Today we are launching the GHF Dialogue.
Our goal is to bring you heterogeneous voices from the gifted community, from all ages, situations, professions, and circumstances. We want us all to get to know each other and have a dialogue about gifted life. There is much for us to discuss and learn from each other about who we are and what we need.

How we got here...
Since 2005, the essence of GHF has been a community dialogue that has lasted fifteen years. This dialogue initiated with a splinter group of homeschool parents of gifted children who found that the education system was not equipped to support their kiddos. These parents decided to educate their children themselves. In our forum, the initial magic of finding one’s tribe and not being alone has been at the heart of GHF. Our circle has grown to include experts, many of whom were already parents of gifted children and part of our community. Just as importantly, we have given voice to our members as writers and authors. Over the years, we have connected gifted homeschool parents with each other and the professionals that support them. 

It's not just about kids!
Many may think that our journey is that of the children, but in reality, our journey has been about the adults who have found themselves transported into a world perspective that we refer to as Gifted Land . What we can acknowledge today is that GHF has been a leading transporter to this new perspective. What makes us unique is the strength and breadth of connections made in our community; we are more than parents supporting their homeschool children. We are all dealing with the interaction of giftedness, the world, and ourselves, at different phases of life. 

We are changing as our community changes.
Our first generation of families has matured and has needs beyond the education paradigm where we started. Parents are coping with adult children, being empty-nesters, and moving on with their lives. The unspoken part of the journey has been parents learning about themselves as gifted people. For all of these years, the primary focus has been on their children, and now it is time to focus on themselves. As I have stated before, it is important to learn to put on our oxygen masks first. The children raised in a community with our shared awareness are now young adults, and they need to find their community and learn about themselves.

Welcome to the first edition.
The first edition of the GHF Dialogue is a place where members from many parts of our community can write about their passions and share with each other. Whoever and wherever you are living and/or supporting giftedness, we want to include your voice.

We asked our writers to open up to you.
For our first edition, we asked our writers to discuss their relationship to giftedness. For so many in Gifted Land, our relationship to giftedness is one of our most difficult to navigate. Through these sincere and reflective articles, we hope that you may develop a personal connection to your own giftedness. You are not alone. The vulnerability of our writers is courageous.

I hope that you enjoy and engage in our dialogue. This is your community, everyone and all.

Commenting is open and encouraged. 
The real question here is whether my journey has enabled me to come full circle with accepting my own giftedness. My answer continues to be, “It’s a journey!” The relationships I’ve developed with my colleagues, cohort, friends, and fellow parents on this journey are priceless as they cheer, encourage, question, and hold up the mirror so I can see myself with greater clarity.
When you no longer strive to change yourself to fit into the norm—the larger circle of society—you become a part of a much smaller group, a sparse group. And like-minded friends are hard to find. The truth is that it’s nearly impossible to find someone who understands your giftedness, your intensities, your differently-wired brain, and your do-or-die empathy and causes. [Read more...]