Vol IV, No 2 - February 16, 2022
GHF has had a posse of writers going back about a decade. How do I know this? I was one of the original crew, lo those many years ago. Many of us started off as mommy bloggers (sooo glad that term has faded away), sharing the ups and downs of parenting G2e outlier kids, and it grew into a community of writers. Long-form blogging has changed quite a bit in that time, but one thing has stayed the same: parents reaching out and connecting with other parents. I miss those early days of blogging, of connecting with people through words and ideas, of friendships borne of shared parental misery experience. I can say without a doubt that writing Laughing at Chaos has brought me some of my closest friends, some of my loveliest memories, and definitely some of my highest career achievements.

So this month I wanted to highlight a few of our newest writers. In this time of TikTok and reels and podcasts, they're picking up the pen slapping fingers on the keyboards and sharing their lives so others feel less alone in theirs. Please to enjoy.

Next month will hopefully be the debut of Dear Aunt Sassy (details below), but that's dependent on whether or not the ole' gal can find her glasses and her polite words. Such a mouth on that one! You'll also find a new featured article and more. Enjoy the rest of February!

Jen Merrill is a writer, music educator, and gifted-family advocate. The mom of two boys, she homeschooled one twice-exceptional son through high school while happily sending the other out the door every morning. Her book, If This is a Gift, Can I Send It Back?, struck a nerve with families; her second book, on the needs of gifted parents and self-care, is in progress. In addition to writing on her longtime blog, Laughing at Chaos, Jen has presented at SENG, NAGC, and WCGTC.

Jen brings both her acquired wisdom and her experience as a teacher and mentor to her work in the service of parents, teaching them techniques and mentoring them into their own versions of success. Her goal is to support parents of gifted and twice-exceptional kids, because they are the ones doing the heavy lifting and are too often ignored, patronized, and discredited. It is her hope that her sons never have to deal with these issues when they raise their own likely gifted children.
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Have you ever needed an answer to a confounding parenting conundrum? Wanted a sounding board for the latest worry? Hoped for someone to take you seriously but also make you laugh?

Aunt Sassy is coming to GHF. Send your questions (keep it short, folks) to her mailbox that looks an awful lot like an out of commission bourbon barrel. Anonymity guaranteed.
A Sampling of GHF Writers

Homeschool Humuhumu is the brainchild of Humuhumu Trott. What started as Facebook posts helping friends new to schooling at home during the early days of Covid has grown into a proper blog about homeschooling. Her posts are charming; this one on why she decided to homeschool is a good entry point.

Dr. Matt Zakreski has presented at previous GHF mini-cons, but he also has a blog. Not just a talented psychologist and counselor, he's also a parent of two young kids. That perspective enhances his writing. I love his post A Hard Day as a Parent.

Our newest writer is Marni Kammersell who has just started blogging at Nurturing Neurodiversity. Her debut post dives into gifted testing and how it might work with unschooled kids.

These are only three of the writers GHF is proud to partner with; there are so many more. Some are at the beginning of this gifted and homeschooling journey, others are deep in weeds, and a lucky few are reaching those whispered-about days of empty-nesting. All have stories to share and I am grateful that they share them with us.
GHF Press Featured Title
It's finally here!
So, what’s giftedness all about? Well, some of our most popular GHF writers aim to answer aspects of that very question in Perspectives on Giftedness: Sound Advice from Parents and Professionals. This volume presents essays from parents who have been there, educators who are working to get it right, and psychologists and other professionals who understand the rich complexity that is so often part and parcel of giftedness. With a plethora of wisdom, a touch of wit, and oodles of compassion, the writers cover a range of topics related to giftedness, gifted children, gifted education, twice-exceptionality, and gifted adults. It’s all about presenting an array of perspectives in the hopes that doing so helps you develop your own and provides a bit of a lifeline in those times when you feel yourself treading the gifted waters. We’re here to remind you that we’re all sharing the same pool and to invite you to jump in—the water’s warm and so is our welcome!
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