On Friday night, I thought the contents of the fridge seemed a tad . . . warm. On Saturday morning—yeah, no cold coming out of the fridge and no heat coming from the back of it. Bugger. And oh, HELP. Because there is nothing—nothing—on God’s green earth that kicks a giftie’s brain into stupid roaring overdrive than a problem that needs solving.

And if that problem comes gift-wrapped in the need for urgent solving, because, say, you’ve got a couple hundred dollars’ worth of groceries in there and it’s twenty-eight degrees out here—ahhh. Lookit those purty headlights. Gee, they’re coming fast. So. Purty . . . Head lights . . . Fast . . . Coming . . . Purty . . . ( Keep reading ...)
Rebecca Farley is a recovering academic. She taught media and cultural studies for ten years and helped edit the journals Intensities: The Journal of Cult Media and Social Semiotics . During that time, she was also busy earning her BA, BA(Hons), and MA from the University of Queensland; a post-graduate certificate in education from the University of Portsmouth; and a PhD on play and power from Cardiff University. She is married to a man with an equal number of tertiary qualifications.
None of this, however, prepared her in any way for parenting a pair of bright, intense school-refusers. After six years of daily battle, Rebecca finally accepted that this might be a wiring issue rather than a behavioural one. She now writes about the journey of learning about her kids’ various intensities, remembering her own diagnosed giftedness, finding an online community and a local homeschooling tribe, and readjusting every single last one of her life’s expectations. Rebecca and her family live in Brisbane, Queensland, and none of them have ever overthought anything.
Find out more at careerusinterruptus.com .
From The Editor:

By Celi Trépanier, MEd

This COVID-19 global pandemic is disconcerting, scary, and unpredictable. I don't know about you, but my brain is running at supersonic speed every second of everyday thinking of ways that little microscopic ruffian can make its way into my house and my lungs.

If I touch the cellophane on that envelope that came in the mail, and it's infected with the virus, then when I go to open the fridge, I transfer the virus to the fridge handle. But surely, the virus can't survive on the handle two hours later when I go to open the fridge looking for a snack, right? Or maybe it can. Do I wear gloves to open the mail? Spray the mail with a disinfectant? Leave the mail in the mailbox so the metal box can heat it up to a temperature that can kill the virus. Or do I just assume the virus is too fragile to survive the transfer from the postman, to the cellphone on the envelope, to the mailbox, to my hand, to the fridge, back to my hand, and then…

Or, maybe I should just stop picking up the mail? No, that won't work. I'll think about the transference of that viral intruder tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow, because I shouldn't overreact, but I should be cautious, and maybe tomorrow is too late to think about it. Should I think about it today? Now?

Oh, Jiminy Crickets, I'm just going to grab that cheese stick in the fridge, wash my hands before I eat it, and stop thinking about this. But what if the virus is on the cheese stick plastic wrap? Overthinking, overanalyzing, overwhelming, and indecision. In other words, this is a case of ANALYSIS PARALYSIS!

Wikipedia says analysis paralysis is the "process when overanalyzing or overthinking a situation can cause forward motion or decision-making to become 'paralyzed,' meaning that no solution or course of action is decided upon."

GHF writer, Rebecca Farley, a self-described recovering academic with her PhD, gives us an exquisite peek at what analysis paralysis looks like at her house in our featured article, "The Analysis Paralysis is a PITA" post. As Rebecca asserts, "Because there is nothing—nothing—on God's green earth that kicks a giftie's brain into stupid roaring overdrive than a problem that needs solving." 

And why can't that problem be solved? Rebecca replies, "I don't know. How should I know? I'm in the grip of a massive, irrational, existential overthink. Welcome to analysis paralysis!" Ahhh, analysis paralysis. Sound familiar?

As we stay home or at least ten feet apart with our homemade masks, you can look to GHF to continue to provide resources and support for you on your suddenly-homeschooling journey. Join the GHF Discussion Group on Facebook , where you will find a welcoming, supportive community ready to share tips and ease your fears. All of us here at GHF wish you and your family health, patience, and strength! We can get through this together, I’m sure of it, but . . . 
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GHF Dialogue Article
The first date with Devin* was at a coffee shop, and over the next week, we decided to meet for dinner. We went to a restaurant that’s part of a large US chain. We opened the slightly unwieldy menus.
“My oh my, what to order.” He used a funny, silly voice. “I think I’ll order the kreplach.”
I peered over the menu. “Did you just speak Klingon?”
Devin didn’t smile. Then in a long, guttural, drawn out voice like Ogre from the 1984 film Revenge of the Nerds he said, “Neeeeeeeeeeeeerd.”
Heat ran up my chest from my lower abdomen and collected at my neck. Devin ignored any cue to talk about Star Trek or actual kreplach and moved on to whether the mushroom Swiss burger might be any good.

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GHF Dialogue Article
By  Adeyela Bennett  
Are all of the scholars at Valiant Cross Academy, which serves young men in middle and high school, truly academically and intellectually gifted? Consistent with national trends, about 10 percent of the scholars score in the top percentile on achievement and intelligence tests. Yet, the school leaders provide gifted services to ALL 150 scholars..
By Veneranda Aguirre
We Hope You Enjoy The GHF Press Latest Release
by Kathleen Humble
Is Giftedness a myth? What is a Gifted Child? Why is Giftedness such a hot-button issue? Where does the fear and dislike of ‘gifted’ come from?

Come on an adventure about how Mrs Einstein, newspaper articles from the 1920s, and the San people of the Kalahari Desert can help us understand what gifted is – and is not.

In an easy-to-read style, Gifted Myths explores these and other stories on the history, science, and lived experience of gifted and twice-exceptional families.

Gifted Myths is a must-read for parents, educators, and professionals who work with gifted and twice-exceptional children.
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