September 10, 2019
#GGUSDPRIDE E-newsletter
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Board of Education Adopts Resolution Launching Wellness Campaign

At its September 3 meeting, GGUSD's Board of Education adopted Resolution No. 11 expressing the board’s ongoing commitment to support student wellness. As part of the resolution, the Board of Education called for a “Choose Wellness GGUSD” campaign with an increased focus on mental health awareness, including:

  • Educating students, families and staff about general wellness awareness, stigma reduction for mental illness (including seeking treatment) and methods to refer individuals for additional support when needed;

  • Ensuring that all students have access to mental health and wellness support, and that special efforts are made to support our most vulnerable students who may feel stigmatized in society due to their ethnicity, nation of origin, gender/sexual orientation, perceived disability, religion or any other characteristic;

  • Equipping all students with targeted skills to improve motivation and growth mindset and increase engagement in their education and school community;

  • Providing high quality school-based wellness services that are linked to community wellness services and are readily accessible to all GGUSD students, families and staff;

  • Emphasizing the importance of the wellness support that certificated school psychologists, school counselors, school nurses and school social workers provide, as well as the need to have a small student to school wellness provider ratio at our school sites; and

  • Embedding mental health and wellness supports into the school day to foster a positive climate and culture at all sites. 

Award-Winning PBIS Programs
Ten schools in the Garden Grove Unified School District received awards for excellence in implementing PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports). PBIS helps schools to encourage more positive student behavior, increase student performance and improve school climate. The awards from the California PBIS Coalition recognizes schools that are among the best in applying PBIS strategies to promote positive school climate and positive student behavior. 
Paine Students Offer Helping Hands
One of the building blocks that creates a strong community at Paine Elementary School is older students serving as helpers and leaders for the younger students. This was on display the second week of school, as sixth grade students took part in helping and encouraging the younger students during the bus evacuation drill. 
Alamitos Kicks Off PBIS Program
Alamitos Intermediate School hosted its second annual Condor PRIDE Kick-Off last Friday. The full-day event focuses on the school's values (Purpose, Responsiblility, Integrity, Determination, and Excellence), which students learn as part of the school's excellent PBIS program.

Motivational Mondays at Carrillo
Students and staff at Carrillo Elementary are promoting positive thoughts and motivational messages. Every Monday, students and staff are encouraged to spread positive messages by wearing motivational shirts.
Selfie with the Principal
Our new Los Amigos High School Principal wasted no time showing her Lobos spirit and getting to know the school's awesome students! Kudos to Principal Avina  #selfiewiththeprincipal   #thisismypack   #GGUSDPride
Back to School Picnic at Enders
Enders Elementary School students had an amazing time at their Back to School Picnic and Carnival last Friday!
GGUSD Launches ParentSquare to Expand Parent Communication
GGUSD has launched ParentSquare, an easy-to-use communication platform to reach and engage every parent, ensuring all parents have the opportunity to actively participate in their children’s education and stay up-to-date on district and school news. 

ParentSquare features:
  • district and school-wide mass notifications through voice, email, text, and new mobile application
  • district, school-wide, and classroom posts received as emails or texts by parents with two-way communication features
  • principal and teacher direct messaging with instant language translation using Google Translate
  • automated attendance notifications on student absences and tardies
  • school calendars and rsvp’s
  • teacher to student communication for seventh through twelfth grade students

ParentSquare allows parents to choose how to receive school and classroom communication via email, text, or mobile application. Parents can also select when to receive messages instantly or in digest format at the end of each day. Urgent school-wide messages can be sent through voicemail as well.  Parents will receive emails, texts, or voicemail messages to the email address or phone number on file with the school as part of the student enrollment process. 

Parents can download the GGUSD mobile application now on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. 
GGUSD’s partnership with ParentSquare will enable a stronger dialogue between school and home, and will help empower everyone within the school community to stay connected and informed.