Dear Friends,

Kicking off GHF 2020
2020 is progressing well for GHF. At the end of last year, the GHF Board passed our 2020 strategic planning document. This document is important, as it signifies our transition from recovery to looking forward. We are forging ahead prudently in our approach to building the new GHF. We are rolling out individual services with an eye towards a bigger picture. 

2019 Is Behind Us
Our debts are manageable now. I thank and acknowledge all of you for your donations, our treasurer, Christopher Vu, for prudent leadership, and our Development Board Chair, Nathan Bar-Fields, for generating the additional funds

You have already seen the fruits of the work of our Editorial Board Chair, Celi Trépanier, in continuing both our newsletter and GHF Press, launching the GHF Dialogue , and actively engaging with new authors to bring you new books that represent the diversity of GHF’s community. 

Since 2019, we have been enjoying the leadership of our Communications Board Chair, Elizabeth Ringlee, who is executing a powerful branding and marketing program. Elizabeth is in the middle of reestablishing our presence that integrates with all of our projects. The GHF Journey and President's Message are early examples.

2020 Is In The Launch Phase
In 2020, we are focused on bringing you many new services in the areas of education and community that will directly focus on supporting multiple generations of GHF families and professionals. We are preparing to begin the rollout of some of these new projects over the next several months; details are coming. Our goal is to empower you through knowledge and community.

These new projects are being led by four board members. Amanda Campbell, Secretary, is the project manager who is empowering Membership Board Chairs Kasi Ann Peters and Pinpin Wei as well as Education Board Chair, Carol Malueg.

There is much more to come. We will be connecting with you further on some initial projects as well as requesting your opinion.

Thank you all very much,


Barry B. Gelston, MEd
GHF Board President

P.S. Please donate what you can now. It will go towards providing you future programming. All amounts help.
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