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New Year Blues Already?

Aw, come on and join us as we count down to launch our new challenge, our new prize, our new social brain sharing site!

10 days....  inventio!brains

We are thrilled to launch it with you!

psst:  And don't miss our Bodies in Space focus on
 "invention and spatial intelligence"

Yours with giddy glial cells,

Doc Gee!

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Looking for us on  the web?  Here we are!

Honoring the lives of children lost in 2012
and dedicated to all youth...
whose brains will grow strong in 2013.

Click here for the video

  brain power

We thank Tiffany Shlain and her Let It Ripple team
 for enabling GGI to share this video with you.  

A special issue celebrating  

"Your Brain on Invention & Spatial Intelligence"  


'Why Spatial Memory Matters to Thee' -- Video from Mind and Its Potential Conference in Sydney Australia  

GGI Speaks Up!

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Your Brain on: Parenting the Planet 

Sarah Kornfeld, GGI's Senior Strategist will bring GGI Brain Aware messaging to Tallin, Estonia at an invitation only think tank for
 Let's Do It World and at their Clean World Conference

 January   2013

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March 2013

Training Online and off!
 College Credit received. Join the Inventio! Brain Awareness Revolution Now. 

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inventio! Summer Lab
Neuroscience & Architecture


  Hippocampus huts?
Memory Palaces? 

June 2013

San Diego / Los Angeles

spearheads arts and neuroscience
  collaborations for youth.


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