Good Afternoon,

Last call to sign up for student-led conferences which will occur virtually this year this Friday, October 30th (see below). No school this Friday.

We had another great performance of Godspell. Thanks to all the cast and crew. Well done!

Athletic teams are now beginning their tournaments. Good luck to all!

Have a great week!

Anthony Sperazzo
GHS Trimester 2 poll- Mode of Instruction


THIS DOES NOT lock your child in for a trimester 2 commitment. THIS IS FOR PLANNING PURPOSES ONLY. 

Once we have this information, we will see what our needs are and will then send out a FINAL COMMITMENT survey. 

For planning purposes only, we would like to know your preference for the 2nd trimester (December 14 - March 26). Please complete this form once for EACH student that lives in your household that attends Gilford High School. Please use the surveys sent by the other principals for children who attend the other schools. The other schools are asking for a firm commitment. This survey is due by noon on October 23. Thank you.

Remote instruction may not look the same as first trimester instruction. Based on our staffing, we do NOT believe that we have enough staff to fully support remote instruction with actual GHS teachers like we did for first trimester for the four core areas (English, math, social studies, science). 

Instead, for the purpose of this poll, we are leaning towards offering an online learning platform that is aligned to state standards where students will be self-directed in their learning and they will have access to GHS teachers during certain blocks for support but NOT teacher-led instruction like first trimester. We will be able to offer the four core areas at the college prep level through this online learning platform. Support from case managers and paraprofessionals will still be offered for students that have an IEP or 504 plans.

We want to be as transparent as possible so that's why we are describing how second trimester remote instruction will look. 

When making your decision, please consider the following in your decision making process. 
   - Credits and requirements 
   - Course availability for programs outside of GHS that may be full or waitlisting students
   - Timeline of when courses are completed (i.e.- midway through trimester) and impact on timing of adding other classes
   - Ensuring that your child stays on track to graduate 

This poll was due by noon on October 23rd. Please contact the Director of School Counseling, Lori Jewett, at 524-7146 x221 or Principal Anthony Sperazzo at 524-7146 x252 if you have questions. 

CLICK HERE to take poll
Friday, October 30th

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Gilford High School will hold REMOTE Student-Led Conferences on Friday, October 30th from 8 AM-2:45 PM. We believe that it's crucial for the child to play a major role in their own education. We ask that your child attend the conference with you to facilitate the meeting and articulate what he/she is learning. Gilford High School will be using Google Meet as the online platform to conduct all of the conferences. There are two options parents/students can use to participate, either they can link up to the meeting using a webcam or they can telecommunicate into the meeting over the phone. Access codes and telephone listings for all of the meetings will be shared with parents and students in the upcoming week and can be found on the below hyperlink. Simply cut and paste the Google Meet link into the search engine's URL and you will be guided to the scheduled meeting. Please note that all teachers have their own unique Google Meet codes and phone listings. 

Teacher Google Meet Links: 
Parents of seniors, please be advised that the senior class has decided to purchase a yearbook for every senior so you do not need to order a yearbook.

Parents of Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors will have to order a book if you would like one. Click 2021 yearbook order to reserve your yearbook. Order soon! The price goes up in November. 
With several schools already flipping back and forth from in-person to remote, we feel it's important to continue to bring your attention to the new expectations that will go into effect IF we go remote for a period of time
Girls soccer gives back
Senior Kendall Jones and juniors Ashley Kulscar, Avery Marshall, and Marlow Mikulis continued the practice of Gilford girls soccer upperclassmen coaching teams for Gilford Parks and Recreation PeeWee (5-6 year old) soccer teams. The season lasts five weeks and teams met on Wednesday afternoon and Saturday mornings. The girls had the help of junior Alyssa Craigie and freshman Elizabeth Albert and Chloe Romprey in coaching the teams.

Even during difficult times, GHS students are giving back to the community.
Gilford High School had their decennial accreditation visit by the New England Association for Schools and Colleges on October 16 - 21, 2020. For the last two years, the school community has been involved in preparing a self-reflection, an extensive document that demonstrates ways in which the school is meeting the Standards for Accreditation, identifying priority areas, and implementing our school improvement plan based on those priority areas.
GHS seeks reaccreditation-
Initial feedback from the NEASC Visiting team was very positive. We will await the official report which will come back in a couple months from the Commision. Thank you to all the students, parents, community members, staff, and faculty that took part in this extensive process.
NO school- October 30
Student-Led conferences
School Counselor assignments
Director of School Counseling
524-7146 x218
2021: A - Cameron
2022: A - Green
2023: A - Currier
2024: A - Cameron
School Counselor
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2021: Carpenter- McDowell
2022: Hazelton - McNutt
2023: Davignon - Laurendeau
2024: Canto - Logan
School Counselor
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2021: McGreevy - Z
2022: McLean- Z
2023: Lewis - Z
2024: Macaione - Z
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