The Greater Green Bay Community Foundation inspires and encourages charitable giving in Northeastern Wisconsin by connecting caring people with solutions that strengthen our community.

Summer Newsletter
President's Message
Metrics and our Mission 
I'm often asked, "What's the asset size of the Community Foundation?" Assets managed has been a common metric to measure the impact of a foundation. However, there are other metrics, metrics that say a lot about the values of a foundation and its mission and role in a community.

Efficiency and effectiveness are metrics we value. We measure our efficiency by how much overhead it takes to operate our foundation based on assets managed. We measure our effectiveness based on how much we spend to distribute the grants we make that help our community. Our efficiency overhead is less than 1%. Our effectiveness ratio is 6.9%. That effectiveness ratio puts us in the top 25% of our community foundation peers nationally.

As we close our 2016 fiscal year, I'd like to take this opportunity to illustrate how metrics about our grant making, gifts per capita and volume of giving and grant making are directly related to our mission of inspiring and encouraging charitable giving by connecting caring people with solutions that strengthen our community.

Please, read on. And, oh yes, the asset size of our community foundation is $95 million - a healthy indicator for our community's future.

  David Pamperin, President & CEO
Spotlight on Grants
Co-Investing for Community Impact

Distribution Rate or grant making, the amount of dollars distributed as a percent of assets managed, is a metric we pay attention to. The lower the distribution rate, you can assume a foundation puts more priority on building a long-term endowment. The higher a distribution rate, the foundation puts more priority on using grants to "hit the street" and impact community issues. GGBCF has always thought we should be an active grant maker, and we have created spending policies and encouraged fund holders to make a difference today in the community. Many of our fund holders co-invest, a desire to go together on grant making to achieve greater impact.

In Fiscal Year 2016, our distribution rate or grant making was 7.5%, putting us in the top 100 most active grant-making community foundations in the country. That's pretty good considering we have more than 800 community foundations throughout the U.S. One of our "secrets for success" is our Donor Advisers. Funds at the GGBCF in Donor Advised Funds account for more than 27% of our assets, and those donor advisers are active grant makers, making impacts throughout the year by supporting all aspects of our quality of life.
What Gives 
A Giving Community
Gifts per capita is another metric we value. We think a great community is a giving community. We want to do all we can to inspire giving and make giving easy and impactful. Annual community foundation giving is a barometer of giving in a community. 

Last year was the most generous giving year as measured by gifts to our Community Foundation since 2007. Gifts per capita for our community to the Community Foundation last year was $65.00. That is a fantastic metric for measuring our giving culture, placing our community in the top 40 communities served by community foundations in the United States.

Community Agenda
Connecting Donors with Causes that Matter

Activity or number of transactions is another metric we value. We think that a high level of transactions indicates our involvement with community projects that are important to different populations in our community. We affiliate ourselves with community efforts to improve or address specific quality-of-life attributes like capital projects and efforts to help our neighbors.

Last year we had 4,500 gift and grant-making transactions, a volume that ranks us again in the top echelon of community foundations based on activity. Are we relevant to different amounts of giving, meaning a broader spectrum of our population? Absolutely! Last year, 37% of all gifts given to the community foundation were at levels of $100 or less. We believe all gifts are significant, not just major gifts. 
Community Foundation News 

We're Celebrating 25 Years 
For 25 years, the Greater Green Bay Community Foundation has worked to create a better quality of life for all who live and work in our community.  As we look forward, we plan to continue to be a catalyst for the greater good.  

Because each new generation in greater Green Bay faces new opportunities and new challenges, our mission will take new and exciting paths. We will continue to inspire and encourage charitable giving in Northeastern Wisconsin, but in new ways. We will continue to connect caring people with solutions that strengthen our community, but in more ways.
We've been improving the quality of life here for 25 years. We will continue to earn the trust of every donor here, that their money is properly invested here, that grants are going to worthy and impactful initiatives here, that we will still be growing the greater good here for the next 25 years .  
Amber Paluch named Vice President of Community Engagement

Amber Paluch was promoted to Vice President of Community Engagement.  Paluch will lead the foundation's grant making programs and development of community knowledge to support grant making. Her work will include advancing important initiatives that directly impact the quality of life in our community, including the 2016 LIFE Study and POINT, the Poverty Outcomes and Improvement Initiative to address root causes of poverty in the region. By working directly with nonprofits and community experts, Amber will help to align community resources with issues important to the community.

"Amber brings experience, thoughtfulness, and a passion for our community to this important leadership role she assumes as our Vice President for Community Engagement. The foundation is fortunate to know that Amber will be leading our grant making and community engagement efforts," David Pamperin said.
Upcoming Grant Application Deadlines
School Spirit Educational Endowment - Deadline October 1, 2016 - Apply Here
Schreiber Community Grants & Sponsorships - Deadline November 1, 2016 - Learn More Here

Recent Grant Awards

R.Bruce & Alyce S. Kopseker Trust
The Greater Green Bay Community Foundation awarded $45,000 through the R. Bruce & Alyce S. Kopseker Trust to five initiatives that help those over age 60, living primarily north of Sturgeon Bay in Door County, remain healthy and independent in their homes.
  • Washington Island Community Health Program for operations
  • Dor-Tran Inc. for the Volunteer Transportation Programs
  • Door County Memorial Hospital Ministry Health Care for the Dementia Capable Door County Program
  • Unity Hospice for Coag XS INR Machines
  • Door County YMCA for the Northern Door YMCA Active Older Adults Program
The deadline for the next round of applications to the R. Bruce & Alyce S. Kopseker Trust is May 16, 2017.

Ashwaubenon Education Foundation
The Ashwaubenon Education Foundation, a fund of the Greater Green Bay Community Foundation, awarded $7,000 to six programs that enhance student learning in the Ashwaubenon School District. Awards were made to schools for the following programs:
  • Parkview Middle School: Sparking Innovation
  • Ashwaubenon High School: Courtyard Science, Digital Astronomy and FUNctional Fitbits
  • Cormier Early Education Center: Fairy Tales S.T.E.M. Kits and Story Walk
The deadline for the next round of applications to the Ashwaubenon Education Foundation is April 1, 2017. 

Board of Directors
Mark McMullen, Chairperson
Christine Woleske, Vice Chairperson
Tom Hedge, Secretary
Gary Lofquist, Treasurer

Craig Dickman, Gary Fairchild, Terry Fulwiler, Denis Hogan, Tim Kneeland,
Tom Konop, Charles Lieb, Wayne Lubner,  David Pamperin, Ed Policy
Mark Radtke, Rob Riordan, Thomas Schumacher,  Mark Skogen,  Nancy Thompson
Dr. Brenda Warren, Tracy Weyers,  Terry Wickman,  Matt Zuengler 

David L. PamperinPresident & CEO
  Jonathan J. Kubick, CPA,  Chief Financial Officer
Amber Paluch, Vice President of Community Engagement
Annie Dart, Donor Engagement Program Officer
Bonnie StaffenAccountant
Carla HeintzAdministrative Specialist

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