Good Morning,

Please see the Huot announcement if your child attends this program.

Today, our staff members are attending technology trainings, preparing for remote instruction in case we need to pivot to this mode at any point this year, developing action goals around curriculum, instruction, and assessment, and to prepare for our New England Assessment of Schools and Colleges decennial visit (October 16-20).

Have a good day.

Anthony Sperazzo
SPECIAL Huot Announcement from David Warrender, Director of Career and Technical Education (603) 528-8693

Last evening, the Laconia School Board approved the plan to allow full-time participation at the Huot Center starting October 5th. I know our students and staff look forward to this opportunity. 

With class sizes increasing at the Huot, continued cooperation with our safety guidelines is even more important.  

Gilford High School students will begin attending daily on October 5th.

David Warrender
Director of Career and Technical Education
J. Oliva Huot Career and Technical Center
Student Flu Clinic
October 9 9:00 - 11:00 @ GHS
Forms should be returned to GHS by October 2
7:30-8:30 Remote students get pictures taken (Remote students will NOT have to attend their block one remote class)
8:30 or so the in-person students will get pictures taken

Photos will be taken outside in back of the school near the athletic fields

Inclement weather photos will be taken in the auditorium
Senior Financial Aid Night
October 7th 6:30-7:30 (virtual) see Senior Year Planning (above) for more info
Reporting an absence
To report an absence, whether a remote or in-person student, please email
Please encourage your child to check their school email daily. We send important announcements and want to ensure they are reading them.
School Counselor assignments
Director of School Counseling
524-7146 x218
2021: A - Cameron
2022: A - Green
2023: A - Currier
2024: A - Cameron
School Counselor
524-7146 x219
2021: Carpenter- McDowell
2022: Hazelton - McNutt
2023: Davignon - Laurendeau
2024: Canto - Logan
School Counselor
524-7146 x222
2021: McGreevy - Z
2022: McLean- Z
2023: Lewis - Z
2024: Macaione - Z
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