Dear Friends of the Farm,

Almost 20 years ago, we launched Glen Highland Farm to meet the exploding numbers of young Border Collies landing in bad situations. We created a facility on 175 acres with a team that tackled every challenge, determined to succeed and right the wrongs for this special over-popularized breed, creating the largest BC rescue in the country. To date and thanks to your support, GHF has helped over 3,000 innocent dogs make their way to new lives. 

The journey was and continues to be fulfilling and deeply meaningful as all of you cheer us on, sharing your deep love for this breed with kind words, amazing volunteer efforts and generous financial support. Thank you!

We now invite you to come
with us in a NEW CHAPTER for GHF.

As aging Border Collies emerged in record numbers, we opened The Senior Sanctuary seven years ago and more recently, tailored our full focus to rescuing only dogs age 10 and up:   this age of dog needs lots of time and oversight and with our medical expertise, we are the perfect answer to help them where shelters and other rescues cannot easily handle long-term care.

Our hearts break watching them struggle to understand what they have done wrong and why their person is gone. But, we see their hearts HEAL by reigniting that special spark so deeply inside every Border Collie… to work, to focus, to DO… wanting to be active. THIS is what makes an aging BC want to go on! Our goal is to make that possible whether they are waiting to be adopted or live their life out at GHF.

However, u pstate NY winters are brutal for almost half the year no matter how hard we try to make winter easier on the older dogs. Dogs stumbling, sliding and falling on ice hidden under inches of snow; white-out blizzards with whipping winds frightening the dogs; five minute outs in -20 temps morning and night with dogs lifting feet to avoid pain as paw covers won’t stay on; accidentally pulled muscles and injured backs as dogs attempt to right themselves in the snow; dogs unable to move due to severe pain made worse by bitter cold. With severe orthopedic issues, winter injuries can sadly lead to life and death decisions earlier than needed. Even Caretakers and Volunteers rely on ice crampons to maneuver outside without injury. And winters are getting worse, year after year.

So, to give our Rescues the best possible life...
GHF will continue our journey, moving all the dogs to Virginia for a gentler climate that favors them year-round:  15 flat acres and warming sun that allows them to be the best of who they are - energetic, focused and busy Border Collies for their remaining years!

While it will be hard to say good-bye to the Farm with all its beauty that has nurtured us, so many dogs and also meant so much to so many of you, it’s always been our firm belief that ‘we do everything for the dogs’ and we have to do it ‘right’ or not do it at all.   We want them to feel as happy and be as healthy as possible, recovering from the greatest loss any dog could endure… being abandoned through no fault of their own.  They deserve the time and place that BEST serves their healing.

We will be doing business as usual in NY in 2019, accepting new dogs into Rescue and handling adoptions, as well as running the Getaway vacation making this a summer a great season!

We expect to move to Virginia in 2020.  Our talented Office Manager, Tracy Beck, will continue on with GHF as will our Senior Caretaker, Joycelene Padilla, who has been devoted to these very special Border Collies since the Sanctuary started and dedicated nearby volunteers are helping us ready for the big move!

The Farm will be available for sale including the actual Getaway canine vacation business. We’re hopeful that a special someone will be excited by running such an enjoyable venture on such a gorgeous property. A unique opportunity of living full time in the country with a ready-made proven business - a terrific combination! If you’d like more information, please email Lillie . We’ll share updates on as this all evolves.

GHF proudly continues on as the ONLY Rescue and Sanctuary devoted to Senior Border Collies so as we gain even more expertise in the needs of aging dogs, we want to be a resource for all of you, sharing information and ideas whether it be medical breakthroughs or fun adventures.  We also remain committed to GHF alums that sometimes need safe haven again when guardians pass or lives change, giving them a place back with us. We can all work together to keep our beloved BC friends the best they can be because there is no other dog like this breed, from birth to their final days - they reinvent aging, Border Collie style!

We invite you to continue with us in this new chapter and help us help the Senior Border Collies… innocent in the human drama that leads to their abandonment... they have no chance, without all of us! 

Thank you for your caring and giving heart, supporting GHF to be the best it can be for this breed!

Lillie Goodrich & John Andersen