to fight root causes of poverty.

We are in the midst of three important grant cycles: Funds for Greater Green Bay, The Women's Fund of Greater Green Bay and Basic Needs Giving Partnership.  Foundation grant teams are working through many good submittals from nonprofits seeking funds to do good work for the community.  

On February 3, a capacity audience representing almost 100 nonprofit organizations along with business leaders and elected officials heard some of the highlights from the new LIFE (Leading Indicators for Excellence) Study.  This report will pave the way for many efforts and initiatives that will help improve the quality of life for Brown County over the next 5 years.   

And very recently, the Board of Directors appointed Dennis Buehler to become the Community Foundation's new President & CEO effective March 6th.  I look forward to welcoming Dennis and beginning my new journey in retirement after a decade of leading this great organization. 

Thank you for your support and I ask you to continue supporting the Community Foundation, the talented team who works here, and its unique mission of impact and long-term investments for the community we call home.        

  David Pamperin, President & CEO
Spotlight on Grants
Basic Needs Giving Partnership

Organizations came forward with innovative collaborations to address the root causes of poverty in Northeastern Wisconsin in our 2017 grant cycle for the Basic Needs Giving Partnership.  The number of applications we received was more than double the number of 2016 applications.

The Basic Needs Giving Partnership funds initiatives to:
  • Address root causes of poverty
  • Support long-term visions and solutions to move people out of poverty
  • Assist those with limited capacity, such as the low-income elderly or significantly disabled, to maintain a stable and dignified quality of life.
In 2016, more than $1.2 million was distributed through the partnership, $483,694 in the greater Green Bay area.

The focus of the Basic Needs Giving Partnership over the past year was the launch of the Poverty Outcomes Improvement Network Team (POINT). POINT is a regional 18-month initiative focusing on continuous process improvement and coordination of services around individuals at risk or in poverty. Nonprofits throughout Northeast Wisconsin have created improvement teams to learn and apply these new tools and methodologies to address the complex issues surrounding poverty.

The Basic Needs Giving Partnership, established in 2007, brings together charitable resources from the U.S. Venture Open Fund for Basic Needs within the Community Foundation, the J.J. Keller Foundation and other partner donors. Proceeds from the U.S. Venture Open help fund the U.S. Venture Open Fund for Basic Needs. Every year, the Greater Green Bay Community Foundation distributes a portion of this fund as grants, and the J.J. Keller Foundation matches the grantmaking budget for additional dollars into the local community. The Greater Green Bay Community Foundation is one of three community foundations to receive funds.
What Gives 
Collaboration Through Co-investment
Collaboration is central to our work at the Community Foundation.  We base many of our grantmaking decisions and our community leadership initiatives on the premise that greater impact can be achieved by working together.  Another way we actively collaborate is by working to facilitate knowledge sharing between our community impact initiatives and our donors. Through co-investment opportunities, we are giving donors the ability to combine their grantmaking with ours, resulting in meaningful investments in our community.

Donor advised fund holders are key in this strategy.  In each discretionary grant cycle, our donor advisors are given the opportunity to review vetted projects to see if they align with their charitable interests.  If a project does appeal to their interests, donors are invited to make a grant recommendation toward the project.  Currently, our donors are reviewing 24 initiatives in the community.  This collaboration both broadens our donors' scope of opportunities and increases impact in our community.  Donor advisors receive co-investment opportunities throughout the year.

A donor advised fund is an easy way to organize all of your charitable giving through one cost-effective, less than 1%, charitable vehicle that will accrue, tax-free, over time. It also provides an avenue to continue the tradition of giving for generations to come.  Learn more about donor advised funds here.
Community Agenda
2016 LIFE Study  

We are excited to share the 2016 LIFE Study.  Published five years after the 2011 report, the study is a continued effort to build a base of knowledge about our community and measure its progress over time.  The study surveys community perceptions of the quality of life in Brown County, provides secondary data and engages expert assessment for a thorough look at 10 sectors of life in the community.

Serving as a dynamic resource over the past five years, the 2011 LIFE Study was a catalyst for a number of significant community initiatives including the Brown County 20/20 Envisioning the Future Summit, Achieve Brown County, The Brown County Child Abuse and Neglect Task Force, POINT - a regional Poverty Reduction Initiative, Connections for Mental Wellness and the creation of an Arts and Culture Field of Interest Fund at the Community Foundation.

Community Foundation News 
Online Scholarship Application Process Open 

The Greater Green Bay Community Foundation manages more than 40 scholarship funds, awarding almost 150 scholarships annually.  The online scholarship application process for 2017-2018 school year is now open! Click here to learn more or to register.  The application deadline is March 15, 2017.   
CEO Transition
It is a bittersweet time at the Community Foundation as David retires.  We will miss his leadership, sense of humor and strategic insight into the work we do every day.  While we will miss him, we are also truly excited for him as he begins the next chapter in his life. 

As David leaves, we welcome Green Bay native Dennis Buehler as our next President and CEO.  Dennis was one of 138 candidates who applied for the position, and we look forward to working with him to advance the mission of the Greater Green Bay Community Foundation.   You can learn more here.

Spring Grant Application Deadlines

Board of Directors
Chris Woleske, Chair
Mark Radtke, Vice Chair
Tom Hedge, Secretary
Gary Lofquist, Treasurer

Kate Burgess, Craig Dickman, Gary Fairchild, Terry Fulwiler, Tim Kneeland,
Tom Konop, Charles Lieb, Evan Lin, Wayne Lubner, Mark McMullen, David Pamperin,
Ed Policy, Rob Riordan, Hector Rodriguez, Thomas Schumacher, Nancy Thompson
Brenda Warren, Tracy Weyers, Terry Wickman, Jeanne Wolf, Matt Zuengler

David L. PamperinPresident & CEO
  Jonathan J. Kubick, CPA,  Chief Financial Officer
Amber Paluch, Vice President of Community Engagement
Annie Dart, Donor Engagement Program Officer
Rashad Cobb, Community Engagement Program Officer 
Bonnie StaffenAccountant
Carla HeintzAdministrative Specialist

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