Good Sunday Evening,
The plan was to ski today but it's just too cold for me and my four-year old. Instead, I'm being lazy and sitting by the woodstove.

Our students and staff have been resilient through the COVID ping pong game of receiving in-person instruction and remote. Thanks for putting your best foot forward.

For any students that go into quarantine, provided you are feeling fine, you are expected to continue with your assignments on Google Classroom. You are expected to keep current on all of your assignments. It's not a 10 day vacation.

Congratulations to all of our New Hampshire Scholastic Art winners.

Check out the learning in Science class (below).

Have a great week!

Anthony Sperazzo
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Physics - Covid Style
Mrs. Hengstenberg's class conducted a COVID considerate egg drop with her seniors. Looks like they had fun with it! Even though there were a lot of broken eggs, there were also a lot of laughs.
-Connor Caldron
Reflected Dreams
NH Scholastic 2021 Art winners announced!!!
Congratulations to the winners below!

Important AP Exam Info
The fee for each AP exam is $95. Checks can be made payable to Gilford High School and brought into or mailed to the School Counseling Office. The deadline for payment is February 19. Please contact Monica Sawyer with questions. You can find more information about the Advanced Placement Program at:
Director of School Counseling
524-7146 x218
2021: A - Cameron
2022: A - Green
2023: A - Currier
2024: A - Cameron
School Counselor
524-7146 x219
2021: Carpenter- McDowell
2022: Hazelton - McNutt
2023: Davignon - Laurendeau
2024: Canto - Logan
School Counselor
524-7146 x222
2021: McGreevy - Z
2022: McLean- Z
2023: Lewis - Z
2024: Macaione - Z
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