Good Evening,

I hope you have a great vacation and everyone is recharged for the final stretch.

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week! This year is especially important because the staff at GHS have done so much to offer in-person learning for our learners all year long. As you are probably aware, this is a feat that has been done by only a small percentage of high schools in the state. I am so proud to work alongside with these professionals in what has been an extraordinary year. If you or your child are able to send a message to a staff member to thank them, this will go a long way.

Have a good week.

Anthony Sperazzo
As you've seen, this year our teachers and staff have gone above and beyond to make sure that your child is safe whiling learning. They simply have been awesome!!
Student vaccination information
We've been asked about students getting vaccinated.

On April 5th, we received official documentation that the Commission on Public Schools voted to award Gilford High School continued accreditation in the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. This is a big deal which was three years in the making.

In October, a team of professionals visited GHS and collected information from various stakeholders. This process occurs once every ten years and is known as the decennial visit. Congratulations to the staff at Gilford High School for meeting and exceeding the standards!

Thanks to Gilford Home Center for donating the lumber to replace the raised beds that were rotten. The GHS Life Skills Group will be able to grow vegetables, flowers, and herbs this spring/summer!
May 14- Early release
dismissal at 12:06
May 14- Prom
6:00pm prom march
7:00-10:00 prom at GHS/GMS

May 21- Senior bonfire 7:00-10:00pm Meadows

June 7 - 9 - Senior final exams
June 7- blocks 1 & 2 final exams
June 8- blocks 3 & 4 final exams
June 9- block 5 & make up exam
more information coming soon in the mail on graduation rehearsals

June 10- Senior Awards Night 6:00pm auditorium- invited seniors will receive an invitation to attend (more info to follow)

June 11- Graduation 5:00pm Bank of New Hampshire pavilion (more info to follow)

June 17, 18, 21 - Underclassmen final exams
June 17- blocks 1 & 2 final exams
June 18- blocks 3 & 4 final exams
June 21- block 5 & make up exam

June 21- Last day for underclassmen

June 22- Last day for staff
Director of School Counseling
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2021: A - Cameron
2022: A - Green
2023: A - Currier
2024: A - Cameron
School Counselor
524-7146 x219
2021: Carpenter- McDowell
2022: Hazelton - McNutt
2023: Davignon - Laurendeau
2024: Canto - Logan
School Counselor
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2021: McGreevy - Z
2022: McLean- Z
2023: Lewis - Z
2024: Macaione - Z
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