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Great Hearts Northern Oaks | Lower School | April 25, 2021
Community Engagement

GHNO Community Investment
Let's Finish Strong Griffin Families!
As we’re encouraging our students to finish the school year strong, GHNO also asks our families to help us finish strong. At this point in the year, families have had opportunities to give towards our Community Investment Campaign, and we are so thankful for those who have given so generously! If you have yet to support GHNO and would like to you can make a donation here!
We currently have only 50% of our families participating in the Community Investment Campaign- 15% less than last school year! Please help us meet our budgetary needs and give today. Our fiscal year ends June 30, help us finish strong! Remember, even a small gift is helpful.
Every gift counts and matters to us, if you would like to make a gift you can do so here.
We recognize this year has had its struggles, which is why your support is more important than ever!
 Questions? contact DeAnna Macias.
Parent Advocacy

GH Advocacy Corner 
  • Prospects are dimming at the state Capitol for our elected officials to pass a bill protecting public charter schools from discrimination at the city and municipal level. The Texas Senate Public Education Committee passed the bill out of its committee last week, and the full Senate was preparing to hear the bill on Friday. Thank you to all the parents who have been participating in TPCSA’s calls to action this week. They are making a difference!
  • Stay up to date with charter school legislation and action alerts on this priority legislation through the Texas Public Charter School Association by signing up here.

PSO-Parent Service Organization

Thank You Teacher Appreciation Week Committee, and for all the parent support in contributing towards the gift card pool! It was a wonderful week honoring wonderful people.

A special thanks to these women, who lead, served, and supported us during the week:

April Dominguez
Amy Cranley
Mary Dobecka
Magali Hernandez
Sabrina Herrera
Frine Maldonado
Diana Nagao-Mojica
Lisa Nerad
Sybil Stokes
Advocacy Corner
Texas Charter School Advocacy
GH Advocacy Corner 

The Texas Public Charter School Association has been tracking the non-discrimination bill -- HB1348 – that would prohibit cities and municipalities from creating a separate set of rules for charter schools to open and operate. The bill has been sitting in the House Calendars Committee for nearly a month, after which it must be scheduled for a vote on the House floor. Stay tuned for updates and action alerts on this priority legislation through the Texas Public Charter School Association by signing up here.

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