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Deadly Mushrooms Afoot  

These mushrooms are one of the most toxic species on earth and they've popped up after our winter rains. 

By Bea Karnes, Patch

The next time you go for a hike, keep a close eye on your dogs and kids. Growing beneath oak trees and possibly other hardwoods is a lethal mushroom that will cause severe gastrointestinal distress about 12 hours after consumption, with liver and kidney failure following if treatment is not sought right away. The name says it all: Death Cap.

Death Cap mushrooms typically pop up after the first fall rains. "Both the Death Cap and Western Destroying Angel grow near oak trees," said East Bay Regional Park District Naturalist Trent Pearce, who is based at Tilden Regional Park in Orinda and documents the fungi in East Bay Regional Parks. "They can be lethal to both humans and pets if consumed."

The Death Cap (Amanita phalloides) and Western Destroying Angel (Amanita ocreata) are two of the world's most toxic mushrooms. The Death Cap is a medium-to-large mushroom that typically has a greenish-gray cap, white gills, a white ring around the stem, and a large white sac at the base of the stem, according to the parks district. Though the Death Cap is mainly associated with oak trees, it has been found growing with other hardwoods. It was accidentally introduced to North America on the roots of European cork oaks and is now slowly colonizing the West Coast.
The Western Destroying Angel is a medium-to-large mushroom that usually has a creamy white cap, white gills, a white ring around the stem that disappears with age, and a thin white sac at the base. It is most common from late winter into spring. It is associated exclusively with oaks. Unlike the Death Cap, it is a native California mushroom. "

Dog owners should keep a close watch on their dogs during the winter months," said Mason. "Pet owners should contact a veterinarian immediately if they suspect their pet may have eaten a toxic mushroom."

Death Cap and Western Destroying Angel mushrooms are responsible for most cases of mushroom poisonings in California. However, two other mushroom species found in the Bay Area are also poisonous, the Galerina and Lepiota mushrooms.

If you'd like to learn more, the East Bay Regional Parks will hold its annual Tilden Fungus Fair on Sunday, Feb. 3, 2019, at Tilden Nature Area's Environmental Education Center.

Golden Gate Lab Rescue Pet Fairs & Events

Come meet the dogs & your GGLRR Volunteers! 
February 2, Pet Food Express, San Jose 11-2
February 23, Pet Food Express, Novato 11-2
March 16, Pet Food Express, Walnut Creek 11-2  
Some of the 
4 1/2-year-old neutered male black Lab mix, ~80 lbs.

Brutus is a playful dog with a lovely temperament around the house. He loves to sit outside on the back porch or on the lawn. He plays very well with children ages. He is reactive on leash and can be nervous of new situations, but he has come a long way. Regular vigorous exercise will be key to keeping Brutus relaxed; a tired dog is a good dog!

Brutus is neutered, current on shots, heartworm negative and taking preventative.  Brutus is located in  Los Gatos. 

We are looking for both a foster and an adopter. Please contact Rescue Rep Debbi at In your email please tell me about your experience with Labs, and the kind of Lab you are looking for. 
7-year-old, spayed female yellow Lab, 90 lbs.

Millie is a really nice dog who's had a lot of changes in her life in the past year. She has had some training and is responsive and eager to please. She's a typical older girl, happy to hang out with the humans. She is in good shape, and relies on a regular brisk walk to keep that way (~45 minutes/day). She needs some work walking well on a leash but with consistency, practice and leadership she can get there. We think she'd do best as the only dog in the home. We do not feel that she will ever be a dog park, take anywhere, group pack walk kind of girl, but with training and consistency we think she'll be fine (mostly indifferent) around other dogs. 

Millie is current on shots, spayed, heartworm negative and taking preventative.  Millie is located in Los Gatos. 

We are looking for both a foster and an adopter. Please contact Rescue Rep Debbi at In your email please tell me about your experience with Labs, and the kind of Lab you are looking for.
9-year-old, spayed female yellow Lab, 75 lbs.

This girl is smart, curious, and goes outside to pee and poop. She is watchful, not hand shy, responds well to touch.  We think that Hope did not get a lot of time with her people; lots of things seem new to new to her like toys and balls, but she is making up for lost time! 

She's settling in nicely in her foster home, loves getting pets, treats and chicken! So far she is pretty good on a leash (although very strong) unless she sees a squirrel or small dog; she seems to have a very strong prey drive. Hope is going to doggie day care for some socialization and reports have been very positive.

The ideal home for Hope would be one where a human is around much of the day to hang out with her, give her basic obedience training, and show her how wonderful life as an inside dog with a human family can be. Her new owner needs to be both physically able to handle a strong dog and a strong leader. 

Hope is spayed, micro chipped, heartworm free and up to date on her vaccines. She had some lumps removed and biopsied and they are not malignant.  Hope is located in  San Jose.

If you are interested in Hope, please contact Rescue Rep Debbi at (preferred) or 408-613-2044 (NOT a textable number). 
10-year-old, neutered male black Lab mix, 60 lbs.

Ry der is a very friendly Labrador Retriever/German Shepherd mix. He is being re homed due to no fault of his own, his previous owner has health issues and is no longer able to walk him. He is good with small children and other dogs, however he has never been socialized with cats and will chase them. He loves going for walks and playing with toys that have a squeaker. He also likes to play catch and likes to swim too. Most of all, he loves spending time near his humans. He knows a trick or two, he will shake and roll over and play dead if you say bang bang. Ryder is very gentle and loving, but still a very active, goofy boy. He is crate and house trained and has perfect manners...unless you leave any food out. 

Ryder is neutered, up to date on vaccinations, and microchipped. He is being treated for some ear, eye, and skin issues which are clearing up nicely. He has a condition called dry eye and will need ongoing eye meds. Ryder is located in Concord.

If you are interested in Ryder, call, text, or email Rescue Rep Katy, 650-796-3596 or

This gorgeous dog, then named Mr. Nobody, was at the center of an animal cruelty case in Arcata.  

As I write this update, it has been exactly two years since our family welcomed Jackpot into our home as a GGLRR foster. It has been a long and sometimes bumpy road but we were finally able to adopt him this past spring.
Jackpot is a highly intelligent, ball obsessive, enthusiastic, goofy, loving, determined, powerful, playful and tenacious Labrador retriever! He has brought us lots of love and laughs with his big personality. We love him so very much and he has made our family complete.
We are extremely grateful to Golden Gate Labrador Retriever Rescue for everything that they do and especially their support and commitment to Jackpot throughout his journey.
The Smiths
Daisy came to GGLRR with zero training. She was mouthy, jumpy and had spent the majority of her life cooped up in a bathroom for 8-9 hour days. She was adopted by Barry H. of Santa Cruz. Barry admitted the first few days were very, very challenging. 
Daisy's a handful, but Barry is working with her and a trainer. Thanks, Barry!
Shy, sweet Penny was adopted by Jeff and Julia T. of SF.  Julia initially met Penny at the Pawtrero event and told her husband about her.  Jeff made a few trips down to to the foster's in San Jose on his own, and once with Julia, to spend time with Penny before deciding to adopt.

Penny definitely made progress under the care of Kristin, still timid around people, but much better than when we first picked her up. In a little under a week, she's reportedly doing well with Jeff and Julia, making herself right at home!

Volunteers Needed  
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   "Can you foster me?"  

We are always looking for foster homes in the Bay Area.
If you know anyone who would like to take a lab in for a few weeks please let us know.

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